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After the Break – What Worked and What Didn’t in 2012 Gypsy Queen

May 02, 2012 |

brentandbecca shares his thoughts on 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball after busting 25 cases of the product. He discusses what he likes about the set and makes some suggestions for the future.

2011 Panini Limited Baseball Cards

May 02, 2012 |

2011 Limited Baseball sees the return of the popular brand with the high-end production values that made it popular in the mid-90s. Seven-card boxes come with three hits, including at least two autographs. Gold- and silver-embedded signature cards are among the set’s other highlights.

Is Leaf Planning Their Own Version of ‘Greats of the Game’?

May 02, 2012 |

Leaf has been busy, filing for two more trademarks. One, ‘Greats of the Game,’ may be familiar to collectors as it has been used by both Fleer and Upper Deck. Leaf also filed a trademark application for ‘Rookies Inc.’

2011-12 Elite Hockey Cards

May 02, 2012 |

2011-12 Eltie Hockey sees the resurrection of the brand as a full released after an absence of more than a decade. Boxes promise at least three hits, including one rookie autograph variation.

2012 Press Pass Ignite Racing Cards

May 02, 2012 |

2012 Press Pass Ignite Racing is the first set to include photography from the new season. Boasting an autographed memorabilia card and a second memorabilia card in every box, collectors solid odds at landing a hit. Ignite includes Danica Patrick’s first NASCAR Sprint Series cards and autographs.

Law of Cards: Panini and Leaf Settle Lawsuit Over Kevin Durant Autographs

May 01, 2012 |

Just a couple months after their original filing, Panini and Leaf have settled their case over’s the use of Kevin Durant autographs in 2012 Leaf Best of Basketball. Paul Lesko has the details and legal analysis.

Law of Cards: Upper Deck and MLB Close to Settling Lawsuit

May 01, 2012 |

Two months after MLB Properties sued Upper Deck for breach of contract, the two parties look to be headed for a settlement. Law of Cards columnist, Paul Lesko, has the details as well as notes on other pending Upper Deck cases.

Tip of the Hat: Baseball’s Top 10 New Era Caps

May 01, 2012 |

Which baseball teams have the most popular New Era caps? We count down the ten best-selling baseball caps based on New Era sales. Expect to find a surprise or two along the way.

Get Your Own Baseball Card with the 2012 Bowman Debut Golden Contract Contest

May 01, 2012 |

Topps is giving away a spot on the checklist for a 2013 Bowman product with the Bowman Debut Golden Contract contest. Get details on how to win.

2012 Upper Deck Football College Mascots Patch Card Guide

May 01, 2012 |

The 2012 Upper Deck Football College Mascots Patch Cards are some of the quirkiest inserts of the year. That isn’t stopping collectors from chasing them, either to build a set or because of their school pride. Check out our massive gallery and get full details on short prints.

Bryce Harper Autographs In All Remaining 2012 Topps Products

Apr 30, 2012 |

Topps has wasted no time announcing their initial plans for official Bryce Harper rookie cards and autographs. Get full details on what sets to expect to find Harper in as well as autographs and print runs.

Bryce Harper Rookie Card Unveiled by Topps

Apr 29, 2012 |

That didn’t take long. Topps unveiled mock-ups of the first Bryce Harper rookie card during his debut against the Dodgers. Check out the card and find out when you can expect Topps to announce their official plans for more official Harper rookie cards.

What Are the Most Popular NBA Jerseys?

Apr 27, 2012 |

The list of most popular NBA jerseys has been announced and Derrick Rose is on top. Get a complete list & buying guide for the top-selling NBA jerseys, as well as the most popular players since 2001.

Panini and Topps Quick to Unveil Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III Cards

Apr 26, 2012 |

Shortly after hitting the podium at the 2012 NFL Draft, both Topps and Panini revealed the first NFL rookie cards of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. See them here.

Top-Selling 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Cards on eBay

Apr 26, 2012 |

Autographs rule in the first week of 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen eBay sales. Yu Darvish signatures topped the list with Sandy Koufax autographs behind. Multi-player autographed relics and original art patch cards accounted for other top sales.

The Mystery of the 2012 Upper Deck Football Quarterback Trade Card

Apr 26, 2012 |

For all the quirks and surprises emerging from 2012 Upper Deck Football, perhaps none are bigger than the Quarterback Trade Card. We look at the speculation over who it’s for and look at the historical significance behind it.

2011-12 Panini Preferred Basketball Cards

Apr 26, 2012 |

2011-12 Panini Preferred is all about the hits, literally. Every single-pack box comes with three autographs and one multi-swatch book card. Several of the designs nod to the hobby’s history.

Yankee Greats Book from Topps Looks at 100 New York Yankees Baseball Cards

Apr 25, 2012 |

Love them or loath them, there’s no denying the impact the New York Yankees have had on the hobby. Topps and Abrams are joining to publish Yankee Greats, a new book that includes looks at 100 classic New York Yankees baseball cards. It also comes with four exclusive cards.

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