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Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok

2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards

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The vast Marvel Cinematic Universe gives way to 2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok trading cards in celebration of the star-studded film. Collectors can likely expect one rip card, one memorabilia card, and one other hit to emerge from each hobby box.

Of course, Chris Hemsworth reprises his role as Thor (sans the long locks) in the blockbuster 2017 film that offers the third Thor installment. While Thor: Ragnarok follows Thor: The Dark World from 2013 (and its UD set), the events pick up two years after Avengers: Age of Ultron, which also has an Upper Deck card release.

Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Base / Inserts

Using movie stills, the base set in the Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok checklist features 50 cards. There are also two LTFX foil parallels to chase.

2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 1

Inserts provide other film information with a focus on main characters and a behind-the-scenes look at the movie, including Behind the Lens, Grandmaster's Contenders and Mistress of Death.

Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Hits

In addition, hits are a huge part of 2017 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok. The main actor Stars of Sakaar Autograph cards are joined by the new Grandmaster's Prized Possessions Actor Autos, which include chain strands in the card. Averaging one per box, The Armory Memorabilia cards come with authentic pieces from items used in the film's production.

2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 2

Debuting for collectors, the one-per-box Dyson Rip cards hold a mystery, similar to the Dyson sphere (Muspelheim) where Thor is imprisoned. Mini cards or even Mini Autographs could be waiting inside. Rounding out the premium choices are hand-drawn Sketch cards.

2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 3

Release Date: 01/04/2018
Product Configuration: 4 cards per pack, 15 packs per box, 16 boxes per case (2 inners)

2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Hobby Box Break

  • 3 Hits (Actor Autograph, Memorabilia, Rip Card or Sketch)
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Set Checklist

2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Checklist

Pack Odds Key: h = Hobby, e = ePack.

Base Set Checklist

50 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red (1:2.5 h/e), Blue #/199.
2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 4

0 For Asgard
1 Return to Asgard
2 Heimdall the Traitor?
3 The Mighty Skurge
4 Thor's Nightmares
5 Search for Odin
6 Odin's Greatest Mistake
7 Goddess of Death
8 Unfamiliar Surroundings
9 Scavengers
10 Valkyrie Appears
11 Ruler of Sakaar
12 Jealous Topaz
13 Grandmaster's New Friend
14 Favored Elite
15 Skurge Switches Sides
16 Thor Meets Korg
17 Visited by Loki
18 A Selfish King
19 Scrapper 142
20 Thor the Gladiator
21 Lord of Thunder
22 The Champion
23 Confused Grandmaster
24 A Feisty Hulk
25 Frightening Memories
26 Highly Entertained
27 Impressed by Thor
28 Zapped by Grandmaster
29 Skurge the Traitor
30 Heimdall in Hiding
31 Realization
32 Thor Idolizes Valkyrie
33 Independent Valkyrie
34 Video for Hulk
35 Hulk Transforms
36 Shifting Blame
37 Loki vs. Valkyrie
38 Banner is Back
39 Champion's Parade
40 Valkyrie's Captive
41 Loki in Chains
42 Escape Plan
43 Taking/ not Receiving
44 Set Free
45 Assistance from Loki
46 Armed Thor
47 Travel Preparations
48 Topaz Emerges
49 Death Conquers All


Stars of Sakaar Autographs Set Checklist

Overall Odds: 1:120 Hobby/ePack.
Individual group odds listed below.

2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 5

SS-1 Chris Hemsworth as Thor - B 1:801
SS-2 Rachel House as Topaz - D 1:267
SS-3 Taika Waititi as Director - D 1:267
SS-4 Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie - B 1:801
SS-5 Chris Hemsworth as Thor - A 1:1,602
SS-6 Taika Waititi as Korg  - C 1:368
SS-7 Rachel House as Topaz - C 1:368
SS-8 Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie - A 1:1,602


Stars of Sakaar Dual Autographs Set Checklist

6 cards.
Odds: 1:2,000 Hobby/ePack.
2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 6

SSD-1 Chris Hemsworth/Tessa Thompson
SSD-2 Rachel House/Taika Waititi
SSD-3 Rachel House/Tessa Thompson
SSD-4 Chris Hemsworth/Rachel House
SSD-5 Taika Waititi/Chris Hemsworth
SSD-6 Tessa Thompson/Taika Waititi


The Armory Memorabilia Set Checklist

20 cards.
Overall Odds: 1:16 Hobby/ePack.
2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 7

AS-1 Thor - Cape
AS-2 Heimdall - Shirt
AS-3 Loki - Cape
AS-4 Grandmaster - Pants
AS-5 Loki - Cape
AS-6 Valkyrie - Body Suit
AS-7 Bruce Banner - Jacket
AS-8 Loki - Cape
AS-9 Grandmaster - Shirt
AS-10 Valkyrie - Cape
AS-11 Thor - Cape
AS-12 Loki - Leather
AS-13 Topaz - Body Suit
AS-14 Hela - Body Suit
AS-15 Bruce Banner - Jeans
AS-16 Loki - Leather
AS-17 Topaz - Body Suit
AS-18 Heimdall - Leather
AS-19 Grandmaster - Robe
AS-20 Loki - Cape


The Armory Memorabilia Dual Set Checklist

10 cards.
Overall Odds: 1:40 Hobby/ePack.
Individual group odds listed below.

2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 8

AD-1 Thor/Loki - Cape-Leather : C 1:68
AD-2 Grandmaster/Bruce Banner - Robe-Jeans : B 1:147
AD-3 Thor/Valkyrie - Cape-Leather : A 1:294
AD-4 Loki/Heimdall - Leather-Cape : C 1:68
AD-5 Thor/Grandmaster - Cape-Shirt : C 1:68
AD-6 Grandmaster/Topaz - Robe-Body Suit : B 1:147
AD-7 Heimdall/Hela - Cape-Body Suit : A 1:294
AD-8 Thor/Bruce Banner - Cape-Jeans : B 1:147
AD-9 Grandmaster/Loki - Robe-Leather : B 1:147
AD-10 Topaz/Valkyrie - Body Suit-Leather : A 1:294


The Armory Memorabilia Triple Set Checklist

5 cards.
Odds: 1:80 Hobby/ePack.
2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 9
AT-1 Thor/Heimdall/Valkyrie - Cape-Pants-Body Suit
AT-2 Loki/Thor/Grandmaster - Leather-Cape-Pants
AT-3 Thor/Loki/Hela - Cape-Leather-Body Suit
AT-4 Hela/Valkyrie/Topaz - Body Suit-Leather-Body Suit
AT-5 Thor/Bruce Banner/Grandmaster - Cape-Jacket-Pants


The Armory Autographed Memorabilia Set Checklist

5 cards.
Odds: 1:480 Hobby/ePack.

2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 10

ASA1 Chris Hemsworth as Thor - Cape
ASA2 Rachel House as Topaz - Body Suit
ASA3 Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie - Leather
ASA4 Chris Hemsworth as Thor - Cape
ASA5 Rachel House as Topaz - Body Suit


The Armory Dual Autographed Memorabilia Set Checklist

3 cards.
Odds: 1:1,440 Hobby/ePack.


ADA1 Chris Hemsworth/Tessa Thompson - Cape-Cape
ADA2 Tessa Thompson/Rachel House - Body Suit-Leather
ADA3 Chris Hemsworth/Rachel House - Cape-Body Suit


Behind the Lens Set Checklist

20 cards.
Odds: 1:3.75 Hobby/ePack.
2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 11

BTL1 Thor and Banner's Chairs
BTL2 Director's Chair
BTL3 Directing Hela
BTL4 The Gun Show
BTL5 Sakaar Wasteland
BTL6 Taika Waititi and Grandmaster
BTL7 Waititi and Cast
BTL8 Korg and Thor
BTL9 Capturing Heimdall
BTL10 Blue Screen Thor
BTL11 Thor's Fashion Advice
BTL12 Hulk's Bed
BTL13 May I Have This Dance?
BTL14 Fine Camera Work
BTL15 Going Over Lines
BTL16 Grandmaster's Ship
BTL17 In the Cockpit
BTL18 Hela and Taika Waititi
BTL19 Party Suite
BTL20 Thor and Taika Waititi


Dyson Rip Set Checklist

40 cards.
Odds: 1:15 Hobby/ePack.
2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 12

D-1 New Avengers: Illuminati #0
D-2 Incredible Hulk #88
D-3 Incredible Hulk #89
D-4 Incredible Hulk #90
D-5 Incredible Hulk #91
D-6 Incredible Hulk #92
D-7 Incredible Hulk #93
D-8 Incredible Hulk #94
D-9 Incredible Hulk #95
D-10 Incredible Hulk #96
D-11 Incredible Hulk #97
D-12 Incredible Hulk #98
D-13 Incredible Hulk #99
D-14 Incredible Hulk #100
D-15 Incredible Hulk #101
D-16 Incredible Hulk #102
D-17 Incredible Hulk #103
D-18 Incredible Hulk #104
D-19 Incredible Hulk #105
D-20 Giant-Size Hulk #1
D-21 Thor Vol. 3 #1
D-22 Thor Vol. 3 #2
D-23 Thor Vol. 3 #3
D-24 Thor Vol. 3 #4
D-25 Thor Vol. 3 #5
D-26 Thor Vol. 3 #6
D-27 Thor Vol. 3 #7
D-28 Thor Vol. 3 #8
D-29 Thor Vol. 3 #9
D-30 Thor Vol. 3 #10
D-31 Thor Vol. 3 #11
D-32 Thor Vol. 3 #12
D-33 Thor Vol. 3 #600
D-34 Thor Vol. 3 #601
D-35 Thor Vol. 3 #602
D-36 Thor Vol. 3 #603
D-37 Thor Vol. 3 #604
D-38 Thor Vol. 3 #605
D-39 Thor Vol. 3 #606
D-40 Thor Vol. 3 #607


Dyson Rip Short Prints Set Checklist

20 cards. Hobby only.
2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 3

SP - #/15
DS-1 Thor #337
DS-2 Thor #338
DS-3 Thor #339
DS-4 Thor #340
DS-5 Thor #341
DS-6 Thor #342
DS-7 Thor #343
DS-8 Thor #344
DS-9 Thor #345
DS-10 Thor #346
SSP - #/5
DSS-1 Thor #347
DSS-2 Thor #348
DSS-3 Thor #349
DSS-4 Thor #350
DSS-5 Thor #351
DSS-6 Thor #352
DSS-7 Thor #353
DSS-8 Thor #354
DSS-9 Thor #355
DSS-10 Thor #366


Grandmaster's Contenders Set Checklist

5 cards.
Odds: 1:30 Hobby/ePack.
2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 14

GC1 Thor
GC2 Hulk
GC3 Valkyrie
GC4 Grandmaster
GC5 Loki


Grandmaster's Prized Possessions Autograph Chain Set Checklist

5 cards. Serial numbered #/100.
2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 2

GP-1 Chris Hemsworth
GP-2 Tessa Thompson
GP-3 Taika Waititi
GP-4 Rachel House
GP-5 Taika Waititi


Grandmaster's Prized Possessions Dual Autograph Chain Set Checklist

3 cards. Serial numbered #/15.

GPD-1 Rachel House/Tessa Thompson
GPD-2 Tessa Thompson/Chris Hemsworth
GPD-3 Taika Waititi/Chris Hemsworth


Mini Comics Set Checklist

30 cards. 1:2 Dyson Rip cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Acetate (1:3).

C1 Thor
C2 Jane Foster
C3 Loki
C4 Odin
C5 Thor
C6 Thor
C7 Ice Giants
C8 Hela
C9 Enchantress
C10 Grey Gargoyle
C11 Thor/Hulk
C12 Destroyer
C13 Volstagg
C14 Thor/Hercules
C15 Thor
C16 Medusa
C17 The Wrecker
C18 Adam Warlock
C19 Gaea
C20 Balder The Brave
C21 Odin
C22 Beta Ray Bill
C23 Thor
C24 Thor
C25 Thor
C26 Eric Masterson
C27 Thor
C28 Thor
C29 Thor
C30 Thor


Mini Comics Actor Autographs Set Checklist

5 cards. 1:39 Dyson Rip cards.
2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 16

CAA1 Chris Hemsworth
CAA2 Rachel House
CAA3 Taika Waititi
CAA4 Tessa Thompson
CAA5 Taika Waititi


Mini Comics Creator Autographs Set Checklist

23 cards. 1:6 Dyson Rip cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Acetate (1:11).

CCA1 Walt Simonson
CCA2 Carlo Pagulayan
CCA3 Esad Ribic
CCA4 Gerry Conway
CCA5 Robert Rodi
CCA6 Jim Starlin
CCA7 Aaron Lopresti
CCA8 Michael Avon Oeming
CCA9 Chris Samnee
CCA11 Gerry Conway
CCA12 Carlo Pagulayan
CCA13 Ron Garney
CCA14 Sal Buscema
CCA15 Chris Samnee
CCA16 Ron Garney
CCA17 Aaron Lopresti
CCA18 Gerry Conway
CCA19 Carlo Pagulayan
CCA20 Robert Rodi
CCA21 Esad Ribic
CCA23 Michael Avon Oeming
CCA24 Sal Buscema
CCA25 Jim Starlin


Mistress of Death Set Checklist

5 cards.
Odds: 1:30 Hobby/ePack.
2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 17

MD1 Hela
MD2 Hela
MD3 Hela
MD4 Hela
MD5 Hela


Sketch Artists Set Checklist

91 artists.
Odds: 1:54 Hobby/ePack.
2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Trading Cards 18

Abdul Ghofur
Adalisa Zarate
Alex Lugo
Allen Grimes
Alvin Cleofas
Andre Toma
Andrew Barraza
Andy Carreon
Andy Duggan
Anthony Fowler Jr.
Apriyadi Ksbiantoro
Babisu Kourtis
Ben Abu Saada
Ben Goddard
Brad Hudson
Brian Schillinger
Bridgit Connell
Bryan "SilverBaX" Sheppard
Charlie Cody
Dan Curto
Danielle Ellison
Danny Silva
Darrin Pepe
David Hindelang
Diego Moreira
Don Kunkel
Eddie Price
Elise Priola
Elvin Hernandez
Eric Fournier
Ernest Romero
Erwin Ropa
Estrella Rivera
Ethan Gray
Fabian Quintero
Floris Hoolhorst
Geoffrey Gwin
Gil Garcia
Huy Truong
Irma Suriani Ahmed
Ivan Rodriguez
J Hammond
J.R. Weingartner Jr.
Jason Sobol
Jeff Abar
Jesus Marquez
Jim Nelson
Jim O'Riley
Jim Sabo
Jomar Bulda
Jude Gallagher
Justin Ayers
Keith Akers
Leonardo Pertuzzatti
Liubov Korotkova
Lydi Li Tubillara
Marcia Dye
Marllon Sheep
Mason Easley
Matias Streb
Matt Applegate
Matt Hebb
Matt Langford
Matthew Lopez
Melike Acar
Michael Mastermaker
Michelle Guerrero
Mitch Ballard
Mr. Havoc
Myles Wohl
Natasa Kourtis
Nicholas Dertinger
Nick Justus
Nicole Virella
Omar Soto
Peejay Catacutan
Phil Back
Reid Fisher
Rich Molinelli
Robert Chapman
Ryan Van Der Draaij
Scott Lost
Sean Anderson
Seth Ismart
Sherwin Santiago
Synclaire Kaptur
Tim Smith
Tim Smith III
Timothy Geathers
Uko Smith
Zachary Rorick


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Each hobby box is slated to have:

  • 3 Hits

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Product Review

2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Product Review

Reviewed by Trey Treutel

Good: Chris Hemsworth autographs; base cards look fantastic; Dyson cards are interesting.

Bad: Missing other big cast autographs; relic design is a little bland and the pieces are small.

The Bottom Line: Offering autographs for the title character from a blockbuster movie, Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok would be notable for that alone. Although it would have been nice to have some big signers other than Hemsworth, the appealing designs and premium aspects really help increase the overall experience.

Staff Rating:
4.0 / 5.0

Card Design: 4.0/5.0

So, I really like the Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok base design. The card uses a stock frame but you almost don't notice since the movie image enhanced with foil dominates focus. I particularly enjoy the way the foil spreads into the frame via the lightning bolts. I normally don't care for splashes of color on these styles, but something about the red and blue parallels really catches the eye as it fills the main background and lightning, minus the subject image. In that regard, it can highlight things very nicely.

For the inserts, Behind the Lens is the least exciting and the most common. Grandmaster's Contenders and Mistress of Death, which incorporates the antlers in the foil design, both look better but are much more rare at roughly 1:2 boxes. The review boxes yielded two Mistress of Death cards (one in each) but zero Grandmaster's Contenders.

While rip cards are not new, the Dyson cards can be amusing. The comic-style front ties in another element to the franchise, and offers potential extras (if you decide to rip) that can add to the box hits.

Admittedly, it would be nice if UD went with on-card signatures for their entertainment sets. While the main Stars of Sakaar autograph design is solid, the stadium background is a little disappointing and I wish the look matched more to the base set. I thought the Grandmaster's Prized Possessions autographs, with embedded chains, worked better from a design perspective.

With at least one per box, the memorabilia designs are not as strong for me. Like the main autographs, they don't feel as much a cohesive addition. The relic cards are also more generic looking. Without print runs, there is no way to really know how many cards we are talking about, but the swatches used (at least the visible portion) are pretty small, especially on the multi-subject cards.

Checklist: 3.75/5.0

Chris Hemsworth makes this set. Without his autographs, the whole equation changes. Still, after Thor, the lineup is pretty sparse with only three other actor autographs in the entire set. Although Rachel House (Topaz), Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie) and Taika Waititi (Director/Korg) are decent additions, the other possibilities are staggering. I have no doubt Upper Deck tried to get them, but it's hard not to imagine if just one or two (let alone even more) of the other big names were in this set. Choices include Anthony Hopkins, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cate Blanchett, Idris Elba, Jeff Goldblum, Karl Urban, Mark Ruffalo, and Tom Hiddleston. Dang.

Value: 3.75/5.0

Just like he dominates the checklist talk, Thor is the main reason for the value, with his autographs selling for $250+. In a box that runs about $90-100 (at the time of this review), that's a substantial value possibility. Obviously, pulling a Hemsworth autograph is unlikely but the three hits in a box help value, as well. Since one is likely to be a Dyson rip card, that leaves open the chance to add a fourth hit with an autograph inside the rip, like our first review box had.

The Fun Factor: 4.5/5.0

I thoroughly enjoyed Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok. Since we opened two review boxes, it was nice to see a little variance in the outcomes for each. Of course, an actor autograph would have been even better, but box 1 had a comic artist signature in the Dyson, and box 2 delivered a sketch. I did not open the rip card in box 2, but most likely it's a standard mini card.

2018 Upper Deck Thor Ragnarok Hit Gallery

Box 1

Box 2

The boxes used for this review were provided by Upper Deck Entertainment.

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Hi, any checklist? still same date? Thanks!

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

As soon as we have the checklist, it will be added. Date is accurate as of now but changes are always possible.

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