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Trophy Box Cards Brings Interactive Draft Concept to Sports Card Group Breaks

Trophy Box Cards Brings Interactive Draft Concept to Sports Card Group Breaks

There is no question that online group breaks have changed the card industry. And while some collectors may argue about the degree to which breakers benefit the hobby, it is clear they are here to stay.

As a customer, one of the worst aspects of group breaks is when your team (whether purchased directly or randomized) doesn't have many, if any, of the top cards in a product. In fact, the whole concept of randomizing or auctioning off teams can be awkward. Team collectors are a small minority of the overall hobby, yet so many group breaks follow this pattern.

Trophy Box Cards is changing things up. It is a new platform set up as an innovation to the classic team-based group break. Customers will be able to preview upcoming drafts on TBC’s website and purchase the rights to enter a draft. After all of the draft rights have been sold, customers will be able to view all of the available cards online.

At the time of the draft, customers can log on to the website and select any of the available cards, no matter the team. Collectors compete with one another to come away with the exact cards they want. While the draft order is completely random, all users can propose trades to acquire a certain card or a higher draft pick.

Most of the breaks will be of cases of the hottest newly released products, but this idea can also work with entire collections. For example, take a dealer who has a collection of 100 game-used jersey cards that he is looking to sell. Using the TBC platform, the dealer could make all 100 cards available in a draft. In this instance, the dealer could choose to make ten draft rights available. That would make the draft ten rounds long. The ten customers could buy in, log in, and then draft their favorite available card once it was their turn to pick. In the end, the customers are more satisfied because they get to choose the exact cards they will receive.

Trophy Box Cards is set to start selling draft rights on September 26. You can check out all of the upcoming drafts here.

They are actively seeking consignments from established case breakers and dealers with large collections to sell.

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Hey emeeks, just saw your comment. Check out step 3 in http://www.trophyboxcards.com/how-it-works/
to see how we keep the draft process short and sweet.


sounds interesting but it could take an awfully long time for 10 people to draft 100 cards the way people move online. hell, it takes 2 days for 6 people to draft a box of super break sometimes.

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