Do You Have Any 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Variation Short Prints?

Do You Have Any 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Variation Short Prints?

Variations have been around the for a long time. So has Topps Chrome. Somehow, the two hobby staples managed to avoid each other's company. But like cheese and pizza, the meeting was inevitable. The 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Variation short prints mark the first time alternate versions of base cards have been a part of the brand.

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball has 20 total base set variations. These do not include the 32 rookie autographs, which are considered a separate insert set. Many of the hobby's biggest names are a part of the checklist, such as Derek Jeter, Stephen Strasburg, Albert Pujols and Ichiro. High-profile rookies Bryce Harper, Yu Darvish, Yoenis Cespedes, Matt Moore and Jesus Montero also have variation short prints.

The 2012 Topps Chrome Chrome Baseball Variation short prints fall 1:912 packs. This translates into 1:38 boxes or more than 1:3 cases. Needless to say, they're tough to find.

Base on the few that have shown up so far, there doesn't seem to be a common thread running throughout them. They do not appear to overlap with the variations from 2012 Topps Baseball Series 1 and Series 2. Many of these focused on celebrations and ballpark fun.

Below is a complete 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball variation short prints checklist. These are the names to be watching for. We've also added available images and short variation descriptions.

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Variation Short Prints

1 Tim Lincecum - glove over head

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball 1 Tim Lincecum Variation 212x300 Image

10 Justin Upton - blowing bubble

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Justin Upton Variation 214x300 Image

28 Roy Halladay - batting

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Roy Halladay Variation 254x300 Image

30 Josh Hamilton - batting

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Josh Hamilton Variation 211x300 Image

49 Alex Rodriguez - fielding

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Alex Rodriguez Variation 212x300 Image

70 Stephen Strasburg - leg up, facing side

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Stephen Strasburg Variation 215x300 Image

75 Jose Reyes - running

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Jose Reyes Variation 212x300 Image

80 Albert Pujols - facing right

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Albert Pujols Variation 212x300 Image

84 Derek Jeter - standing

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Derek Jeter Variation 211x300 Image

87 Jacoby Ellsbury - vertical, face showing

2012 Topps Chrome Variation Jacoby Ellsbury 215x300 Image

93 Justin Verlander - hand over head

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Justin Verlander Variation 213x300 Image

100 Ichiro - batting

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Ichiro Variation1 211x300 Image

110 Troy Tulowitzki - gray jersey

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Troy Tulowitzki Variation 260x297 Image

120 Matt Kemp

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Matt Kemp Variation 215x300 Image

151 Yu Darvish - ball behind leg

2012 Topps Chrome Yu Darvish Variation1 215x300 Image

160 Matt Moore - vertical

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Matt Moore Variation1 215x300 Image

170 Jesus Montero - white jersey

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Jesus Montero Variation 260x288 Image

173 Brett Lawrie - facing forward

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Brett Lawrie Variation 209x300 Image

180 Yoenis Cespedes - white jersey

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Yoenis Cespedes Variation 213x300 Image

196 Bryce Harper - horizontal, sliding into base

Harper has both a regular and a Refractor version.

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball Bryce Harper Refractor Variation 260x186 Image

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Jordan Pacheco 2012 Topps Chrome RC Auto #161 Rookie Variation COLORADO ROCKIES
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  1. Hey Ryan, I have Wily Peralta from 2012 Topps Chrome and I noticed there is no card # on the back. Instead it has a WP in the corner of the card, do you know if this is an error or a late addition into the set?

  2. Mike (ID 64563) ยป Not 100% sure, but I believe late addition. Pretty sure Trevor Bauer is the same.

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