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2024 Upper Deck Golf Cards

2024 Upper Deck Golf Cards

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The flagship UD Golf series is back in action thanks to 2024 Upper Deck Golf.

Last seen in 2004, the product gets a modern overhaul that includes Young Guns along with plenty of inserts.

2024 Upper Deck Golf Base / Parallels

The 2024 Upper Deck Golf checklist features 150 cards in the base set that breaks down into Vets & Legends (#1-50), Season Highlights Debut Date (#51-75), Season Highlights (#76-100), and Young Guns (#101-150; 1:4 packs).

2024 Upper Deck Golf Cards 1

Limited parallels consist of Clear Cut (Hobby only), Exclusives (#/100) and High Gloss (#/10). The Hobby-only Clear Cut short prints average 1:96 packs for Vets & Legends/Season Highlights and 1:288 packs for Young Guns.

2024 Upper Deck Golf Cards 2

2024 Upper Deck Golf Inserts

Another familiar option in 2024 Upper Deck Golf is the UD Canvas set. These cards average 1:7 packs with the Hobby-only Black parallel falling 1:80 packs. The UD Canvas Young Guns (1:60) cards also have Black (1:720 packs) versions exclusive to Hobby packs. 

Of course, this is just the start of the 2024 Upper Deck Golf insert lineup. Defining Moments (1:16 packs) looks back at a player's pivotal performance, while Generation Next (1:20 packs) identifies the game's top talent under 30.

2024 Upper Deck Golf Cards 3

National Heroes (1:13 packs) highlights the global aspect of the sport and Tour Time (1:16 packs) showcases early images of top players.

2024 Upper Deck Golf Cards 4

The vivid Dazzlers insert makes the jump from hockey with Blue (1:24 packs) and Pink (1:72 packs) editions.

2024 Upper Deck Golf Cards 5

Other NHL carryovers appear in Honor Roll (1:12 packs) and UD Gallery (1:13 packs), which "includes SP cards featuring several of the biggest names in the product." These UD Gallery short prints average 1:120 packs.

2024 Upper Deck Golf Cards 6

The 2024 Upper Deck Golf checklist continues with more inserts, such as Scorecard Superstars (1:144 packs). These themed cards add golf-based parallels with print runs of 100 copies or less.

2024 Upper Deck Golf Cards 7

Taking inspiration from the 1999 Upper Deck design, UD Retro is printed on clay coat. The throwback set has base cards (1:48 packs), as well as short prints (1:96 packs) and rookies (1:96 packs).

2024 Upper Deck Golf Cards 8

2024 Upper Deck Golf Inserts Parallel Rundown


  • Blue - 1:24 packs
  • Pink - 1:72 packs

Defining Moments

  • Base Insert - 1:16 packs
  • Gold - 1:384 packs
  • Printing Plates - 1/1

Generation Next

  • Base Insert - 1:20 packs
  • Gold - 1:480 packs
  • Printing Plates - 1/1

Honor Roll

  • Base Insert - 1:12 packs
  • Rainbow Foil - #/250
  • Gold Rainbow Foil - #/25
  • Red Rainbow Foil - #/10
  • Printing Plates - 1/1
National Heroes

  • Base Insert - 1:13 packs
  • Gold - 1:320 packs
  • Printing Plates - 1/1

Scorecard Superstars

  • Base Insert - 1:144 packs
  • Birdie - #/100
  • Eagle - #/50
  • Albatross - #/25
  • Ace - 1/1

Tour Time

  • Base Insert - 1:16 packs
  • Gold - 1:384 packs
  • Printing Plates - 1/1

UD Gallery

  • Base Insert - 1:13 packs
  • Gold - #/99
  • SP Insert - 1:120 packs
  • SP Gold - #/25

Acetate inserts add another aspect to the product. Clear Cut 2001 Retro (1:1,152 packs) looks to the past and Clear Cut Legends (1:288 packs) opts for an ornate style.

2024 Upper Deck Golf Cards 9

Cleared for Launch (1:4,000 packs) celebrates big hitters with a rocket theme and Diagrams of Dominance (1:4,000 packs) digs into the mechanics of golf.

2024 Upper Deck Golf Cards 10

Fans can also chase elusive cards in Brushstrokes (1:4,850 packs) and Winning Touch (1:4,320 packs).

2024 Upper Deck Golf Autographs

Among the premium hits in 2024 Upper Deck Golf, autographs can be found in UD Canvas Signatures (#/10) and UD Canvas Signatures Young Guns (#/15). Per UD, "Each card boasts the autograph of one of two popular golfers!"

No other autographs or relics were mentioned.

Estimated Release Date: TBA 2024
Product Configuration
: 8 cards per pack, 24 packs per box

2024 Upper Deck Golf Hobby Box Break Average

  • 1 Base Clear Cut Parallel, UD Canvas Black Parallel, Pink Dazzlers or Other Hit Card
  • 1 Rare #'d Card, Rare Ratio Card or Printing Plate
  • 6 Young Guns
  • 4 UD Canvas Inserts
  • 2 UD Gallery Inserts
  • 2 Honor Roll Inserts
  • 1 UD Retro Insert
  • 1 Blue Dazzlers Insert
  • 6 Additional Inserts (Defining Moments, Generation Next, National Heroes AND/OR Tour Time)

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Designs and contents are subject to change. 

Set Checklist

2024 Upper Deck Golf Checklist


The checklist will be added as soon as it is available.


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