Topps Diamond Giveaway Website Goes Live

Topps Diamond Giveaway Website Goes Live

Earlier this morning, Topps officially launched their highly anticipated Diamond Giveaway promotion website, which more importantly means collectors can now enter their Diamond Giveaway code cards to unlock past Topps cards and other unique prizes.

After entering 10 codes myself, the Diamond Giveaway promotion is nearly identical to last year's Million Card Giveaway promotion, only this year, you gain 1 "dig point" for each card you unlock. Each dig point gives you a chance to win an additional prize buried beneath a virtual baseball field you unlock on the Diamond Giveaway website.

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  • Official Diamond Giveaway website:
  • Products with Diamond Giveaway code cards in them: 2011 Topps Baseball Series 1 and 2
  • Each Diamond Giveaway code card entitles you to: 1 Topps baseball card (1952-2009) and 1 dig point
  • Date you can start trading cards with other Diamond Giveaway members: April 1st, 2011
  • Date Topps will begin delivering unlocked cards: April 1st, 2011 (delivery takes 4-6 weeks)

Topps Diamond Giveaway Website Goes Live 2What is the Diamond Giveaway?
Topps Series 1 and Topps Series 2  and Topps Update Series baseball cards contain a special "Diamond Giveaway" code card. When you enter  the code on our site, it unlocks one card for your collection, which you can trade and look at online.  The card can be a Topps card from 1952-2009, a diamond embedded 1/1 card or a special Diamond Die Cut card.

In addition once you unlock your card you have a chance to dig in the diamond dig.  You can dig up and win instant prizes including a diamond ring, Topps 60th Anniversary Ring, Old packs of Topps cards or digital rings, the more digital rings you collect the more prizes you can win!

The cards are securely stored by Topps, in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment, at no additional charge to you. While cards are held in your portfolio, you may continue to hold them in your account, trade them with your friends.  At your convenience, you may request delivery of the item to the shipping address associated with your Diamond Giveaway account.

What is the Diamond Dig Giveaway Game?
Once you have unlocked your Topps card, you will have a chance to dig in the Diamond Dig. You will be given your own field with 250 plots in which to dig. Each code lets you pick a new place to dig. Each plot has a prize buried in it, prizes include Topps 60th Anniversary Card sets, a diamond engagement ring, a Topps 60th anniversary ring and virtual rings. For even more fun, you can collect the virtual rings for even more prizes. When you hit different ring levels, you will automatically be eligible for prizes.

What are virtual rings?
There are 3 different types of Virtual rings to collect. There are 30 rings representing each of the current MLB teams,15 rings representing legacy teams and 15 player rings. You can collect the rings for more prizes and trade them with others.

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Topps Diamond Giveaway Website Goes Live 4

*If you have any additional questions that were not addressed above, don't be afraid to ask using the comment feature at the bottom of the page.

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User Comments

  1. Is the dig game not working for anyone else?

    It loads the game screen and lets me dig a single hole that contains nothing. It still says I have the same amount of digs left after I do it.

  2. @Jeff: Same thing happened with me, I’m guessing it’s either a temporary glitch or due to traffic volume. I plan on trying again tommorrow.

  3. I tried to”dig” and nothing happened(one hole dug and it froze).Did you dig?

  4. From Topps, posted roughly 0730a PST, 16 Feb: “For those of you experiencing issues with the “Dig” portion of our Diamond Giveaway website, we have been working on a fix and things should be running normally in the next day or so.”

  5. I love how they launch a Web site that isn’t even ready. What a joke–we can’t trade our rings, and nowhere is there any sort of update on when this will happen. Why does Topps launch an incomplete contest? What is the matter with these people? When I go to a Web site that says “trade rings,” I want it to work. If it isn’t ready, don’t put the option there and tell us why.

  6. @stellarbowler: I completely agree, it frustrates me as both a collector and as someone whose job it is to cover the latest industry news from the sports card world.

  7. When is topps going to open the trading option.This is getting extremely irritating.An update would be nice.

  8. @john kinnanea: unfortunately, I think what you have is a diamond parallel card. The Diamond Giveaway cards feature a code on back that is visible and the card features a horizontal layout.

  9. what rings do you need too get the complete set from which group, i got over 45 different rings and still havent got the complete set, they never said which group and how many from which group,
    a total of 30 different wins it.
    this is nothing but a scam from topps.

  10. Been doing well on Topps diamond giveaway. Trading goes live 4/1/11. Digs are working now. I had trouble earlier today.

  11. It’s not too fun trading on the site anyway, you have to refuse 1000 ridiculous requests before you get one that makes sense. I trade for all the Tiger cards I can. Think I added 8 cards to my collection last year. Just save all the deliveries for the end so you save on shipping.

  12. I had Mickey Mantle ring 2 months ago after I put 27 codes in it and I got Mickey Mantle ring…and then somehow I dont even realize it until I entered 41 codes last week and I thought I made it to 60 rings turn out there was missing is Mickey Mantle ring…I am feeling like Topps took mickey mantle off my rings list…I wish I would had screen shot and save it. Somehow I thought I won few prize and it pop up said Server 500 internet problem, asking for screen shot and email it to Topps Customer Service. I email them few time and they kept said you need 60 rings to win prize. I still dont get it how this game suppose to be. Even though I know Mickey Mantle ring was on my list 2 months ago and I dont even log in for a while long until last week when I had 41 codes to entered thats how I found out missing mickey mantle ring off my collection list. Total 68 rings so far and no mickey mantle ring!

  13. Grrrr. The dig portion is still not working for me. I get a field that is half dug up and can’t do a thing.

  14. how do i dig on the virtual diamond dig field. ive been to the field but i cant find anyway to dig or reveal anything

  15. No digging device appears so no holes whats wrong. I have windows 7

  16. whenyou get digs after incerting your code and see your card you click ondig now a box pops up up click onthe x it will give you a shovel put the shovel on a block you chose and click again anyone know which box is the mantle i have 78 digs and no mantle

  17. I have tried for over an hour to get a shovel and dig a hole but no way do I get a shovel, I put cursor over a spot on the field and tried to dig but no shovel HELP

  18. Put your cursor on the X that is in the box which pops up in the middle of your screen, then click it.

  19. After clicking on the X a shovel will pop up. Then just move the shovel to which ever plot you want to dig up, then click again.

  20. I never see any X pop up.. just a field with dug up holes and I have yet to be able to use my digs.

  21. I have 70 rings. Topps was supposed to send me a complete 2011 set, plus I won a vintage pack of cards, I haven’t received either. Today I only get error messages when I try to access the web site. Hope I don’t lose my cards. I have 8 DDC cards and a couple of good vintage cards too. Anyone else having problems? I tried from 2 different computers still no luck. Thanks

  22. I think they topps needs to hire an entire new IT department. Cannot login again today. Might as well take my cards and run the next time I logon. They are taking the fun out of it by not being able to access the site.

  23. Haven’t been able to access trades all weekend. All I can do is see my collection. I will not buy anymore codes because I wouldn’t be able to trade them. If they do this next year I hope they add some servers.

  24. At the top of the home page there is a link that states “ENTER CODES.” (Top-left side of the screen)

  25. the website does not work you can enter anything . you need to fix the program and do something nice for everyone that wants to enter . there is no way to access to see if you have won and do you get the items or is this just a joke

  26. Website has been down for over a week.Whats the problem?Ive got 268 rings alot of time and money wrapped up in this contest.all my ten year old son needs is a MICKRY MANTLE ring, I believe there isnt one.Now we still have codes to enter and cant even get on site…Whats TOPPS going to do? How many other childrens dreams you going to crush? You sure put a nice dent in my wallet..SCAM

  27. I have code cards that will expire next week. Since the site is down… what can I do? I also bought a box of cards and got a SN all star stiches card 25 avail that was damaged. How can i replace. Finally no one has ever aswered any of my emails with problems.. so in additon to this letter I’m writting to the CEO as well as those in charge of Customer service. MAYBE somone will show me the courtesy and answer. Finally I was 2 pks of vintage cards in the diamond field and a set of cards. The status says redeemed, but I never asked for or recvd. Then I have skin it prize that says avail… I redeemed that a long time ago… But NO ONE ANSWERS. So I figure beteweem wrtitting to everone and tllin them my story.. i might get some help. Mike Martin

  28. Bryan april 7 You never had a Mickey Mantle ring because no one has dug it up yet.Ive been checking since contest started..I think whoever has most rings wins..if they ever get site back up…Wheres the Mickey Mantle ring at?

  29. Jimmy (ID 36451) The Mantle’s are extremely tough to find, but they are hiding on random grids – just not all of them. I believe if you read the complete contest details, the odds are in the fine print. It is definitely NOT whoever has the most wins.

  30. Well when you gonna get the site back up?Codes getting ready to expire on 1/ i guess will all be stuck with these expired codes.but what do you probably made millions already,and your tech support probably down in Tahitia sipping on pina colodas laughing at us suckers in this Diamond Giveaway Joke Of a contest…Im done with topps,giving you guys enough of my cash…it be cheaper to buy cards off Ebay

  31. From Topps’ Twitter feed Wednesday night:

    correct been down 5 days, perhaps 3% of days in total but I get frustration. Expce live tmrw if not we will extend

  32. so i was siked got a card entered card
    said it was already used????wtf

  33. Did you contact Topps. If you’re on Twitter, @ToppsSupport might be able to help you.

  34. I’m not rich by any means so it was totally disappointing that topps couldn’t even get their giveaway program fixed. I couldn’t get a shovel for my digs for months. never did get one.

  35. I went to goggle chrome and oh my God it worked and I finally got my digs! Yessssss1

  36. I have some old packs of cards that has code cards in them the the topps diamond give away for instance the one im lookin at now is 2011. Where would I enter this code at and would it still be valid

  37. can yu give me a number to cal to discuss the ring I won in 2011

  38. I still have a bunch of these old cards with codes on them. I know the codes are expired, so is it even worth to keep the code cards?

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