Minnesota Twins Collecting and Fan Guide

Minnesota Twins

Franchise Founded: 1894
Championships: 3
Team Collectibility Rating: 7.0


The Minnesota Twins are in the midst of a rebuilding phase that should be paying dividends in the very near future. The team's farm system is stocked with some of the top prospects in the game. This provides collectors plenty of opportunities to get in early on what could be a team loaded with the game's next generation of superstars.

Founded in Kansas City in 1894 as the Blues, the team moved to Washington, D.C. in 1901. The franchise is one of the founding members of the American League and played as the Nationals and the Senators while in the nation's capital.

In 1960, Minnesota received rights to host a MLB team and enticed the Senators to make the move to the Midwest. They changed their name to the Twins in honor of Minnesota's "Twin Cities" of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The Twins have been home to some impressive players, but none more noteworthy than Harmon Killebrew. Part of the prestigious 500 home run club, his explosive power helped instantly create a strong fan base. Other players like Rod Carew and Kirby Puckett also became fan favorites.

Since their move to Minnesota, the Twins have won two World Series titles, in 1987 and 1991. While they have failed to win another championship, they have had bouts of success, winning six AL Central division titles since 2002.

Poised for an explosive comeback, a youth movement is taking shape in the "Twin Cities" as fans eagerly await the arrival of top prospects Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano.

Collectors have plenty of options when it comes to merchandise and collectibles for the Minnesota Twins. Using the tabs above, check out the top Twins players to collect, top merchandise and jersey options, autograph guide, game tickets and the most watched Minnesota Twins cards and memorabilia on eBay.

TTM AutographsMinnesota Twins Collecting and Fan Guide 1

Another option for collectors looking to get autographs is TTM or "Through the Mail." A complete guide to the process can be seen here: How to Get (Almost) Free Autographs Through the Mail.

Although the results are never guaranteed, Minnesota Twins fans looking to take advantage of this can try their luck with current players and coaches using the following address:

"Insert Specific Player/Coach/Executive"
c/o Minnesota Twins
353 N 5th St
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Top eBay Listings

Fan Gear

Minnesota Twins Jerseys & Gear Guide

Looking for something to support your team? There are tons of options for Minnesota Twins fans across all budgets. Normal retail price ranges are noted when available. View a complete breakdown of the jersey options using our detailed MLB jersey guide.

Minnesota Twins Jersey Guide

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Minnesota Twins T-Shirts & Hats

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Minnesota Twins Baseball Card Guide

The Minnesota Twins present a strong number of card options for collectors. View cards for the top former and current members of the Twins below.

Top Former Players & Coaches

Click on the player name for a detailed guide or to shop for cards on eBay. 

Other All-Time Great Minnesota Twins

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Click on the player name for a detailed guide or to shop for cards on eBay.

 Roy Smalley, Jim Kaat, Frank Viola, Joe Nathan

Top Current Players & Prospects

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Minnesota Twins Autograph Guide

When shopping for autographed items, it is highly recommended to only purchased signed pieces that have been authenticated by a reputable company. Top options include PSA, JSA, Mounted Memories, UDA, Panini Authentic and Tristar.

Click on the listings to shop on eBay. 

Signed Minnesota Twins Photographs

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Signed Minnesota Twins Jerseys

Minnesota Twins Collecting and Fan Guide 21

Signed Minnesota Twins Balls

Minnesota Twins Collecting and Fan Guide 22

Signed Minnesota Twins Bats

Minnesota Twins Collecting and Fan Guide 23

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Minnesota Twins Game Tickets

If you are looking for tickets to see the Minnesota Twins play, it might be an overwhelming experience. Luckily for fans, MLB teams play a ton of games, all over the country. After selecting a specific game, the first thing to decide is how much you want to spend and where you want to sit in the stadium.

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From there, it can get messy given all the choices for purchasing tickets. With that in mind, we have complied the best options for buying tickets. Simply follow the links below to each ticket source for available Minnesota Twins tickets. Be aware that the MLB regular season basically runs from April to the end of September. The playoffs continue until late October.

Hot List

Minnesota Twins Hot List

Check out the most watched Minnesota Twins cards, gear and memorabilia on eBay. The guide is constantly updated with real-time information, so bookmark this page for future reference.

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