Mickey Mantle Cards, Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Buying Guide

Mickey Mantle

Date of Birth: October 20, 1931
Rookie Card Year: 1951
Investment Rating: 9.0


In terms of collectibility in the world of baseball cards and memorabilia, few can rival, Mickey Mantle. Despite being long since retired, as well as deceased, Mickey Mantle cards continue to break new records. The release of his 1952 Topps baseball card coincided with, what has long been considered, the birth of the modern baseball card.

Mantle's all-around talent defined what scouts came to call a five-tool player. This perfectly describes Mantle's athleticism. Mantle appeared in a remarkable 12 World Series, winning seven of them. He still holds the records for most World Series home runs (18), RBI (40), runs (42), walks (43), extra-base hits (26), and total bases (123). Additionally, he won three American League MVP titles, played in 16 All-Star games, and was a Triple Crown winner in 1956. Enshrined in Cooperstown in 1974, he his regarded as one of the greats and was named to Major League Baseball's All-Century Team.

As a result of his remarkable achievements on the field and larger than life personality, Mickey Mantle cards and memorabilia are still one of the top investments in the hobby today. His game-used memorabilia can reach the stratosphere, in terms of dollars, on the rare occasions when they become available at auction. Additionally, his iconic status as an American sports legends has made him the subject of numerous figures, pieces of artwork and photographs.

Mickey Mantle Rookie Cards

Mickey Mantle's rookie card is generally considered to be from 1951 Bowman Baseball. In that same year, Wheaties cereal issued a set of eight black and white premium photographs, one of which was Mantle. Despite not being his first card, the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle deserves mention as well. Additionally in 1952, the Tip-Top Bread Company issued a label bearing his likeness, which is quite collectible, as are his 1952 Star-Cal Decal and 1952 Berk Ross cards.

1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle RC #253

Mickey Mantle 1951 Bowman

As the Mickey Mantle rookie card,  this card commands huge dollars on the secondary market. The fact that there are very few in top condition also contributes to the high prices. PSA has graded over a 1,000 of these cards and, to date, only one  has been designated as a Gem Mint 10. It sold at auction for over $600,000, making it one of the highest amounts ever paid for a baseball card. The posed and painted card features subdued colors. Mantle's youth is unmistakable.

1952 Topps Mickey Mantle #311

Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps

This is the grand-daddy of them all and, perhaps, the hobby's most iconic card. The 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle started the rookie card craze of the mid-1980s when collectors realized that vintage copies of the card were starting to command huge dollars. Many were seeing greater returns than traditional investment portfolios. Oddly enough, it's not a rookie card as Bowman released one a year earlier. But it is the landmark card of one of the hobby's most important sets. The legend has overtaken any labels that might be attached to it.

For years, baseball cards were produced in multiple series with the first being printed at the start of the season and later series closer to the end. Latter series were printed in smaller quantities as the focus of children turned to the start of football season and a return to school. Mantle's card #311 was printed in a later series and, legend has it, that then Topps CEO, Sy Berger, dumped hundreds of unsold Topps cases into the Hudson River, forever sealing countless Mantle rookies in a watery tomb.

Top eBay Listings

2007 Topps Authentic Game Used Bat Mickey Mantle 7 New York Yankees HR #490


1950's Dairylea Milk Mickey Mantle BVG NM 7 NY Yankees Hall Of Famer HOF NYY


1968 Topps Mickey Mantle New York Yankees #280 Baseball Card

1958 Topps Mickey Mantle #150 Gai 8.5

1950s Dormand postcard of Mickey Mantle

1956 Topps 135 Mickey Mantle YANKEES VG

1958 Topps 487 Mickey Mantle A.S. YANKEES NM+

1961 Topps 475 Mickey Mantle MVP NM+



1961 Topps #300 Mickey Mantle Yankees VG+ exc. for two corner creases 1013

Mickey Mantle Lot of 4 Cards Topps Baseball


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Autographed Memorabilia

Mickey Mantle Signed Memorabilia Guide

As a result of his investment value, collectibility and overall popularity, Mickey Mantle's autograph is one of the most forged in the entire sports memorabilia market. Contributing to this is the fact that Mantle's signature changed considerably from those he penned during his playing days to those signed post-retirement. When evaluating signature items, the age of the piece must be taken into account when matching items to autograph style.

Below you will find examples of what authentic Mickey Mantle autographs look like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Some of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market for authenticated Mickey Mantle autographs include the following companies: PSA, JSA, Upper Deck and Steiner. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Cut Signature Exemplars

Mickey Mantle Early Career Signature Example

Above is an early signature example of Mickey Mantle.

Mickey Mantle Post Career

Above is Mantle's later playing days and post-retirement signature.

Mickey Mantle Key Signature Attributes: Looking at the two authenticated Mickey Mantle signatures above, it's hard to believe they were penned by the same hand. Mantle was an extremely popular member of the autograph circuit in his retirement. Appealing at countless shows, legitimate sample of his penmanship are not in short supply. Unfortunately, they still do not meet demand. As such, it is important to know when an item was signed as his signature changed once a member of the circuit. Because the majority of his autographs came during this time frame, here are the signature characteristics of the later example.

  1. The flamboyant and matching styles of the letter's "M" are very consistent.
  2. The dotted letter "i" is almost always present.
  3. The half "y" in Mickey is common.
  4. The letter "t" in Mantle sometimes consists of a crossed loop resembling an "l", but not always.
  5. The letters "e" in both first and last name are typical cursive.
  6. The letter "l" in Mantle is always a loop.

Signed Baseball Pricing

Active Listings for Mickey Mantle Signed Baseballs

Mickey Mantle Signed Ball  Mickey Mantle Signed Ball OAL     Mickey Mantel Signed Ball LOA

Signed Bat Pricing

Active Listings for Mickey Mantle Signed Baseball Bats

Mickey Mantle Signed Baseball Bat  Mickey Mantle Signed Bat Mantle Model  Mickey Mantle Signed Bat Knob  Mickey Mantle Signed Bat LOA

Signed 8x10 Photo Pricing

Active Listings for Mickey Mantle Signed Photographs

Mickey Mantle Signed Framed Photo  Mickey Manlte Signed Cut Framed   Mickey Mantle Signed Photo   Mickey Mantle Signed Photo LOA

Top eBay Listings

Mickey Mantle Signed Autograph OAL Baseball Ball Auto JSA LOA #Y56682

Mickey Mantle & Whitey Ford Signed 18x24 Matted Print PSA COA New York Yankees

Mickey Mantle Signed Autograph OAL Baseball Ball Auto JSA LOA #Y56679

MINT Mickey Mantle Signed Autograph OAL Baseball Ball Auto JSA LOA #Y56680

Mickey Mantle "NO.7" Signed Autograph OAL Baseball Ball Auto JSA LOA #Y57583

Mickey Mantle & Ted Williams Dual Signed OAL Baseball Auto PSA LOA #H48742

Mickey Mantle Signed New York Yankees AL Bobby Brown Baseball JSA Y14239

Willie Mays Mickey Mantle Duke Snider Signed 27x21 Auto Autograph PSA DNA S06481

Mickey Mantle Signed 8 x 10 Photo PSA LOA Yankees

Mickey Mantle Signed Autographed PSA DNA 8x10 Photograph Yankees Auto G56887

Mickey Mantle Signed 11x14 Bugs Bunny Cell Photo Framed w "No. 7" Insc. (UDA)

Mickey Mantle Joe DiMaggio Ted Williams Signed Autographed Baseball PSA #H48742

Mickey Mantle Signed Highland Mint 8x10 Photo & Game Used Bat Collage 1 1 (PSA H


Mickey Mantle & Ted Williams Mint Signed Perez-Steele Postcard #10, #45, PSA DNA

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Fan Shop

Despite being absent from the diamond for over 40 years, Mickey Mantle's popularity remains intact. A testament to his larger than life personality and baseball prowess that endeared him to Yankee fans of his generation and those of future ones. As a result, Mantle has no shortage of fan items available on the market. From jerseys and store model bats, figures and photographs, there are plenty of choices for fans and collectors. Provided here is an overview of some of Mantle's non-autographed collectibles and souvenirs, perfect for the Mickey Mantle fan on your shopping list.


Manufacturers: Mitchell & Ness, Mirage, Majestic

Purchasing a vintage or retro jersey of a long since retired player like Mickey Mantle, is different than purchasing one of a current player. While you can certainly customize a new Yankee's jersey with Mantle's name and number, it just isn't the same as purchasing an actual vintage or retro styled jersey. Three primary companies currently manufacture retro style jersey's; Mitchell & Ness, Mirage and Majestic. Majestic jerseys are retro styled but use current fabrics similar to modern professional jerseys.

For a jersey with the true look and feel of an authentic old-time jersey, Mitchell & Ness's Cooperstown Collection is going to be your best option. Flawlessly tailored to replicate the exact jersey Mantle wore in terms of look and feel. The Mitchell & Ness jerseys are crafted from a wool flannel blend with careful attention to period detail in terms of pinstripes, logos numbering, lettering and patches. These jerseys are currently available in home and road versions from three of Mantle's most legendary seasons 1951, 1952, 1961.

Mickey Mantle 1952 Road Jersey  Mickey Mantle 1951 Home Jersey

Store Model & Commemorative Bats

Manufacturers: Louisville Slugger, Hillerich Bradsby, Worth, Wilson

When you swing the lumber as sweetly as "The Mick" did, no Mickey Mantle collection should be without a store model and  commemorative bat. Store model bats from the 1950's-'60s were very common for Major League Baseball's greatest players and they still are today. Sold at numerous five and dime and local sporting goods stores, the player model bats were very popular with children of the era hoping to replicate Mantle's on field talents in their own pick-up or Little League games. While several store models exist, and are authentic for the period, a couple stand out as true collectibles; those made by Lousiville Slugger or Hillerich Bradsby.

Mickey Mantle HB Louisville Slugger  Mickey Mantle HB Lousiville Slugger Bat  Mickey Mantle HB Louisville Slugger Bat


Manufacturers: Salvino, McFarlane, Hartland, Danbury Mint, Starting Line-ups, Hamilton, Sports Illustrated, Sports Impressions

Whether they are statues, bobbleheads, busts or toys, Mickey Mantle has been immortalized in three dimensions by many companies through the years. Some of the figures originally produced during his playing days, particularly the Hartland figures can be quite valuable. When it comes to figures, aesthetic value and likeness are the two most important characteristics to look for when figure shopping. The listed manufacturers are some of the higher profile companies that have produced Mickey Mantle figures through the years.

Mickey Mantle Salvino Figure  Mickey Mantle Hartland  Mickey Mantle McFarlane

Top eBay Listings

2007 Topps Authentic Game Used Bat Mickey Mantle 7 New York Yankees HR #490

Mickey Mantle Signed Autograph OAL Baseball Ball Auto JSA LOA #Y56682

Mickey Mantle Signed Autograph OAL Baseball Ball Auto JSA LOA #Y56679

MINT Mickey Mantle Signed Autograph OAL Baseball Ball Auto JSA LOA #Y56680

Mickey Mantle "NO.7" Signed Autograph OAL Baseball Ball Auto JSA LOA #Y57583


Mickey Mantle New York Yankees VINTAGE Jersey & 1953 Card,VERY HARD-to-FIND GIFT

Mickey Mantle 2001 UD Sweet Spot Game Used Jersey SP Graded BGS 9.5 Yankees

Mickey Mantle #7 Yankees Jersey New With Tags Sewn Mitchell & Ness 1951 size 50

Mickey Mantle Signed Highland Mint 8x10 Photo & Game Used Bat Collage 1 1 (PSA H


New York Yankees Mickey Mantle Jersey by Cooperstown Collection, NEW WITH TAGS

Mickey Mantle New York Yankees Cooperstown Player Jersey Tshirt Adult Size XL

Mickey Mantle SUPER size Sports Impresssions Figurine 10" N.Y. Yankees

PLM) Sport Impressions Mickey Mantle Statue #683 2,950 Comes With Box

Mickey Mantle Replica New York Yankees Jersey Mitchell & Ness MLB Anniversary
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  2. I have a topps 2008 Mickey mantle mmr52 gold refractor I cant find anything on this card any idea on a price or if its rare

  3. Recent completed eBay listings have seen completed sales averaging around $25-30.

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  12. So I was looking through all the cards that I collected as a boy ( I was born in 1948) They have been put in the attic for over 40 years now and I found two Mickey Mantle cards in my collection. His 1951 rookie card and his 1968 card. How should I go about selling them?

  13. The best way would be first to have them graded through either PSA or SGC. Then listing them on eBay.

  14. I have a Mickey Mantle 2001 SP Legendary Game Uniform Card
    Number J-MM overall grade by Beckett at 8.5 with a stripe right down the middle. Can you tell me what is it worth. Thank you!

  15. Does anyone know how many of these Mickey Mantle 2001 SP Legendary Game Uniform Cards Number J-MM were produced?
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  16. I have a question that really cant be answered yet and i hope it does now? Anyways, I have this beautiful Mickey Mantle 311 porcelain card but there is no date on this card at all. It also come with an Certificate of Authenticity that fits in the case with the card sign by Jerry Gordon. Oh its limited to 10 firing days also if that means something. Also I figured it would say reprint made ???but nothing I have a limited edition number on it says #36058 but cant find nothing on it. so will u please help me? thanks

  17. I have a 1966 Mantle Topps # 50, very good cond, well centered all corners in good shape, maybe you can give me idea of value, thanks for any help on this piece, sincerly, Clifton Vaughn j

  18. I have a vintage 1952 Topps mickey mantle rookie card (not a reprint). I’m interested in selling it. Does anyone know a good website to sell items without using a third party company?

  19. As much as I would like to say sell it to me…get the card Graded. PSA is the most recognizable but they will charge you a fee based on the value of the card. Beckett has a good grading service that charges by the card …regardless of value. I would start there. If it is graded 5 or higher then you might invest in PSA because the card would be worth $5-$10,000.

  20. I have two picture negatives that were the actual negatives of the pictures used for Mickey Mantles minor card. Any idea of worth? They are priceless to us because he was family but we would like to have them insured.

  21. I have a baseball signed by Mantle with the #7 under the autograph. I see a lot of balls signed with no7 written under autograph but not #7. Is it more valuable?

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