Cardboard Connection's Best of 2010: Unspectacular Football Memorabilia Hall of Fame

Cardboard Connection’s Best of 2010: Unspectacular Football Memorabilia Hall of Fame

(Article originally appeared on the Cardboard Connection May 12th, 2010)

Brad Childress Rookie Year Auto 10x8

1/1 Ryan Leaf Autographed San Diego Chargers Locker Room Nameplate

Maurice Clarett/Craig Krenzel Dual Auto Newspaper W/O COA

Dennis Green Autographed Larry Fitzgerald RC

Cincinnati Bengals Themed Bobble Head Display Case

Un-opened 2000 Jacksonville Jaguars Semi-Truck

Un-Opened 1999 Curtis Enis Starting Lineup

Troy Williamson/Mike Williams Dual Auto /75 RC

Al Davis' Overhead Projector Used In The Lane Kiffin Firing

Alright...that one was fake.

Empty Raiders "Peanut Butter Blitz" Ice Cream Container

2004 Detroit Lions Commemorative  Gold Coin

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User Comments

  1. lol childress is a goon but I gotta give him props…he did get us to the NFC Championship with Brett Favre.

  2. @brady: Ha, it’s not that I even hate Childress, he’s just one of those figures that is extremely plain, yet extremely complicated at the same time. He can only be explained as being Brad Childress. He has gotten the Vikings to play disciplined football, which has been a welcome change from Denny & Tice, but he’s too afraid to open up the offense because he’s afraid it would make him look weak. Childress reminds me of Steve Buschemi’s character from The Soprano’s, only he’s the mob boss.

  3. Ha, why is Denny Green on Fitzgerald’s card?
    Also the Troy Williamson and Mike Williams one is hilarious except Williams is sort of doing something now.

  4. @Caleb: Ha, that’s why real Hall of Fames wait five years. I should have considered this when putting together the list of inductees.

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