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Ultimate Funko Pop Aladdin Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Aladdin Figures Checklist and Gallery


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He might be a diamond in the rough, however, the Funko Pop Aladdin figures are quite marvelous. The set includes subjects from the movie Aladdin.

Released in 1992, Disney's animated musical quickly garnered a loyal fanbase. Of course, aside from the love story, this is partially due to the delightful Genie portrayed by comedic genius Robin Williams. Obviously, the rebellious—a huge departure from the Disney formula—Princess Jasmine helped contribute to the box office magic.

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Jasmine kicks-off the Funko Pop Aladdin lineup as her main option features the Princess dressed in the iconic turquoise halter top and harem pants with a matching tiara. The hipster Jasmine, issued through Hot Topic, features the free-spirited teen wearing black thick-framed glasses. A grinning Genie captures his unique characteristics. The blue wish master stands with crossed arms and short ponytail atop his head while the signature goatee highlights his pointy nose. Released at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, the metallic variant is limited to just 480 pieces.

The second wave of Funko Pop Aladdin features the man himself, Aladdin and of course, Abu, along with Rajah. Also returning with an updated appearance is Jasmine and a Red Jafar, who is in genie form with a glow-in-the-dark chase that averages 1:6 boxes. Additionally, the second series includes retail exclusives for Abu flocked (Hot Topic), Jasmine in red glitter (Barnes and Noble), and Rajah flocked (Books-a-Million).

Included in the main Pop! Disney line, each Funko Pop Aladdin figure stands about 4” tall, although, Jafar’s headpiece seems to add a little more height to the villain’s option.

Funko Pop Aladdin  Funko Pop Aladdin

Funko Pop Aladdin Checklist

52 Jasmine
53 Jafar
54 Genie
54 Genie Metallic - 2013 SDCC
68 Jasmine Hipster - Hot Topic
326 Jasmine
352 Aladdin
353 Abu*
353 Abu Flocked - Hot Topic
354 Jasmine
354 Jasmine Red Glitter - Barnes and Noble
355 Rajah
355 Rajah Flocked - BAM!
356 Red Jafar (as Genie)
356 Red Jafar (as Genie) GITD - Chase Variant
409 Aladdin's First Wish (Movie Moments)


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