Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases


Magnetic Booklet Cases

Booklet cases are one of the newest innovations from Ultra Pro. These large cases hold booklet cards, which are arguably the most popular cards featured in high-end product offerings. Until now, collectors did not have a great option to both display and protect these valuable cards.

Booklet cases offer the exact same protection as the regular Ultra Pro magnetic cases. Full features include:

  • UV Protection
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Diamond Corners
  • Frosted Border

Horizontal Booklet Cases

The first options are made for horizontal booklet cards. Ultra Pro refers to them as Double Booklets. One key difference in comparison to other Ultra Pro cases is that the measurements are based on the total booklet length in millimeters, as opposed to card thickness. Early on, the main difference in size for booklet cards was due to the size of the card spine. This is why there are two versions which are so similarly sized. Although the thickness in points is not indicated on the case, it appears to be very close to a 130PT magnetic case.

Although there are only two different horizontal options currently, Ultra Pro is in the process of expanding their line.

Making sure you have the correct case size is crucial to properly protecting your cards. The cards also come with a stand so you can display your prized booklet card. While most booklet cards should fit in one of the two sizes, a few brands have caused problems. Specifically, the printing press booklet cards from Panini Playbook have proven to be too thick for the case.

185mm Ultra Pro Double Booklet One-Touch Case 

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 1

187mm Ultra Pro Double Booklet One-Touch Case

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 2

Vertical Booklet Cases

There are also new One-Touch cases intended to fit vertical booklets. These vertical booklets hold cards that are common the hobby world. Examples include book cards in Triple Threads and some of the Marvel sketch offerings. Like the horizontal booklet cases, the vertical booklet cases include a stand with each case. Currently, the the only vertical case is designed for 175 PT cards. Also, while it is not listed on the packaging, the case holds cards with approximate measurements of 5-1/4" x 3-3/8".

175 PT Vertical Booklet One-Touch Case

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 3

Due to the ever-changing card size and orientation, Ultra Pro is working on a few ideas for new booklets. This includes thicker booklet cards.

Although the cases are intended for booklet cards, another option for collectors would be to put two individual cards in the same booklet case. This might be an appealing way to showcase two high-end cards from the same set or two autographed or relic cards of your favorite player. There will be a gap between the cards, so they will shift, but as long as the case is not regularly moved, no damage should occur.

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 4

Booklet Case Gallery

Collectors trust Ultra Pro cases with their top cards for a reason. Check out some nice cards in Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet cases.

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 25

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 26

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 27

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 28

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 29

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 30

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 31

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 32

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 33

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 34

Ultra Pro Magnetic Booklet Cases 4

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  1. was wondering this — there are 2 sizes listed 185mm and 187mm for the horizontal ones — which is correct size for Upper Deck booklets ?? Very confusing

  2. patrick I don’t know the specifics measurements on all the Upper Deck booklets, but the two sizes are provided since some are longer than others across the brands. The best thing to do is measure your booklet card and see which size will work best between the two cases.

  3. hi trey. enjoy your articles. was wondering if you know of any quad- or triple-page booklet cases, like the booklets from the upper deck dinosaurs sketch cards.

  4. Thanks, Mike. These are the only ones we know of for booklets.

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