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Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect

The 1980 calendar year brought the world many memorable events: Ronald Reagan was elected president, Sally Ride became the first woman in space, and Mount Saint Helens erupted. On the entertainment side, the world was introduced to Pac-Man and the Rubik's Cube. In sports, the United States Olympic Hockey team bested the heavily favored Soviet team in what many consider one of the greatest upsets in the history of sports. Turning to baseball, the Philadelphia Phillies won the franchise's first World Series title, defeating the Kansas City Royals. As for the top 1980 baseball cards, the start of the decade also marked the final year of the Topps monopoly in the baseball card world.

1980 Topps Baseball was naturally the most important card release of the year, largely due to the company's aforementioned status as the only licensed card manufacturer. One noted pitfall of the 1980 product was its limited quantity of key rookie cards. However, the number of Hall of Fame players within the set is very deep, ranging from veteran players who had already cemented their place in Cooperstown, to those in the early stages of great careers. 1980 Topps is considered easy to assemble with the majority of the cost belonging to a single rookie card.

Beyond the flagship Topps set, several other products may interest collectors, including Topps Burger King, Topps Super, and the Canadian-issued O-Pee-Chee. There is also a Topps Pepsi set, but the cards were not issued at the time of production. Instead, these cards were released through the Topps Vault in 2005. The Topps Pepsi cards are extraordinarily rare and even common cards fetch large prices.

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There were also several popular oddball issues released in 1980, which included the annual issue from Kellogg's along with dozens of minor league sets that were produced and distributed at both the national and local levels. While minor league issues from the 1980s are known for their availability and affordability, several important 1980 baseball cards are an exception to that rule, being both rare finds and extremely expensive.

Collectors have numerous options when tracking down cards from 1980. This list features cards of Hall of Fame players, hard-to-find minor league cards, and arguably one of the best rookie cards from the 1980s.

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect

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10. 1980 Topps Dave Stieb RC #77

Many of the best players from the decade have taken the slow road to the Hall of Fame. Players such as Tim Raines, Alan Trammell and Jack Morris were stuck on the ballot for years before garnering the necessary votes. Other greats from that decade are still waiting their turn, including seven-time All-Star Dave Stieb, who has one of the few notable rookie cards issued in 1980. Dave Stieb's 1980 Topps card is common on the secondary market at an affordable price, even for those collectors seeking high-grade copies. Stieb's renowned place with Blue Jays fans, the revival of his Hall of Fame candidacy, and the renewed popularity of 1980s baseball cards make this a worthy addition to your collection.

One surprising detail about the 1980 Topps Dave Stieb rookie card was that it was left off the checklist for the O-Pee-Chee set. The Canadian version of the Topps set typically featured a shorter overall checklist, but with a large number of Expos and Blue Jays cards.

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect 1

9T. 1980 Topps Burger King Pitch, Hit, and Run Nolan Ryan #9

As there were not many updates for traded players or free-agent signings during the late 1970s and early 1980s, collectors normally had to wait a full calendar year for the change to be reflected on cardboard. Fortunately, Burger King included two Hall of Fame free-agent signings in updated uniforms for their Pitch, Hit, and Run cards that were produced and distributed by Topps. The design is virtually the same as 1980 Topps except for the Burger King logo.

The Astros signed Nolan Ryan and Joe Morgan in the lead-up to the 1980 season and both appeared in an Astros uniform on their Burger King cards. The Nolan Ryan card is the more popular and expensive of the two.

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect 2

9T. 1980 Topps Burger King Pitch, Hit, and Run Joe Morgan #30

Meanwhile, collectors can find Joe Morgan's first Astros card for a few dollars regardless of condition. These cards are plentiful on the secondary market, as distribution was not limited to select markets as Burger King had done in previous years. The 1980 Burger King Pitch, Hit, and Run cards were available throughout the country in conjunction with MLB's youth skills competitions. Collectors could receive a pack of three cards with a large order of fries.

Beyond Nolan Ryan and Joe Morgan, the Reggie Jackson, Tom Seaver and Dave Winfield cards feature a different photo than their main 1980 Topps card.

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect 3

8. 1980 Topps Ozzie Smith #393

Second-year cards were very important in the collecting world prior to the entry of Fleer and Donruss into the baseball card marketplace. Although sophomore cards can still be desirable with modern collectors, a clear difference exists in their value and popularity in older products. The 1980 Topps set has an undisputed top rookie card, but the rest of the checklist offers few other choices in terms of quality first-year players.

Enter Padres shortstop and future Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith. "The Wizard" had one of the key rookies in 1979 Topps and has helped fill the dearth of popular first-year cards during a generally lean year in 1980. Readily available, the 1980 Topps Ozzie Smith is still relatively inexpensive, but clean copies with good centering and sharp corners have become costly in recent years as many collectors loop back for mint-condition cards to improve the overall quality of their sets.

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect 4

7. 1980 Topps Mike Schmidt #270

Mike Schmidt's career spanned from the early 1970s until the late 1980s. Along the way, he established himself as one of the best third basemen in history and a favorite in the baseball card hobby. "Schmitty" was a feared power hitter and the standout player on a Phillies team that featured future Hall of Famers Steve Carlton and Pete Rose. The trio of all-time greats would take home the World Series title in 1980, which was the first-ever for the Phillies. All of these factors helped make the 1980 Topps Mike Schmidt a "must-own" card.

Similar to other superstars from this era, this card won't set you back much. However, the demand for mint or high-grade copies has helped elevate the price and popularity. No matter your budget or level of expertise in the baseball card hobby, collectors who are looking for cards of Mike Schmidt or other Hall of Famers from this time period can find great value in 1980 Topps.

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect 5

6T. 1980 Topps Nolan Ryan #580

Nolan Ryan's popularity has transcended generations of collectors as he still remains a relevant figure well after the conclusion of his career. No matter the year or set, cards from Ryan's playing career are always in demand. While the 1980 baseball releases pre-date the "junk wax" era, many of the cards are seen as affordable with the majority costing no more than a few dollars.

Nolan Ryan cards are an exception to this rule. Nolan Ryan baseball cards are typically the most expensive and most sought-after non-rookie issues in most sets from the late 1970s to the 1980s, and 1980 Topps is no different. This card marks the end of an era for the "Ryan Express" as his last card with the California Angels.

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect 6

6T. 1980 O-Pee-Chee Nolan Ryan #303

Topps produced two traded sets during the mid-1970s, most notably giving the hobby world the iconic Oscar Gamble Yankees card in 1976 Topps Traded, but the company was still a year from bringing back the product in 1981. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, those hoping to collect players on their new team could find O-Pee-Chee cards with a label designating the player as being traded or signed as a free agent. The OPC cards would also have updated team labels and logos to match the player's new team. However, the photo still featured them in their old uniform.

O-Pee-Chee was able to make these changes because the product was released after Topps, giving the company time to update the status of the player. Even after Topps brought back the Traded set in 1981, the OPC cards with the updated logos and labels remained popular in the collecting community. Nolan Ryan's 1980 O-Pee-Chee card also has the added factor of scarcity, as the production levels for this particular year were lower due to a worker strike at their production facility.

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect 7

5. 1980 Topps Pete Rose #540

Pete Rose remains a staple in the baseball card hobby with a healthy following on the secondary market. His card in 1980 Topps was his first appearance in the card giant's flagship set as a member of the Phillies. As previously mentioned, the Phillies were rolling in Hall of Fame players at this time (Rose, Carlton and Schmidt). The trio would lead the team to the Fall Classic twice, helping Rose earn his third World Series ring after defeating George Brett and the Kansas City Royals.

Although Rose has never been inducted into Cooperstown, collectors still treat his cards as if he were an inner-circle Hall of Famer. Similar to other veteran Hall of Famers, high-grade and raw, mint copies that are well-centered with sharp corners can be expensive and result in high demand on the secondary market. Collectors who are willing to accept some small imperfections can still find this card for a few dollars.

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect 8

4. 1980 TCMA Wichita Aeros Lee Smith #12

TCMA produced more than three dozen minor league team sets during the summer of 1980, including the Cubs Triple-A team, the Wichita Aeros. The TCMA sets were generally mass-produced and widely available at the time of their release. As a Triple-A team set, the checklist is full of players who appeared with the Cubs at various points, but Lee Smith is the only significant name.

Many of the Wichita Aeros team sets have found their way into collections over the years, which has greatly limited the quantity of these cards on the secondary market. Another problem is that singles often show corner wear and chipping along the edges with the red border. In a year that is thin on rookie cards, this 1980 TCMA Lee Smith pre-rookie card gives fans something else to pursue.

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect 9

3. 1980 TCMA Reading Phillies Ryne Sandberg #22

TCMA also made a pre-rookie card of Reading Phillies shortstop Ryne Sandberg in 1980. This card is one of the rarest minor league issues from the era and is very difficult to find on the secondary market. Unlike the "Ryno" card, the other MLB players on the Reading Phillies checklist are fairly easy to locate. This likely indicates that many of Sandberg's cards have found permanent homes in collections already. Collectors looking to add this card should expect to pay a premium, especially for copies in sealed team sets as well as high-grade, or raw, mint copies. This pre-rookie card, which is amongst the most expensive single cards from the 1980s, is considered the crown jewel of many Ryne Sandberg collections.

If you like the idea of owning his minor league card, but are weary of the price tag, TCMA also included the Cubs Hall of Famer in their 1981 Oklahoma City 89ers team set. The card can still be pricey, but it comes at a fraction of the cost of his Reading Phillies issue and is much easier to find.

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect 10

2T. 1980 WBTV Charlotte O's Cal Ripken Jr. #16

The Charlotte Orioles gave out a set of cards as part of a fan promotion for kids during the 1980 season and infield prospect Cal Ripken Jr. was included on the checklist. The first-of-its-kind promotion for the Charlotte O's team was spearheaded by professional baseball's earliest female general manager, Frances Crockett. The Crockett family was noted for their promotional talents within the sports industry, which included launching the career of local pro wrestler Ric Flair.

However, their card promotion with the Charlotte Orioles did not go as planned and the crowd for the baseball card giveaway was sparse. This would naturally make the card set a tough find, but the limited quantity of this card was compounded due to the fact that the team threw away the extra sets after the game. This 1982 card had to wait several years to gain notoriety with baseball card collectors from across the country as it was released two years before the Hall of Fame shortstop became a full-time player in Baltimore.

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect 11

2T. 1980 Charlotte O's Police Cal Ripken Jr.

Cal Ripken Jr. was also included in the Charlotte Police baseball card set for the Charlotte O's. It's hard to think of a scenario where a card would be more difficult to find than Ripken's WBTV issue, but the Orioles Hall of Famer's Charlotte Police card just might do it. The cards from this set were distributed by members of the Charlotte Police force through their various interactions with the public. The cards were never assembled into a complete set, rather they were given away throughout the baseball season with a select player handed out for a short period of time. The exact print run for the Charlotte Police cards is unknown, but given the quantity on the secondary market, it was likely not a large number. This pre-rookie Cal Ripken Jr. is another difficult card to find and likely very expensive to add to your collection. It is worth adding that both cards have reprints.

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect 12

1. 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson RC #482

The rookie selection for baseball card collectors from 1980 products should be viewed as a matter of quality over quantity. No, there were not many quality rookie cards this year. Yes, one of the best post-World War II rookie cards appears in the 1980 Topps set. Rickey Henderson was called up in the middle of the 1979 season by the Oakland A's. Henderson quickly endeared himself to the hobby world with flashy play and blazing speed, making this card a near-instant classic.

As Rickey's career continued to progress, he took over the all-time stolen base record from Lou Brock, the runs record from Ty Cobb, and eventually passed 3,000 hits, further pushing the popularity and value of this rookie card. Henderson is an inner-circle Hall of Famer, cementing this card as a must-own for collectors. No matter your collection, the 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson rookie is one of the hobby's all-time great cards.

Top 1980 Baseball Cards to Collect 13

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