Complete Visual History of the Nike LeBron James Shoe Line

Complete Visual History of the Nike LeBron James Shoe Line

When Nike took a $90 million dollar chance on a 18-year-old kid, fresh out of high school, people questioned the decision. No, not that decision. Was Nike so desperate to find a replacement for Michael Jordan, that they would throw millions at anyone? Didn't they learn their lesson from all the the other "next" Michael Jordans?

Well, even as a teenager, LeBron James was not just anyone and the lucrative endorsement deal made him a multi-millionaire before he was even drafted. This oft-criticized contract looks downright reasonable many years later and although he has not replaced Michael Jordan, LeBron James is as close as anyone has ever been. To be clear, Michael Jordan will never be replaced, but at his current pace, James may one day stand alongside him.

The following list details each of the yearly signature LeBron James shoe offerings from Nike. The chronological listing includes an image of the shoes as well as an image of LeBron James wearing the shoes in-game. The specific NBA season for each edition is also included.

It is important to note that only one main release is covered for each season. The list does not include the many colorways, Soldier and Ambassador variations, or the low-top versions of the LeBron James shoes that have been released.

Nike LeBron James Sneaker Visual Guide

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Air Zoom Generation: 2003-04

Nike LeBron Air Zoom Generation 1 I Image

Zoom LeBron II: 2004-05

Nike Zoom LeBron II 2 Image

Zoom LeBron III: 2005-06

Nike Zoom LeBron III 3 Image

Zoom LeBron IV: 2006-07

Nike Zoom LeBron IV 4 Image

Zoom LeBron V: 2007-08

Nike Zoom LeBron V Image

Air Max LeBron VI: 2008-09

Nike Zoom LeBron VI 6 Image

Air Max LeBron VII: 2009-10

Nike Air Max LeBron VII 7 Image

Air Max LeBron 8: 2010-11

Nike Air Max LeBron 8 VIII Image

LeBron 9: 2011-12

Nike LeBron 9 IX Image

LeBron X: 2012-13

Nike LeBron X 10 Image

LeBron 11: 2013-14

LeBron James 11 Sneaker Collage Image

LeBron 12: 2014-15

Releases in October, 2014.  

Nike LeBron 12 side Image

Nike LeBron 12 back Image

Nike LeBron 12 top Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
2814706422964040 1 Image
Lebron xi Christmas
1313276987884040 1 Image
Nike Lebron 10 Low Championship Pack
1715100959424040 1 Image
Lebron Xi Blue Hornets
2814491120154040 1 Image
Nike Lebron 11 XI Miami Away Red Black Size 8.5
2814706672474040 1 Image
2716424972764040 1 Image
Nike Air LeBron 7 V11 P.S POP..Sz11
2716425007934040 1 Image
Nike Air Lebron 11 South Beach Sz.11 Nds
1815618961004040 1 Image
nike lebron 9
1715101231214040 1 Image
NIKE LEBRON 11 ELITE SE size 10.5 with NIKE Receipt!!
3313506118844040 1 Image
Nike Lebron 9 Fireberry Lebron Low World Basketball Classic
1114896158094040 1 Image
Nike Zoom LeBron IV Sz 12.5 All Star 4
1214663972134040 1 Image
Nike LeBron XI 11 USA
1214630353974040 1 Image
Area 72 LeBron 10
1715012767684040 1 Image
Nike What The Lebron MVPs WTL 11s size 8 Premium Basketball shoe
1815592181864040 1 Image
Nike What The Lebron XI DS
2011965056294040 1 Image
LeBron 12 NSRL
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