Top 10 Best Selling Baseball Players on eBay

Top 10 Best Selling Baseball Players on eBay

Ever wondered who the hottest players in the baseball card and memorabilia hobby are? Chances are you have. Look around in any large hobby related forum or website (including this one) and chances are you will see at least one player hot list. But as fun as these lists are to read they rely on editorial opinion rather then fact based data, which doesn't prove anything but the writer's opinions. The Cardboard Connection has scores of these types of articles, so we figured we would try something a bit different and go with a data based ranking.

The act of a person getting so excited about a player that they are willing to spend their hard earned money to purchase something of the player's is perhaps the biggest vote a fan or collector can give that attests to a player's popularity. With that in mind we decided the best source for assembling our rankings would be eBay, since it is far and away the most popular and heavily used marketplace for buying and selling cards and memorabilia. We then proceeded to obtain, filter, and analyze all of the completed listings from eBay's Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop category over the course of March and part of April. The results are featured in the infographic below, courtesy of Sergio.

Top 10 Best Selling Baseball Players on eBay 1

We would love to get feedback and suggestions on this, so feel free to chime in with your two cents.

Top 10 Best Selling Baseball Players on eBay 2

User Comments

  1. Christopher Schuck

    Both of you are right on the money. In fact, the players you mention were between 11 and 17 on the list. Clemente was 11, Ken Griffey Jr was 12, and Cal Ripken 17th. Snider, Rose, Koufax, and A-Rod were 13-16, respectively.

  2. Love the graphic! I figured the Mantle would be #1

    That’s a lot of data to analyze, what tool did you use?

    Would enjoy seeing the same thing for other sports

  3. Jeremy

    Thanks for the kind comment, Jeremy! We are certainly planning to make more infographics like this for other products/sports etc. Really appreciate your feedback.

  4. I just don’t see Wagner over Clemente. Certainly not among bucco fan’s.

  5. I would think Wagner is on there due to the price of the T206 card alone vs. others whose key RCs are less than a few thousand dollars.
    I am sure all of the cheap base/inserts topps has released over the years would lower the avg prices for the vintage players. I would like to see something similar for Certified Card Autos only.

  6. Wow am I see that someone bought that 1910-11 Honus Wagner card for $384,292? I hate to tell the person who auctioned that card off for that made the biggest mistake of their life because that card is actually the most expensive baseball card in history and it’s worth a whopping 2.8 million.

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