Vintage Rock & Roll Trading Cards: A Visual Guide

Vintage Rock & Roll Trading Cards: A Visual Guide

THE BEATLES: 1964 Beatles Black & White 3rd Series

THE BEATLES: 1960's European Beatles Cards With Muhammad Ali

LED ZEPPELIN: 1973-74 Panini Led Zeppelin Stickers

THE WHO: 1973-74 Panini The Who Stickers

THE ROLLING STONES: 1965 Topps Rolling Stones

THE ROLLING STONES: 1973-74 Panini Rolling Stones Stickers

BOB DYLAN: 1973-74 Panini Bob Dylan Stickers

PINK FLOYD: 1973-74 Panini Pink Floyd Stickers

DAVID BOWIE: 1973-74 Panini David Bowie Stickers

BLACK SABBATH: 1973-74 Panini Black Sabbath Stickers

JIMI HENDRIX: 1969-1974 Panini Jimi Hendrix Cards & Stickers

THE MOODY BLUES: 1973 Panini The Moody Blues Stickers

THE KINKS: 1974 Panini The Kinks Stickers

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  1. Nice article.

  2. Those are sweet! Good work on digging those out of the dusty closet.

  3. @Caleb: I wish I had a complete 1973 to 1974 Led Zeppelin card collection in my closet.

  4. Where can I find those Zeppelin cards?

  5. @Steve Hau: eBay is the only place I could find any, look up “Led Zeppelin Panini” or “Led Zeppelin Cards”

  6. im trying to find out the potential value for the t.c.g. number 38 &53 Beatles Movie “Hard Days Night” cards ?
    The cards are like new !
    please email or call 216-205-4793 Ted

  7. I have dick Clark cards for rock n roll . where can I sell them

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