Complete Visual History of the Nike LeBron James Shoe Line

Complete Visual History of the Nike LeBron James Shoe Line

When Nike took a $90 million dollar chance on a 18-year-old kid, fresh out of high school, people questioned the decision. No, not that decision. Was Nike so desperate to find a replacement for Michael Jordan, that they would throw millions at anyone? Didn't they learn their lesson from all the the other "next" Michael Jordans?

Well, even as a teenager, LeBron James was not just anyone and the lucrative endorsement deal made him a multi-millionaire before he was even drafted. This oft-criticized contract looks downright reasonable many years later and although he has not replaced Michael Jordan, LeBron James is as close as anyone has ever been. To be clear, Michael Jordan will never be replaced, but at his current pace, James may one day stand alongside him.

The following list details each of the yearly signature LeBron James shoe offerings from Nike. The chronological listing includes an image of the shoes as well as an image of LeBron James wearing the shoes in-game. The specific NBA season for each edition is also included.

It is important to note that only one main release is covered for each season. The list does not include the many colorways, Soldier and Ambassador variations, lifestyle editions or low-top LeBron James shoe versions that have been released.

Nike LeBron James Sneaker Visual Guide

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Air Zoom Generation: 2003-04

Nike LeBron Air Zoom Generation 1 I LeBron James Shoe

Zoom LeBron II: 2004-05

Zoom LeBron III: 2005-06

Nike Zoom LeBron III 3 LeBron James Shoe

Zoom LeBron IV: 2006-07

Nike Zoom LeBron IV 4 LeBron James Shoe

Zoom LeBron V: 2007-08

Nike Zoom LeBron V 5 LeBron James Shoe

Air Max LeBron VI: 2008-09

Nike Zoom LeBron VI 6 LeBron James Shoe

Air Max LeBron VII: 2009-10

Nike Air Max LeBron VII 7 LeBron James Shoe

Air Max LeBron 8: 2010-11

Nike Air Max LeBron 8 VIII LeBron James Shoe

LeBron 9: 2011-12

Nike LeBron 9 IX LeBron James Shoe

LeBron X: 2012-13

Nike LeBron X 10 LeBron James Shoe

LeBron 11: 2013-14

LeBron 12: 2014-15

Nike LeBron 12 NSRL side

LeBron 13: 2015-16

Nike LeBron 13 shoe

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lebron soldier 2

NIKE LEBRON XII LOW -Mens Basketball Shoes-Blk Mttlc Slvr Vlt-US Mens 10

Nike lebron 11 christmas Sz 11

Nike Lebron 9 Mango Size 9 With Replacement Box

Nike Lebron XI ASG "Gator King"

New Nike Air Max Lebron XI 11 Low 642849-200 Dunkman Khaki Volt Men SZ 13

Nike Lebron 12 Dolphins

Nike Lebron 8 PS Royal Blue Size 9.5

Nike Lebron XII 12 Low Wolf Grey Hot Lava Silver, Size 13

Nike Lebron XI 11 Everglades SZ 9.5 ( 616175-006 )

lebron 12 wheat

Nike LeBron 12 All Star Brand new 742549 190 White Black ASG

Nike LeBron 12 All Star Brand new 742549 190 White Black ASG
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  1. is the best sneakers so far but the lebron should be for both indoor &a outdoor court

  2. James is super exllent and wan be more like him one day I wish I could wear one of his shoes from him. Am zimbabwean lol but wsh I can hv one of hi that’s all

  3. Please retro the Lebron 1 and 4 in OG colorways or mostly white colorways none of that bright colors, what the pink CW. Come on Nike.

  4. Lebons shoes represent pure hype over style. Jordans are insanely expensive but they are stylish. Brons are puke colored and usually have nothing alluring to the eye. And they are more expensive than Jordans. They are clunky and loud. And wtf is up with the Miami Hurricanes colorway? Lebron is an all time great, but his shoes mirror his career. More hype than substance. 2 finals wins in 6 appearance and he is supposedly the greatest of all time. Please folks. This man has come up small in some really big moments and these shoe designs just try way too hard to be fresh and new. Give me old school Jordans any day. He didn’t have to lie to kick it. He really was the baddest man on the planet. His shoe designs were slick and sleek like him and his game. Brons are clunky and ugly year in year out. The puke colors don’t help at all. Sorry Bron. That’s why Air Jordan retros still fly off the shelves no matter how old they are. They are not UGLY.

  5. ^ so are we talking about shoes here or nah ?

  6. g-funk220 – You talk trash about Lebron’s shoes and say how much better Jordan’s are, you’re forgetting that the guy behind the first 12 or so Jordans is also the guy who designs Lebrons shoes (Tinker Hatfield) Also there’s a reason no one actually plays in retro Jordans anymore and why most of if not all of the shoes worn by players in the nba are similar in style to Lebrons (more form fitting and using more synthetic/composite materials as apposed to leather) is because the first Jordan shoe came out 30 years ago, a lot has changed in the basketball shoe game since then

  7. I had the Zoom Lebron IV’s way back when and really liked them at the time. Now that I look back at the this list of shoes, none of the shoes are very pleasing to the eye before the Lebron X’s to me. The different colorways for them are dope too

  8. the shoes hear are awsome

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