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Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards

Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards

Although controversies have followed him throughout his career, Alex Rodriguez was undoubtedly the most dominant hitter of the 2000s, belting more home runs than any other player during the decade and taking home three American League Most Valuable Player Awards. His trading cards have also been some of the brightest spots in the era of overproduction during the late 1990s. This list compiles some of the best Alex Rodriguez baseball cards, including several of his key rookie cards and autographs.

A-Rod was a top baseball and football prospect in high school but opted to join the Seattle Mariners after being selected as the first pick in the 1993 amateur draft. Just 17 years old, he spent the next two seasons splitting time between the major leagues and AAA. In 1996, he took over as the Mariners shortstop and exploded for 36 home runs and a career-high .358 batting average. He would develop into the top slugger in the league and, after leaving the Mariners for the Texas Rangers, he would sign the largest player contract in baseball history.

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While with the Rangers, Rodriguez took his offensive production to the next level, averaging more than 50 home runs a season and adding more than 130 RBIs. He didn't find playoff success with the Rangers, however, and was traded to the New York Yankees in 2004. He would capture two of his MVP awards with the Bronx Bombers and win his only career World Series title in 2009.

As Rodriguez's career comes to a close, his Hall of Fame aspirations are certainly up for discussion. His offensive credentials seem to make a strong case as he is just a few dingers shy of 700 career home runs, has won five home run titles, and holds the record for most career grand slams. The big question is if the baseball writers will overlook his steroid controversies in voting for his membership to Cooperstown.

In an effort to build a comprehensive group of the key Rodriguez cards, there were a few rookie cards that weren't able to be included in the main list. Possibly the most readily available A-Rod rookie can be found in 1994 Fleer Update, which was originally issued as its own 200-card factory set. Another key Rodriguez rookie to not quite make the cut is his card from the 1994 Upper Deck flagship set.

As A-Rod surpassed 500 home runs, Topps issued an expansive and comprehensive insert set called "Road To 500" across several of their 2007 products that honored each of his home runs. The design was similar with each card changing the home run total from card-to-card. Collectors could find these inserts in 2007 Topps Baseball as well as Finest, Heritage, and many other sets.

Building a list of the best Alex Rodriguez cards is difficult as many of his autographs and rookie cards are the top cards of each set they appear in. While card value is used as a key component, this is balanced with the goal to build a comprehensive collection of choices.

Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards

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10. 2001 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Lumber Alex Rodriguez Autograph

Many of A-Rod's autographs from the latter part of his career are done on stickers, therefore, fans looking for on-card signatures from his days with the Rangers and Yankees should seek out sets from the start of the 2000s. A nice on-card Ranger-era autograph can be found in 2001 Upper Deck Legends in the Legendary Lumber inserts that feature a signature with either a jersey or bat piece combination.

Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards 1

9. 1994 Sportflics 2000 Rookie & Traded Starflics Alex Rodriguez RC #TR11

After a three-year break, Pinnacle brought back the Sportflics brand of trading cards with the 1994 Sportflics 2000 set. The technology used in the motion cards was improved and was the best quality Sportflics set made to that point. Collectors can find Rodriguez turning a double play on his rookie card in the add-on Rookie & Traded set and, along with the base card, there is also a rare parallel version with a black and gold stamp reading "Artist Proof" that was seeded 1:24 packs. Over time, A-Rod's card has proven to be the most valuable Sportflics card ever produced.

Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards 2

8. 1994 Collector's Choice Baseball Alex Rodriguez RC #647

The Collector's Choice brand produced by Upper Deck was designed for those on any budget and so it should not be too surprising that Rodriguez's rookie card from the 1994 set is one of the most accessible to collectors looking to pick up their first A-Rod rookie. The horizontally framed card is arguably his best-looking rookie and collectors can also find two parallels. The foil stamped silver and gold signature editions fall at a rate of 1:1 and 1:36 packs in each hobby box.

 Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards 3

7. 1993 Classic Four Sport Alex Rodriguez Autograph #/4300

Collectors who put a premium on having the earliest card produced of a given player can look to the 1993 Classic Four Sport set for a pre-rookie, certified autograph of Alex Rodriguez in what looks to be a Chicago White Sox uniform. As he moves to field a grounder, his arms block the name of his high school, Westminster Christian School, and the Sox hat is not actually related to the major league team. The Four Sport set features upcoming rookies from the four major team sports and A-Rod was the biggest hit in the product that year.

Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards 4

6. 1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Platinum Inserts Alex Rodriguez #22

1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified was one of the more unique releases of its time as there really wasn't a base set. Instead, collectors received two Platinum Red insert cards and either a Platinum Blue or Platinum Gold insert as the third card in each pack. Red inserts were numbered to 3,999, Blue to 1,999, and Gold to an incredibly rare 30 copies. Each card had a protective plastic sheet adhered to the front surface and some collectors place a premium on copies that still have this film layer intact.

Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards 5Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards 6Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards 7

5. 1994 Leaf Limited Rookie Phenoms Alex Rodriguez #10 #/5000

It is hard to find an Alex Rodriguez card more sought-after than his Rookie Phenoms card from 1994 Leaf Limited. The larger 1994 Leaf Limited set offered the highest quality cards that Donruss had ever created, combined with the lowest production run they have ever issued at only 3,000 cases. Inserted into those packs was the ten-card Rookie Phenoms set that features A-Rod with a limited run of 5,000 copies. Once again, his card is the top overall pull.

Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards 8

4. 1994 Flair Alex Rodriguez RC #340

After the success of the debut Flair set in 1993, Fleer issued their follow-up in 1994 with another expensive, yet beautiful, ultra-high quality product. The cards are printed on super-thick stock and are issued with a protective layer that was said to be superior to UV-coating. While A-Rod does appear in one of the more scarce insert sets (Wave of the Future 2), the value of his base rookie card blows away every other card in the release.

Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards 9

3. 1994 SP Holoview Blue and Red Inserts Alex Rodriguez  #33

The Holoview inserts in 1994 SP used a new form of printing technique that attempted to create the look of a three-dimensional card by displaying many slightly modified frames of video. Blue versions of the card have blue streaks running along the bottom and right side of the card while the red versions substitute red borders. In total, there were 38 Holoview cards and blue versions could be found in 1:5 pack while the red versions were much more scarce at 1:75 packs.

Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards 10Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards 11

2. 1996 Leaf Signatures Extended Signatures Alex Rodriguez Autograph #/500

Following the success of the autograph-per-pack product that was 1996 Leaf Signature, the company continued with an Extended Signatures series that included even more stars and rookies than were featured on the original 250-card checklist. Most players signed 5,000 cards but there were several short-printed cards, including A-Rod's. He signed just 500 copies for the set and his autograph was only able to be obtained as a mail-in redemption. Given their overall rarity, a market has even developed for the unused redemptions.

Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards 12

1. 1994 Upper Deck SP Alex Rodriguez RC #15

The Big Kahuna of the Alex Rodriguez rookie card class is his 1994 SP appearance. Rodriguez can be located in the Prospects section of the checklist which runs from cards #1-#20. A slightly rarer parallel version is found in each pack and offers a die-cut top for the base card. Collectors concerned with counterfeit die-cut versions can take a look at the color of the Upper Deck holograms on the reverse side. They appear gold on the base card version and silver on the die-cut version.

Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards 13Top 10 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Cards 14

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