1911-12 C55 Hockey Cards

1911-12 C55 Hockey Cards


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1911-12 C55 Hockey cards have a similar look to many of their contemporary T-series cards and have the same dimensions. Unlike many of those sets, however, they are numbered and lack any advertisements on the back. Of the three major C-series sets of the era, this is considered to be the easiest to complete even though it contains the most expensive star cards.

Card fronts have a lithographed player picture. A box below the player contains his name and graphic hockey sticks on each side form part of the picture's border. A card number appears in a lower corner. Backs feature an ornate design, with a "Hockey Series" designation on top and a card number inside a circle at the bottom. The player's name and a rundown of his teams appear in between.

It is generally believed that 1911-12 C55 Hockey cards were issued by Imperial Tobacco, even though the cards don't name them a the manufacturer. There are 45 cards in the complete set, with two variations of Walter Smaill on card number 27. One version shows Smaill's right hand on a hockey stick, and the other shows his right hand on his hip.

The key card in 1911-12 C55 Hockey features Georges Vezina and is one of the legendary cards of the hockey hobby. Other highly-sought stars include Art Ross, Newsy LaLonde and Fred "Cyclone" Taylor.

Key 1911-12 C55 Hockey Cards:

Top eBay Listings

1911 C55 Hockey Barney Holden #3 PSA 6.5 EXMT+ (PWCC)

1911 C55 Hockey Joe Malone ROOKIE RC #4 PSA 4 VGEX (PWCC)

1911 C55 Hockey Jack MacDonald #8 PSA 7 NRMT (PWCC)

1911 C55 Hockey Marty Walsh #11 PSA 7 NRMT (PWCC)

1911 C55 Hockey Hamby Shore #12 PSA 6.5 EXMT+ (PWCC)

1911 C55 Hockey Bert Lindsay ROOKIE RC #21 PSA 6 EXMT (PWCC)

1911 C55 Hockey Bobby Rowe #23 SGC 7 84 NRMT (PWCC)

1911 C55 Hockey Frank Glass #34 PSA 6 EXMT (PWCC)

1911 C55 Hockey Ernest Russell #35 PSA 5 EX (PWCC)

1911 C55 Hockey Ernest Russell #35 PSA 6 EXMT (PWCC)

1911 C55 Hockey George Poulin #44 PSA 6 EXMT (PWCC)


JACK MacDONALD 1911-12 C55 Imperial Tobacco #8 PSA 2 GOOD QUEBEC BULLDOGS

JACK MARSHALL 1911-12 C55 Imperial Tobacco #29 PSA 1.5 MONTREAL WANDERERS HOF

JOE HALL 1911-12 C55 Imperial Tobacco #2 RC PSA 2 GOOD QUEBEC BULLDOGS HOF

1911-12 C55 Imperial Tobacco #16 Percy LeSueur HOF. SGC 86 NM+ Centered!
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