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Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide

Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide

Tobacco/Mini Protection

Tobacco cards have their roots in the earliest days of collecting and are among the most popular vintage options. Although much newer than tobacco cards, mini cards have been around for several decades and present an intriguing alternative for collectors. New products featuring mini and tobacco cards have become very popular and some of the top card products today include inserts or base cards in this form. Although they add a fun element to card collecting, problems can arise when you try to find a way to protect these small cards. Standard-sized card protection is not a great choice, especially for premium cards, because they are simply too big.

Ultra Pro has several options available that should help collectors protect these specialty cards.

Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Pages, Toploaders & Sleeves

First, for those base and common tobacco cards, there are specific card pages from Ultra Pro that are sized to fit the narrow collectibles. While mini cards are normally just a bit smaller than standard cards, tobacco cards would not do well when house in standard card pages. Previously, due to the popularity of 1975 Topps Mini Baseball, Ultra pro made mini card pages, but they abandoned the line. Based on the popularity of current Topps Mini products, Ultra Pro has started producing those pages again.

9-Pocket Platinum Series Mini

Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide 1

Part of the extensive Ultra Pro line of card pages, the 15-pocket tobacco pages offer an inexpensive way to house a large quantity of tobacco cards.

15-Pocket Platinum Series TobaccoUltra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide 2

Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide 3

  • Holds 15 tobacco cards.
  • Fits up to 1-1/2" X 2-1/2" cards.
  • Features UV protection.

Next, for instances where you want added protection, there are toploaders available for individual tobacco cards as well. Just like the regular Ultra Pro Toploaders, the tobacco toploaders are made of PVC, so the packages come with soft sleeves already included. These toploaders are ideal for standard thickness, 25PT cards. Those looking to protect thicker tobacco cards should refer to the tobacco inserts below.

Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide 4

Mini Card Soft Sleeves

Although there is not currently a toploader or soft sleeve product made specifically for mini sports cards, the Ultra Pro product line offers some good solutions. Obviously, mini cards feature overall smaller dimensions than standard cards. This smaller size makes the standard protection options less than ideal. One interesting option is the Ultra Pro Small Pro-Fit Sleeves. While they are marketed and listed as gaming protection cards, the size works perfectly for a tight fit on the mini cards. From there, they can either be placed in standard toploaders or in one of the many Ultra Pro slider or hinged boxes. They can also go inside the Ultra Pro Deck Protector Sleeves, which is another gaming product.
Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide 5
Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide 6
  • Contains 100 sleeves.
  • Fits up to 60mm X 87mm cards.
  • Can be used with standard toploaders or  Ultra Pro Deck Protector Sleeves.
  • Ideal for Topps Mini Baseball.

Ultra Pro One Touch Magnetic Inserts

Lastly, for those rare and valuable cards, especially autographs, Ultra Pro offers special card inserts that allow tobacco and mini cards to fit into the One-Touch Magnetic Cases. Outside of the added protection of the magnetic case, there is also the UV protection, which is a great added value.

The inserts are meant to frame the smaller cards for better display in the magnetic cases. Also, multiple inserts can be stacked to accommodate thicker cards. The inserts are meant to fit tightly, so cards that are not properly cut will have a hard time fitting. Ultra Pro suggests using light sand paper to clean up the card and allow it to fit in the insert, but that would fall to the individual preference of each collector. Also, the inserts are acid-free and composed of non-PVC materials, so they are safe for longterm storage and display. The corners of the inserts feature the same diamond cut-outs found in the magnetic cases. This insures that the card corners will stay sharp, because the corners are not able to make contact with anything.

As an added benefit, these inserts can be a great option for the many thick relic and autograph cards that fall between the magnetic case sizes. Say, for instance, that a card you own is too big for a 130PT magnetic case, but too small for a 180PT magnetic case. Simply house the card in the 180PT case and include the appropriate amount of inserts necessary to achieve a tight fit. The insert would be applied behind the card so that the card front would not be obscurred. The Mini Card Insert would be the most ideal for this because they are much thinner and would obstruct the least amount of the card back.

Mini Card Insert

As you can see in the images below, the mini cards are minimally smaller than standard cards, so the insert is not as noticeable. Try to ignore Bobby Parnell's face.

Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide 7Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide 8
Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide 9
  • Contains (5) 1mm inserts.
  • Fits up to 2-1/4" X 3-1/8" cards.
  • Can be used with 35PT to 180PT One-Touch Magnetic cases.
  • Ideal for Topps Mini Baseball.

Tobacco Card Insert

Tobacco cards, on the other hand, are considerably smaller, so the insert is quite large.

Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide 10Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide 11
Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide 12
Ultra Pro Tobacco & Mini Card Protection Guide 13Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He collected football and basketball cards as a kid and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

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Greg 'Jayhawkaholic'

Thanks Trey, interesting- looking forward to the tobacco insert for one touch cases coming out. In my opinion if you’re dealing with vintage T206, etc . then the pocket sleeves are notably not as safe as the mentioned poly sleeves and toploader option. They present the cards very well but something about pocket pages just makes me uncomfortable.

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