WIN an Industry Summit-Exclusive Walking Dead Wardrobe Card from Cryptozoic

WIN an Industry Summit-Exclusive Walking Dead Wardrobe Card from Cryptozoic

At the 2013 Industry Summit in Las Vegas, Cryptozoic was on hand with some exclusive goodies. Those that visited their booth received a 2011 Cryptozoic Walking Dead Season 1 Wardrobe Card numbered specially for the show. One lucky reader has a chance to win this one:

WIN an Industry Summit-Exclusive Walking Dead Wardrobe Card from Cryptozoic 1

Cryptozoic has generously provided this Wardrobe Card featuring a piece of shirt worn by Joe Bernthal (Shane Walsh) during the show's first season. It is numbered 109/175.

To enter, in the comments below, write a caption for this photo:

WIN an Industry Summit-Exclusive Walking Dead Wardrobe Card from Cryptozoic 2

We will pick our favorite when the contest closes. Be creative. Make us laugh. Have some fun. Maybe you want Rick or one of the other characters to say something. Maybe you want to create a meme. Like we said, be creative. The one that stands out the most to us wins the card. But be sure to keep it clean. The contest ends on Thursday, April 11 and 11:59 PM EST. Please be sure to include a valid email with your comment so we can get hold of you (it won't be published).

Contest Rules

  • To enter, write a caption for the above photo. Captions must be left in the comments section of this page to be valid.
  • We will pick a winner after the contest closes. We're looking for creative captions.
  • Crude entries or those with swearing or offensive language will not be accepted.
  • Entries via Twitter or Facebook comments do not count.
  • Contest closes on Thursday, April 11 at 11:59 PM EST. No late entries will be accepted.
  • We will announce a winner before the end of the day on Monday, April 15.
  • One entry per household.
  • Entries must include an email address so we can contact the winner. Email address will not be published.
  • Winner agrees to allow Cardboard Connection to use their name on the site and on our social media channels (like Twitter and Facebook) to announce the winner.
WIN an Industry Summit-Exclusive Walking Dead Wardrobe Card from Cryptozoic 3
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  1. Author

    wow this is a great opportunity to win this awsome card ive been a huge fan since the first day it was on and shane was one of my favorite freind villians ever im so sad the third season is coming to an end but will be ready for the fourth to begin go walking dead

  2. Author

    Hey! Look everybody it is a starbucks.

  3. Author

    cant believe your giving away this card this is awsome ive been a fan since season one and always look foward to the following season starts best show on amc by far go dead

  4. Author

    Is that a polar bear? Are we LOST or something?

  5. Author

    I need to knock down how many ducks to get the big teddy bear???

  6. Author

    Maybe if I shoot him in his foot we could dress him up like the Easter Bunny and he could hop around for us a little bit.

  7. Author

    ummmm..ok have the right to remain have the right to eat brains..anything you eat can and will pass through the hole in your you understand these rights???

  8. Author

    Dead or not… You will not miss one more Cardboard Connection broadcast or website post

  9. Author

    Damnit…I wish I never woke up from that coma…

  10. Author

    Did you say…. ice cream?

  11. Author

    “I knew It! We should have stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, last night!”

  12. Author

    Wait. You’re telling me there is no zombie apocalypse? This is a RETIREMENT community?

  13. Author

    “HEY, worker guy, can you not shine the lights right in my face? I can’t see my cue cards.”

  14. Author

    “1 Adam-12, 1 Adam-12…see the man at CDC..possible Zombie Apocalypse.”

  15. Author

    “I should have worn my Milkman costume, that way they wouldn’t expect ME to be the leader.”
    -Rick Grimes

  16. Author

    The Governor of New York banned assault weapons!No way!

  17. Author

    “Oh no I won’t shoot! You guys can have Chris Olds”

  18. Author

    Wait, you mean I shouldn’t shoot their feet?

  19. Author

    Um….this gun isn’t going to help me. Surely I can outrun grandma.

  20. Author

    “Despite his policy training, it became clear that Rick was actually half man, half deer when he froze in a set of headlights.”

  21. Author

    When the door opened and a small, grey alien walked out, Rick and the group were dumbstruck.

  22. Author

    DON’T MOVE! Freeze, I am a embalmer cop and I will shot you with my shotgun that fires formaldehyde bullets.

  23. Author

    Wait! I thought I saw a pooty cat. I DID! I DID! I DID! and it was right there!

  24. Author

    “Uh,I don”t have enough ammo in this gun to shoot down ALL THOSE Zoombies!!”

  25. Author

    Carl, don’t look, your mom is doing that ghostey thing again.

  26. Author

    “Do you HEAR that? Is that… is that an ice cream truck? I HATE ice cream trucks!”

  27. Author

    CARL! Put down the blowtorch and pair of pliers. You are not going Marsellus Wallace on that zombie.

  28. Author

    I wouldn’t want that shotgun pointed at me,zombie or not.

  29. Author


  30. Author

    “What? You got an AK-47? Give it here!”

  31. Author

    Damn Man, put your clothes back on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Author

    “Rick You said that there was no such thing as Bigfoot”

  33. Author

    Is that the Orange Peanut Adrian Peterson was talking about?

  34. Author

    “If you want this bag of clean laundry you’re gonna have to get past me”

  35. Author

    “…You’re gonna need a bigger boat…”

  36. Author

    Uhhhhh…. I’m the biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far??

  37. Author

    We do not accept your apology or your replacement!!! 15 weeks is plenty of time to deliver our redemtion cards.

  38. Author

    Why the @*%! is everyone just standing around behind me?

  39. Author

    “Umm, we have guns, but no zombies…”

  40. Author

    “Is that zombie.. is that…

    Richard McWilliam?!!!”

    (yes i went there)

  41. Author

    Okay remember that trade we did for all of my Kaepernicks for all of your Brandon Weedons..I think we need to trade back

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