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Learn How to Play Topps ATTAX

Learn How to Play Topps ATTAX

Learn How to Play Topps ATTAX 1Topps ATTAX is a popular sports trading card game that has a collectible twist. Seen as a gateway product that introduces children to sports cards as a whole, the gaming aspect gives players a chance to actually use their cards.

Topps ATTAX is available at most big-box retailers throughout the country. Topps ATTAX is old in different configurations, the most common of which are starter decks and booster packs. Using online sites like eBay, collectors find single cards of their favorite teams and players to add to their playing deck.

Since launching in 2007, Topps ATTAX has evolved in game play, product configuration checklists, and available sports. It started as a soccer-based game called Match ATTAX, highlighting the teams and players of the United Kingdom’s English Premiere League. Today, ATTAX is available in soccer, hockey, wrestling, football and baseball. In the UK, Topps even released a Star Wars-themed version of the game. Here in the United States, Topps Attax Baseball is the most popular and most widely played version of the game.

Topps ATTAX Baseball

The game is distributed in starter packs and booster packs allowing players to supplement their collections. The Starter Set includes the following:

  • Two 30-card, pre-constructed (not random) decks that are ready-to-play.
  • Two ATTAX deck storage boxes for collectors to carry, store and protect their cards.
  • One deluxe playing mat redesigned for the new game.
  • Game rules.

Booster boxes have 24 packs of nine cards. Each pack has an assortment of Topps Attax Baseball batters and pitchers, and either a mascot or stadium card.

The rules of the game are simple and allow for quick play right out of the box.

How to Play Topps ATTAX Baseball

Step 1

  • Pick your team. Each player needs nine batters and four pitchers (13 total).

Step 2

  • Player 1 selects a pitcher and places the card face up in the "match-up" space on the board.
  • Player 2 selects a batter and places the card face down in the "match-up" space.

Step 3

  • Player 1 calls out a pitch.
  • Player 2 turns over his batter.
  • Now compare their ratings.
  • If the batter's rating is equal or higher, he scores and goes to the "runs" stack. If it's lower, he goes to the "outs" stack.
  • Repeat Step 3 two more times.
  • Change the pitcher and use a new batter each time.

Step 4

  • After Player 2 has been at bat three times, switch who's batting and who's pitching.
  • Once all nine batters have been used by both players, the game is over.

Step 5

  • Players compare the amount of cards in their "runs" pile.
  • The player with the most runs wins.
  • In case of a tie, players can go to extra innings.
  • Play a complete inning to break the tie.

Customizing Topps ATTAX Baseball

Topps ATTAX Baseball can also be customized to keep the game fresh. Here are a couple of ways to do it:

Limit the All-Stars:

  • Players cannot pick more than one gold card and one silver card in their starting 13 and no more than two players from the same team.

Create a Balanced Lineup:

  • A player's starting lineup must include at least two 2-star players, three 3-star players and four 4-star players.

Use More Cards:

  • If both players have nine or more pitcher cards, use a new pitcher for every at bat.

Players are also urged to make this subtle rule change: instead of pulling your pitcher after each at bat, keep the same pitcher on the mound for the entire inning and see how the game strategy changes.

For a visual reference and to see how the game works, here is a video tutorial:

Topps ATTAX Baseball Downloadable Resources

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In recent years, Topps has added a degree of the chase element familiar to traditional sports card products. Some sets now have randomly inserted autographs. 2010 Topps ATTAX Football included autographed Tim Tebow cards as part of the Signed Stars inserts. Very limited, the odds of finding an autograph in an ATTAX product are astronomical. The secondary market has yet to truly define a place and value for them in the hobby however.

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