Win a FREE Box of 2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball

Win a FREE Box of 2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball

Win a FREE Box of 2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball 1Want to win a free box of 2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball? Of course you do.

We've got a sealed hobby box that we're giving away to one lucky reader. Entering is easy. All you need to do is follow us on Twitter and leave a comment below on what baseball rookie or prospect you think will make a big impact in 2013. Your commentmust include your Twitter handle.

A sample entry might read, "Manny Machado @johndoe." It's that easy.

We'll pick a winner randomly from the qualifying entries. The contest closes on Friday, February 8, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST. We'll announce a winner by the following Monday night.

If your comment doesn't show up right away, don't worry. We manually approve all comments to avoid spam and we're not always around.

Thanks again for your continued support.

How to Enter:

  1. Follow @sportscards on Twitter.
  2. In the comments below this post, tell us which rookie or prospect will make a big impact in 2013.
  3. Leave your Twitter handle/user name in the comment.
  4. Entries must include an email address (these won't be published).


  • Winner will be picked randomly from qualifying entries.
  • Limit of one entry per person.
  • Contest closes on February 8, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST. Late entries will not be accepted.
  • Winner receives a sealed hobby box of 2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball.
  • Winner agrees to allow their name, city and state to be published on Cardboard Connection and on our social media channels.
  • We'll announce the winners by Monday, February 11 at 11:59 PM EST in a post on as well as on Twitter.

This contest is now closed. We'll announce a winner by Monday night.

Win a FREE Box of 2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball 2
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Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Comments

  1. Author

    Dylan Bundy

  2. Author

    Nick Castellanos

  3. Author

    @WillManWay Baltimore O’s Dylan Bundy

  4. Author

    Bryce Harper @tragsdel

  5. Author

    Anthony Rendon @abfowler4

  6. Author

    Billy Hamilton! @ran_so_fast

  7. Author

    I think Red Sox prospect Jackie Bradley could make an impact this season. Twitter handle Odie_O9773

  8. Author

    Newly acquired Dodger pitcher Hyun Jin-Ryu @AbelCarlos82

  9. Author

    Trevor Bauer

  10. Author

    Kolten Wong

  11. Author

    Miquel sano

  12. Author

    colin fenwick Colin – your entry does not include your Twitter handle.

  13. Author

    Hiroyuki Nakajima – 2013 AL ROY – @dwebb24

  14. Author

    Cubs Anthony Rizzo

  15. Author

    Billy Hamilton! @wphilpot20

  16. Author

    Dylan Bundy

  17. Author

    Travis d’Arnaud @JohnnyG711

  18. Author

    Jurickson Profar looks like a winner to me. He got a homer in his first MLB at bat and later got a double.

  19. Author

    Billy Hamilton

  20. Author

    Billy Hamilton

  21. Author

    Taijuan Walker! Lets go M’s!!

  22. Author

    Mike Zunino

  23. Author


  24. Author

    Jackie Bradley!

  25. Author

    Zack Wheeler @Dan_Celso

  26. Author

    Jose Fernandez @marlins1527

  27. Author

    Trevor Bauer @jtran81

  28. Author

    Wil Myers


  29. Author

    @cardfinders Manny Machado! That was my thought even before I read your example… thanks for the chance!

  30. Author

    Gotta go with Jurickson Profar

  31. Author

    Jurickson Profar – @natespringfield

  32. Author

    Trevor Bauer @DUQ_Dogg

  33. Author


  34. Author

    I can’t wait to see what Jurickson Profar does next year! @accentonthegame

  35. Author

    Dylan Bundy. GO O’s!!!


  36. Author

    Travis d’Arnaud

  37. Author

    Heath Hembree SF Giants prospect @cardsnwine

  38. Author

    Wil Myers

  39. Author

    Pat Corbin @ricky41974

  40. Author

    Jorge Soler @garrettlim620

  41. Author

    Wil Myers

  42. Author

    Trevor Bauer @Alpha_Sigma74

  43. Author

    @daddyoho jerikson profar

  44. Author

    Wil Myers of the Tampa Bay Rays @philshirt365

  45. Author

    Will Myers will make a big impact in 2013. @fadeawaybarber

  46. Author

    Jurickson Profar @quiksand20711

  47. Author

    Mike Zunino

  48. Author

    Jurickson Profar @t_j_maron

  49. Author

    Jedd Gyorko @jrclark20

  50. Author

    Hyun Jin-Ryu @RickyB7

  51. Author

    Dylan Bundy@sly9297

  52. Author

    Wil Myers

  53. Author

    Jackie Bradley

  54. Author

    Jurickson Profar will be a great rookie this year.


  55. Author

    Anthony Rendon @sharktitanfan

  56. Author

    Jean Segura

  57. Author

    Billy Hamilton


  58. Author

    billy hamilton

  59. Author

    Hyun-Jin Ryu


  60. Author

    Tyler Skaggs


    Awesome contest. Thanks.

  61. Author

    Nick Castellanos

  62. Author

    Hembree @DUCKanay

  63. Author

    Mike Zunino @millerzeit

  64. Author

    Jurickson Profar @bcw716

  65. Author

    J Profar TEX

  66. Author

    Jarred Cosart…Astros. @mattlanza

  67. Author

    Tyler Skaggs! Bet on it! @kczkrib

  68. Author

    Austine Romine Go Yankees!!!

  69. Author

    Trevor Brauer. @jlough18

  70. Author

    Trevor Bauer @overworkedman

  71. Author

    Billy Hamilton @AcardsOnline

  72. Author

    Will Myers, Tampa Bay

  73. Author

    Mike Olt

  74. Author

    Jurickson Profar @JamesMichael32

  75. Author

    Billy Hamilton

  76. Author

    Mike Zunino @25whitney

  77. Author

    Dylan Bundy! @teamjanelle

  78. Author

    Billy Hamilton @dapanther

  79. Author

    Bryce Harper will make the biggest impact this year. – @ce14ic

  80. Author

    Starling Marte taking the pirates back to the post season @jgraham2400

  81. Author

    Travis d’arnaud @uk_mets_fan

  82. Author

    Anthony Rizzo @danieldubay

  83. Author

    Billy Hamiliton all the way mate

  84. Author

    Dylun Bundy @ SweetTiger16

  85. Author

    Jurickson Profar is a beast. I’m expecting great things from him this year @MarchEric

  86. Author

    Hyun-Jin Ryu@gunpill

  87. Author

    Kyle Parker (Rockies), @PantherFan189

  88. Author

    Darin Ruf

  89. Author

    Dylan Bundy @hotrod33coupe

  90. Author

    Wil Myers, @bighelmet2

  91. Author

    Billy Hamilton

  92. Author

    Zack Wheeler @scottreed901

  93. Author

    Jurickson Profar

  94. Author

    Wil Myers @DatDudeKR

  95. Author

    Darin Ruf @joehick58

  96. Author

    Zack Wheeler @tomthirtysix

  97. Author

    Nick Castellanos

  98. Author


    Manny Machado

  99. Author

    Mike Trout @niftyjones

  100. Author

    Dylan Bundy @eckelbird71

  101. Author

    Yoennis Cespedes @shed_money

  102. Author

    Zack Wheeler will be a stud….@KevB805

  103. Author

    Billy Hamilton

  104. Author

    The speedy Billy Hamilton!

  105. Author

    Profar will have a major impact with Kinsler being moved to 1B. Hopefully Gary Brown will help the Giants sometime this season.


  106. Author

    Chris Stratton


  107. Author

    @mattx77 I’m a huge Cardinals fan and I believe Shelby Miller will get his shot to show he’s a top flight SP prospect

  108. Author

    Trevor Bauer @dmkrill

  109. Author

    Anthony Rendon

  110. Author

    Dylan Bundy


  111. Author

    Wil Myers @furk_11

  112. Author

    Jurickson Profar

  113. Author

    Trevor Bauer should be HUGE for the Indians @Mike__McKenna

  114. Author

    Jurickson Profar @CoachMac65

  115. Author

    Jorge Soler – surprise call up in May will rock the north side! @cjones41

  116. Author

    Javier Baez – Guy is a superstar in the making @therealskrip

  117. Author

    Kolten Wong! @staysobe

  118. Author

    Joey Gallo @jcd1312

  119. Author

    @aerohip Avisail Garcia

  120. Author

    Mike Zunino!

  121. Author

    Hey Ryan,

    My pick is Trevor Bauer. He’s a lock for a rotation spot with the Tribe this year and should make Arizona rue the day they made that trade.


  122. Author

    Billy Hamilton



  123. Author

    Jose Fernandez will have a big impact for the miami marlins at the end of the year. He is the miami marlins future ace.


  124. Author

    Dan Straily

  125. Author

    Xander Bogaerts – @shawnbcollins

  126. Author

    Anthony Rizzo NL – Jurickson Profar AL

  127. Author

    Dylan Bundy @Fantazzle

  128. Author

    Shelby Miller @notoriousrmb

  129. Author

    Anthony Rizzo @PColeman12

  130. Author

    Trevor Rosenthal @nmdsiue07

  131. Author

    Andrelton Simmons will be the most important rookie this year but will be under appreciated because he’s more a defensive player than offensive. @eichelberger988

  132. Author

    Jorge Soler Go Cubs!!

  133. Author

    Dylan Bundy @McDermottAdam

  134. Author

    my boy Daniel Norris / @ivanlovegren

  135. Author

    Wil Myers


  136. Author

    Trevor Bauer

  137. Author

    Mike Zunino @juanlennon510

  138. Author

    Nick castellanos from Detroit…@alladinsane69
    Thx guys

  139. Author

    Jedd Gyorko–Padres. @rustgates

  140. Author

    Trevor Bauer

  141. Author

    Billy Hamilton


  142. Author

    Hope I win! @LCohenNYC

  143. Author

    Can’t believe nobody said Oscar Taveras yet! @PartyLikeMayans

  144. Author

    Archie Bradley- @richeyd80

  145. Author

    Mike Zunino

  146. Author

    Wil Myers @chris_e_murray

  147. Author

    Dylan Bundy


  148. Author

    Dylan Bundy


  149. Author

    Gerrit Cole @Juicy_J_412

  150. Author

    Billy Hamilton


  151. Author

    Brandon Belt
    DreadLion @DreadTony

  152. Author

    Nick Castellanos

  153. Author

    Jurickson Profar @xBirdman4x

  154. Author

    Billy Hamilton @MLBOutsider

  155. Author

    Matt Smoral


  156. Author

    Tyler Skaggs @reverendghost

  157. Author

    Billy Hamilton

  158. Author

    Mike Trout


  159. Author

    Billy Hamilton @M_Lapin

  160. Author

    Gerritt Cole

  161. Author

    Oscar Taveras @quandt19

  162. Author

    @rootlinuxusr Miguel Sano!

  163. Author

    Danny hultzen @mjb_cards104

  164. Author

    Oscar Taveras @LeeChampionSDA2

  165. Author

    2013 Orioles and Reds @ dmjhenry99

  166. Author

    Jurickson Profar

  167. Author

    Jorge Soler @UpForAnything17

  168. Author

    Dylan Bundy! gkway69

  169. Author

    Dylan Bundy


  170. Author

    Wily Peralta @kevinkimmes

  171. Author

    Jurickson Profar @curtis216

  172. Author

    Starling Marte

  173. Author

    Dylan Bundy @tpiwins216

  174. Author

    Adam Eaton…Dudes gonna be ROY! @Sammy123G

  175. Author

    Billy Hamilton @rdc_cards

  176. Author

    Billy Hamilton


  177. Author

    Billy Hamilton

  178. Author

    Vince Belnome of the Rays @rustyyoung196

  179. Author

    @mstook91 Jurickson Profar

  180. Author

    Billy hamilton go reds!

  181. Author

    Jurickson Profar!!!

  182. Author

    @rlbyrne29 Zach wheeler

  183. Author

    Wil Meyers

  184. Author

    @jbmm161 Joey Gallo

  185. Author

    Wil Myers

  186. Author

    Wil Myers


  187. Author

    Mike Olt @johnmalkoski

  188. Author

    Mike Zunio!
    Twitter @band234

  189. Author

    Look for a mid-season call up of Jared Mitchell to push the White Sox into the post season @twilliamgooch

  190. Author

    i actually think Manny Machado is the best choice. It not like this years rookie class will be like last years. @bdazzo724

  191. Author

    Oscar Taveras

  192. Author

    Jurickson Profar with the Texas Rangers. Hamilton is gone, somebody’s going to have to step up to the plate. Lots of room for Profar to take the reigns. I’m hoping he doesn’t…Go Angels. @halfbaiked

  193. Author

    mike zunino @kcir73

  194. Author

    I’m goona go with Mike Zunio..Thanks for the contest..@markloftus9677

  195. Author

    Dylan Bundy…Thanks for the awesome shot at a box..Pretty awesome of ya

  196. Author

    Oscar Taveras is my pick to click. @Otymac

  197. Author


    Dylan Bundy. Rookie of the year.

  198. Author

    Jurickson Profar @zackattack7891

  199. Author

    Billy Hamilton @AZcomm

  200. Author

    Billy Hamilton @bert0009

  201. Author

    Wil Myers will have a big impact for the Rays this year


  202. Author

    I’m hoping JURICKSON PROFAR will make an impact with my Rangers. He already has shown some good potential and with them opening up spots on the field after this off season with all the trades, I’m hoping he will be the one

  203. Author

    Dylan Bundy

  204. Author

    Jurickson Profar by far

    Kevin Mamon

  205. Author

    Courtney Hawkins — @ChiSoxFan2008

  206. Author

    Javier Baez @ACY7373

  207. Author

    Jurickson profar..texas

    ThePighammer on twitter…, i found that the topps series 1 card that i have for him is painted looking but when i look it up, shows the real photo. I wonder if its a blunder

  208. Author

    Dylan Bundy @TimKiper

  209. Author

    Trevor Bauer @EricHillesheim

  210. Author

    Wheeler – New York Mets

  211. Author

    Dylan Bundy

  212. Author

    Andrelton Simmons!!! Check out that glove! @zrtinkle

  213. Author

    Wil Myers – Tampa Rays

  214. Author

    Starling Marte


  215. Author

    Wil Myers @Pittsy25

  216. Author

    I’d like to be unique, but Wil Myers hit .314-37-109 between AA and AAA last year. He’s the dude.


  217. Author

    Wil Myers@davekar1

  218. Author

    Wil Myers!! @lucasgriffith

  219. Author

    Nick Castellanos @gompala

  220. Author

    If he gets the opportunity this season it has to be Oscar Taveras @TheWaxFantastic

  221. Author

    Anthony Rendon @toemachine

  222. Author

    Jurickson Profar – @chipper910

  223. Author

    Billy Hamilton, if he gets called up because he has the speed potential to catch up to the Billy Hamilton of the 1880s stolen base amount.


  224. Author

    Wil Myers @BigSmith43

  225. Author

    Billy Hamilton

  226. Author

    Jurickson Profar…the one to watch! @385Howard

  227. Author

    Billy Hamilton

  228. Author

    Dylan Bundy


  229. Author

    Taijuan Walker-Mariners @ IdahoPinstripe

  230. Author

    Jurickson Profar

  231. Author

    Christian Yelich. @_ibonge_

  232. Author

    Starling Marte


  233. Author

    Tyler Skaggs @datmanhollon

  234. Author

    Didi Gregorius @datmanhollon

  235. Author

    Bruce Rondon @BossOfRenfield

  236. Author

    Aaron Hicks @yorka1982

  237. Author

    Jurickson Profar


  238. Author

    Gerritt Cole @LunchboxJoe

  239. Author

    Mike Zunino @ben_thoen

  240. Author

    Jurickson Profar @simpsondg13

  241. Author

    My money’s on Bryce Harper for 2013!

    Bryce Harper @JennHerrBall

  242. Author

    Dylan Bundy

  243. Author

    Billy Hamilton!

  244. Author

    Mike Zunino @vierello

  245. Author

    Tyler Skaggs 2013 NL ROY You heard it here..

  246. Author

    Mike Zunino

  247. Author

    Billy Hamilton ^^ Yankee crazy lady @toppscrazy

  248. Author

    Jurickson Profar! @Jazzbuzzed

  249. Author

    Dylan Bundy

  250. Author

    Julio Teheran

  251. Author

    Nick Castellanos!!!


  252. Author

    Andrelton Simmons @TristanMc78

  253. Author

    Wil Myers


  254. Author

    Shelby Miller


  255. Author

    Shelby Miller

  256. Author

    Mike Olt @BBolvin01

  257. Author

    I think Billy Hamilton will

  258. Author

    Adam Eaton @marcdavd

  259. Author

    Dylan Bundy


  260. Author

    Billy Hamilton

  261. Author

    Jean Segura

  262. Author

    Wil myers @kylekcnaeou1978

  263. Author


    Jurickson Profar

  264. Author


    Julio Teheran

  265. Author

    Profar! @glassnickels

  266. Author

    Billy Hamilton

  267. Author

    Billy Hamilton


  268. Author

    Mike Olt @MadisonKiwigirl

  269. Author

    Wil Myers @Brian_theClaw

  270. Author

    Wil Myers

  271. Author

    Courtney Hawkins @GodsSon1985

  272. Author

    Mike Zunino @bcummins11

  273. Author

    Bruce Rondon @swburak

  274. Author

    Daniel Straily @ddelong75

  275. Author

    Dylan Bunday @JonOsborneBooks

  276. Author

    Dylan Bundy @somecrazedlady

  277. Author

    Oscar Tavares @BaseballNews25

  278. Author

    Miguel Sano


  279. Author

    Wil Myers is set to break out

  280. Author

    Bryce Harper @parkerozgood

  281. Author

    Dylan Bundy. @robgbaum

  282. Author

    Wil Myers @e3bert

  283. Author

    Oscar Tavares @chefmsmith04

  284. Author

    Wil Myers. @KCgriffon

  285. Author

    Manny machado will probably be the top rc to get in 2013. @nikthelion1978

  286. Author

    Scooter Gennett. Go Brewers!

  287. Author

    Xander Bogaerts of the Boston Red Sox – @mikehberry

  288. Author

    @ yonder alonso

  289. Author

    Go Twins! @collect_rfmeier

  290. Author

    Rizzo @gater1981

  291. Author

    Daniel Robertson @Jjamesjr0217

  292. Author

    Manny Machado @fieldlevelview

  293. Author

    Jackie Bradley Jr. could really do big things this season. @TheJayar

  294. Author

    Trevor Bauer. The tribe needs this to happen in the worst way if they want to contend

  295. Author

    Trevor Bauer will find his niche in Cleveland 20 Game winner! @PNAcollectables

  296. Author

    Travis d’Arnaud

  297. Author

    Dylan Bundy @CarterJae

  298. Author

    Trevor bauer…. @elon2001_tom

  299. Author

    Shelby Miller @marissafriedcj

  300. Author

    Billy Hamilton


  301. Author

    Dylan Bundy

  302. Author

    Dylan Bundy @cardboardrx

  303. Author

    Jurickson Profar @imhenman

  304. Author


  305. Author

    Jurickson Profar @jeemohgee

  306. Author

    Tyler Skaggs @Weber_chandler

  307. Author

    Darin Ruf @Gar70Field

  308. Author

    Gary Brown!!! ?(???)? @TheCardsMaster

  309. Author

    It’s gotta be Profar! @skedoosh

  310. Author

    BILLY Hamilton

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