Topps Recalls 2015 Tribute Baseball Due to Damaged Autographs

Topps Recalls 2015 Tribute Baseball Due to Damaged Autographs

2015 Topps Tribute was the first high-end baseball product of the season. Now it's being recalled by the manufacturer. This is as a result of an issue with the majority of the autographs in the product where the signatures had varying degrees of smearing and smudging. In a release, Topps said that it was as a result of UV contamination.

Topps Recalls 2015 Tribute Baseball Due to Damaged Autographs 1

Between now and March 27, collectors and dealers can return unopened boxes of 2015 Topps Tribute to their shop or distributor for a full refund.

For those who already opened packs and boxes, damaged autographs can be sent in to Topps. According to their release, they'll be "made for another card of equal or greater value, plus a bonus autographed or relic card (valued at the company’s discretion)." Exchanges on autographs is available until June 30, 2015.

Topps' release didn't detail what will happen to the returned product or if it will be re-released in some form down the line.

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User Comments

  1. This is completely unacceptable. To have a whole product that needs to be replaced is ridiculous. Lucky for me this product was out of my price range but I was going to potentially be looking for singles. This product had strong checklist too. This just means Panini gets more of my money.

  2. matt But if you were only going to buy singles, how would Topps have gotten your money?

  3. ^^^^lol, exactly, Topps wasn’t getting your money anyhow. I scored, found a purple Polanco Auto /10 with a clean auto and won it with a best offer of $33. This was before the announcement. I’m guessing singles for this stuff are going to be ridiculous with the recall official, guess it depends on what everyone does with the unopened product.

  4. revghost There seems to be a lot of people speculating on what’s already out there. There’s also a possibility the good cards (all but the autographs) could be re-released in some fashion.

  5. It’s just sad that someone didn’t say “Hey this product is flawed, we need to not release it and send refunds out”. Or it is sadder if someone did say that and a higher up said “Nope pack it and ship it.”

    There is a reason they have a D- rating with the Better Business Bureau.

  6. Jonathon Considering they’re going to the extent of recalling all they can and giving full refunds, this is about as expensive a reasonable alternative can be. Not only are they out the money of the refunds but the manpower of processing that and all of the autograph exchanges (plus the extra card). Going to that length suggests that means they didn’t know the extent of the issue. That may point to potential flaws of the pack out, but there’s a big difference between knowing and trying to deceive people and making a mistake. If they wanted to deceive people, the problem would have been ignored, not gone with the most expensive solution for a bad situation.

  7. Let me rephrase what I said earlier. This recall makes me sceptical that this won’t happen again soon and makes wonder if I should bother buying future products from Topps. It probably won’t effect products that aren’t on a shiny stock but you never know. Honestly it’s disappointing that this happened but it also seems like something like this with Topps recent record.

  8. By UV contamination I take that to mean that the surface material was flawed coming out of production, it was not detected (or maybe detected), cards went out, and ink did not stick well enough. Or maybe they changed the surface formula, ink looked like it would stick, but didn’t and now it’s called UV contamination. Either way, rushed quality control is to blame. Reminds me a bit of those 2003 Tribute Perennial relics that developed a surface tarnish. Bad all the way around for everyone including the current bids on ebay. That’s going to be a tough one to sort out for buyers, sellers, and ebay.

  9. I pulled a mystery redemption auto from this product. Really curious what its going to be????

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