Hall of Favre! Guide to the Top Brett Favre Cards of All-Time

Hall of Favre! Guide to the Top Brett Favre Cards of All-Time

Brett Favre was anything but boring. The southern everyman battled opposing defenses, his own team, and the decline of his abilities. While his roller-coaster career may have cost him some fans along the way, Brett Favre is still one of the most popular former players and his cards and memorabilia are in high demand.

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Over his 20-year NFL career, Brett Favre broke plenty of records and had tons of football cards. They weren't all great, but several cards have separated themselves from the rest. The following list looks at ten of the best Brett Favre cards from throughout his Hall of Fame career.

While the list below features cards from throughout his career, view the earliest cards for the QB with a complete Brett Favre rookie card guide.

Top Brett Favre Cards

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1991 Stadium Club Brett Favre RC #94

Despite spelling his name wrong, 1991 Stadium Club is the top rookie card option for Brett Favre collectors. The Super Bowl XXVI parallel, shown on the right, takes the card to another level. If you look in the corner of the SB parallel, you should just be able to make out the faint embossed logo that helps indicate the rare parallel.

1991 Stadium Club Brett Favre RC #94 Super Bowl XXVI

1991 Wild Card Draft Stripes Brett Favre #119

While it might not be great from a design perspective, 1991 Wild Card Draft was ahead of the parallel trend that would take hold of the hobby. Offering various Stripes parallels, the first-year Brett Favre card was once the top draw for collectors. While they are are no longer redeemable, the concept was centered around a program that allowed collectors to submit the various parallels in exchange for the specific number of base cards. There are a total of seven different versions and the six parallels are shown below. The rarest is the 1,000-stripe parallel and those rarely surface.

1991 Wild Card Draft Stripes 5 Brett Favre1991 Wild Card Draft Stripes 10 Brett Favre1991 Wild Card Draft Stripes 20 Brett Favre
1991 Wild Card Draft Stripes 100 Brett Favre1991 Wild Card Draft Stripes Brett Favre #119 1000

1992 Stadium Club Brett Favre #683

Marking his offseason trade to the Green Bay Packers, 1992 Stadium Club is arguably just as popular as his Stadium Club rookie, and considerably more rare. The card was included as part of the short print high series and this keeps values high. It also helps that Favre is in the familiar Packers uniform.

1994 Finest Refractor Brett Favre #124

While 1994 Finest has not maintained great value over the years, the Refractor parallels are rare enough to still command a premium. This early Brett Favre parallel is shiny and colorful, and in the collecting world, that is a pretty good start. Also, the combination of the light and Refractor-finish has given the appearance of a jersey that is half green and half purple. Was this an example of impressive foreshadowing by Topps, over a decade in advance? We may never know for sure.

1994 Finest Refractor Brett Favre

1997 Skybox Premium Autographics Century Mark Brett Favre #21 #/100

Given how long ago they were issued, Autographics cards for the elite players are quite rare. But the Brett Favre card from the 1997 autograph insert is much more rare because there is no base version. Unlike the majority of the checklist, Favre only signed Century Mark parallels. Hand numbered to only 100, these do not appear often.

1997 Skybox Premium Autographics Century Mark Brett Favre

1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey Brett Favre #GJ4,#GJ5

As one of the earliest Brett Favre relic cards, 1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey offers two versions. Card #GJ4 includes a green jersey piece, while #GJ5 features a white jersey piece. The football shape and team colors give the cards a bold and unique look.

1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey Brett Favre Green

1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey Brett Favre White

2000 Donruss Preferred QBC Pen Pals Brett Favre Autographs (multiple)

Donruss Preferred QBC might feel like a distant memory, but the set included an impressive assortment of on-card Brett Favre autographs. The short print Pen Pals autograph set features dual, triple and quad cards, including Favre and various big-name players. Favre was individually paired with John Elway, Jerry Rice and Troy Aikman on the dual cards, and paired with Dan Marino and John Elway on a triple card. A rare quad card combines Favre with Elway, Marino and Peyton Manning. There is also a main version, signed only by Brett Favre.

2000 Donruss Preferred Pen Pals Brett Favre2000 Donruss Preferred Pen Pals Brett Favre Autographs Aikman

2000 Donruss Preferred Pen Pals Brett Favre Autographs Elway Marino

2009 SPx Upper Deck Update Brett Favre #112 SP Variation

2009 was the height of Brett Favre-mania. Favre had once again retired, only to return to the game he loved. This time he donned the vivid purple of his formal rivals, the Minnesota Vikings. Once he officially signed, the race was on to get Favre cards into products. Although Upper Deck was not able to include him in 2009 Upper Deck Football, the same design was used on a pair of short print variations. The rare cards were included as inserts in 2009 SPx. Although both have limited print runs, the version on the right, which shows him holding his jersey, is much tougher to find.

2009 SPx Upper Deck Update Brett Favre #112 SP Variation throwing football 2009 SPx Upper Deck Update Brett Favre #112 SP Variation holding jersey

2012 Topps Five Star Signatures Brett Favre #FSS-BF #/85

An ornate design, complete with silver foil and an on-card signature, gives this Brett Favre autograph from 2012 Five Star an elegant look. Numbered to 85, it is plentiful enough to keep values from getting out of control but still quite limited. Favre has also appeared in other seasons with the Five Star brand.

2012 Topps Five Star Signatures Brett Favre

2012 Topps Supreme Dual Autographs Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers #SDA-FR #/25

One of several cards that pair the former teammates, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers are the past and the present of the Green Bay franchise. This Topps Supreme card from 2012 is limited to just 25 copies.

2012 Topps Supreme Dual Autographs Brett Favre Rodgers

Any High-End Brett Favre Autograph

As his signing has picked up in retirement, Favre is found in many high-end sets with on-card autographs. These premium autographs will continue to see strong interest from collectors.

2015 Panini Flawless Football Autographed Patch Brett Favre2014 Topps Museum Collection Football Framed Silver Autograph Brett Favre

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  3. I must add that my all time favorite card in my collection is the 1991 Star Pics Auto (Unofficial) Rookie Card of Brett Favre. I was fortunate enough to locate and purchase one approximately a year ago. With the information given by Ryan Cracknell in a previous article from Cardboard Connection, I was able to ensure that the auto and gold seal was on the back of the card, and not the front as the latter is subject to a counterfeit. The information given to collectors via Cardboard Connection is priceless. Keep writing up the fantastic articles and the great work!

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