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Press Release: Father and Son Sports Card Business Expands with New Website

Press Release: Father and Son Sports Card Business Expands with New Website

He may not have realized it at the time, but when Archie Mehmedagic started selling sports cards in 1992, he was grooming his son Edin for what would eventually become the family-run business: Team Sets and Singles.

However, before that dream materialized, it was the memories of attending sports collectible shows with his dad that planted the proverbial seed in Edin. He recalls sharing their extensive collection of New York Mets and Dallas Cowboys items with other collectors, while in turn helping collectors acquire their favorite team's cards and memorabilia. In 2004, twelve years after his first foray into the world of card sales, Archie saw the potential of the online market. Combined with Edin's knowledge of computers and the internet, the father-son business was born.

Press Release: Father and Son Sports Card Business Expands with New Website 1

Having sold on eBay since '04, successfully earning Top Rated seller status and a near-perfect rating with a 7,400+ feedback score, Archie and Edin have gone from just a few cases of each product to a much larger amount. This provides collectors with an extensive inventory of teams, complete sets, singles, autographs, memorabilia cards, and just about any other modern sports card that might be on your list.

Edin went into greater detail about the origins of Team Sets and Singles, as well as the future, saying:

"My father started collecting sports cards and memorabilia in the 70s, and in the early 90s started taking me to card shows and other memorabilia shows in correlation with sports. I immediately fell in love with the experience! We started buying packs to see if we could get any good Dallas Cowboys or New York Mets cards. After a while of just collecting we began buying table space together at the shows so we could sell and trade with other collectors as well as discuss the growth of our collections. We then realized how the e-commerce business was really growing and in the early 2000s started selling on eBay. In the last three years we really started to see what was originally just a hobby, turn more and more into a business. We started with only 1-2 cases of each new release, and now we are purchasing over 30 cases at a time. With our continued growth we look to double our lot size within the next 18 months."

Press Release: Father and Son Sports Card Business Expands with New Website 2

Aware that eBay has its limitations and striving for a way to better serve collectors, Team Sets and Singles is celebrating the launch of their brand new website — www.teamsetsandsingles.com — in October 2016. This website is an expansion of their current eBay store and the hope is that it will get collectors more engaged with their expertise. Most importantly, Archie and Edin want to give collectors the opportunity to acquire exactly what they need.

One of the things that gives Team Sets and Singles an advantage over other dealers is the ability to offer their signature Pick 10 and Pick 25 options for the base cards and inserts needed to complete sets. If there is something in particular you are looking for but don't see it on their site, don't worry as they have the resources to get even the most difficult items. Just contact them and it would be their joy to help. Looking at additional ways to expand, Team Sets and Singles has plans to offer consignments, giving collectors a way to sell their collection. They plan on having sales completed within 90 days, and because of their extensive feedback rating, can help you get the most out of your valuable items.

With such a broad reach they are even up-and-comers in the box/case-breaking realm and encourage you to stay tuned as they will be diversifying their listings as well as social media coverage. If you haven't gotten to know Archie and Edin's passion for helping collectors yet, it won't be long before you do because they just keep growing.

Press Release: Father and Son Sports Card Business Expands with New Website 3

In order to get the word out about their business and exciting expansion, Team Sets and Singles turned to The Cardboard Connection for help. It was the large and highly concentrated audience of collectors that drew Archie and Edin to the the hobby's cornerstone website. Because they knew they could target the exact base they were looking for, it was an easy choice. The Cardboard Connection is thrilled to have Archie and Edin on-board as one of our newest advertisers.

Ira started collecting sports and non-sports cards in the late 80s-early 90's and has always had a passion for the value and market of the industry. Having bought and sold since childhood, getting back into the hobby in today's fast paced and volatile online market was a perfect fit. With a business background in finance Ira brings a unique combination of experience to the hobby and The Cardboard Connection team, playing a leading role in the review and development of the many important products, features, and partnerships covered on our site.

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