Top 50 eTopps Cards of All-Time

Top 50 eTopps Cards of All-Time

When eTopps first came on the collecting scene in 2000, the hobby world was intrigued. The concept was relatively simple. Collectors would purchase limited edition and exclusive cards directly from eTopps at pre-set prices and with specific print runs. Individual cards were priced anywhere from a few dollars to as much as $20. New cards would be made available each week and the cards would be held by eTopps in your "portfolio" until you wanted to pay for the shipping to have them mailed to you. It seemed like the future of card collecting.

Additionally, there were features that allowed you to seek or sell specific cards to other collectors on the eTopps site, sell them directly on eBay, or track the actual values on eBay. There was also a rewards program that was based around player production for the cards you owned, as well as other criteria, like fantasy games. What could possibly go wrong?

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The problems came almost immediately. Although the first cards issued by the site initially spiked in value, speculation was rampant and the high values soon dipped. The program was beset by server problems, printing delays and general website issues. The early popularity also pushed Topps to raise print runs to as high as 10,000 cards, which further decreased values. Although the masses had already moved elsewhere, the dagger came in early 2012 when eTopps was essentially frozen in place.

The site is still live, but no new cards are to be produced. This apparent limbo confused and concerned collectors. Then Topps announced that the shipping costs to acquire the previously purchased cards would be raised and that the reward points could no longer be used to pay for for shipping charges. Currently, the only thing that continues to be updated on a somewhat regular basis is the rewards catalog.

While eTopps is now a shell of its former self, many unique and appealing cards still remain. Limited autographed versions were organized and authenticated through the site and still sell for strong values. The process also allowed unlikely situations to play out based on a particularly low print run. Tony Banks, James Thrash, and Kevin Johnson (the football player), are afterthoughts in collecting, but their eTopps cards are still some of the top sellers. Other odd cards were produced as well. Because he has yet to sign a deal with Topps, the 2009 eTopps Matt Wieters is his only Topps card to date. Also, the 2011 eTopps Brett Lawrie card is the only 2011 card for the young Blue Jays star that is licensed by the MLB and MLBPA. His other rookie cards were not produced until 2012.

The following list contains the top 50 most valuable eTopps cards, according to eBay sales in 2013. The majority are from the 2001 releases. An image of each card is featured, along with print run.

Top 50 eTopps Cards

50. 2001 eTopps Mariano Rivera #72 #/824

49. 2001 eTopps Fred Taylor #16 #/283

48. 2003 eTopps Tom Brady #55 #/665

47. 2004 eTopps Atlanta Hawks #23 #/499

46. 2011 eTopps Minor League Baseball Mike Trout #18 #/799

45. 2007 eTopps WWE Torrie Wilson #7 Autograph #/867

44. 2001 eTopps Kevin Johnson #106 #/478

43. 2007 eTopps Kevin Durant #19 #/1499

42. 2011 eTopps Minor League Baseball Bryce Harper #30 #/1499

41. 2006 eTopps Mickey Mantle Set #4 #/999

40. 2001 eTopps Stephon Marbury #28 #/418

39. 2007 eTopps A & G Presidents Ronald Reagan #4 #/999

38. 2001 eTopps Edgardo Alfonzo #10 #/338

37. 2001 eTopps Drew Bledsoe #49 #/372

36. 2001 eTopps Shawn Jefferson #104 #/226

35. 2001 eTopps Terrell Davis #113 #/269

34. 2001 eTopps Zach Thomas #58 #/380

33. 2006 eTopps Stephen Drew #107 #/278

32. 2007 eTopps Tim Lincecum #26 #/799

31. 2001 eTopps Qadry Ismail #87 #/431

30. 2001 eTopps James Thrash #11 #/431

29. 2009 eTopps WBC Japan Patch Card #13 #/505

28. 2006 eTopps Matt Kemp #35 #/880

27. 2008 eTopps Derrick Rose #19 #/999

Top 50 eTopps Cards of All-Time
26. 2006 eTopps Mickey Mantle Set #2 #/999

25. 2006 eTopps Leon Washington #45 #/313

24. 2001 eTopps Junior Seau #4 #/389

23. 2006 eTopps Mickey Mantle Set #10 #/999

22. 2001 eTopps Brad Johnson #40 #/231

21. 2001 eTopps Elvis Grbac #7 #/230

20. 2001 eTopps Tony Banks #112 #/186

19. 2006 eTopps Brian McCann #102 #/541

18. 2006 eTopps McDonald's Basketball Chris Collins #11 #/375

17. 2001 eTopps Derek Jeter #27 #/1041

16. 2001 eTopps Gary Sheffield #89 #/359

15. 2005 eTopps Aaron Rodgers #57 #/1200

14. 2001 eTopps Chipper Jones #2 #/674

13. 2001 eTopps Vernon Wells #125 #/349

12. 2011 eTopps Mike Trout #35 #/999

11. 2008 eTopps A & G Super Bowl Champions Terry Bradshaw #1 #/749

10. 2008 eTopps A & G Super Bowl Champions Troy Aikman #5 #/999

9. 2000 eTopps Eddie George #13 #/496

8. 2006 eTopps Jay Cutler #28 #/254

7. 2001 eTopps Albert Pujols #143 #/5000

6. 2007 eTopps Terrell Owens #32 #/499

5. 2008 eTopps A & G Super Bowl Champions John Elway #2 #/999

4. 2001 eTopps J.R. Redmon #116 #/272

3. 2008 eTopps A & G Super Bowl Champions Joe Namath #6 #/999

2. 2006 eTopps Mickey Mantle Set #1 #/999

Top 50 eTopps Cards of All-Time
1. 2006 eTopps AJ Hawk #24 #/183

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  1. I am glad to see Ronald Reagan on the list but no Barack Obama?

  2. Toro While the Obama was once in the $80-100 range, it’s now down to less than $20.

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  9. Honestly i disagree AJ Hawk…number 1????? Where in this list is Joe Montana or Jerry Rice or Randy Moss if there in here then have them ranked higher like really a Defensive Packer that plays right now you might as well call Deon Sanders as the worst like really the GOAT Montana and Randy arent on here and why is Jay Cutler here? He cant throw a football more then 30 yards my cousin whos 13 can throw farther then that really fix this PLEASE

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