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2022 Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Trading Cards Checklist

2022 Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Trading Cards Checklist

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Building on the retrospective trading card line, 2022 Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 offers more autographs per box and a new autograph-per-pack format.

Limited to 15,000 boxes in total (750 cases), each box contains three signed cards with at least one being an inscription.

Boxes sell for $175 on the Rittenhouse website. The official album ($29.99) has an exclusive promo card.

See also: 2020 Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 1 Cards

Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Base

Adding another 72 base cards, 2022 Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 features nine base cards for all eight seasons.

These include nine-card inter-connective puzzle backs.

In addition, look for one-of-one Printing Plates.

Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Inserts / Bonus

2022 Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 also contains a large assortment of inserts

  • Dragonstone (9 cards; 1:3 packs)
  • Artifex Metal (12 cards; #/25)
  • Head of the House (11 cards; 1:3 packs)
  • In Memoriam (36 cards; 1:3 packs)
  • Vistas (21 cards; 1:3 packs)
  • Quotable Game of Thrones (12 cards; 1:3 packs)
  • 1-of-1 Metal Retrospective (1 per case)
  • Iron Anniversary Base Expansion - #199-297 (99 cards; 1 per pack)
    • Copper Parallel (#/99)
    • Gold Parallel (#/50)
    • Red Parallel (#/25)
  • Iron Anniversary Metal Expressions Expansion (18 cards; 1:3 packs)

Premium options include hand-drawn Sketch Cards.

Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Autographs

That leaves only autographs and the 2022 Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 checklist has plenty.

2022 Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Trading Cards Checklist 1

The most common choices consist of Autographs (2:3 packs) along with Inscription Autographs (1:3 packs). Subjects include 10 first-time signers, while the Red/Sigil Autograph cards make their debut.

2022 Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Trading Cards Checklist 2

Notable chase cards include the Kit Harrington as Jon Snow Autograph Relic card and the Emilia Clarke/Kit Harington Dual Autograph.

Looking for the Diana Rigg Cut Signature card? Per Rittenhouse, "this oversized card is not found in the packs, but sealed in a 5x7 toploader inside of the box. Be sure to look under the box lid in case it got stuck in there."

Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Incentives

While incentives are common with Rittenhouse, the premium set only offers one tier this time.

  • 10-Case: 99-card Metal Parallel Iron Anniversary Expansion

Release Date: December 14, 2022
Product Configuration: 10 cards per pack, 3 packs per box, 20 boxes per case

2022 Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Box Break

  • 1 Inscription Autograph and 2 Additional Autographs


Set Checklist

2022 Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Checklist


Subject to change.



Base Set Checklist

72 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/50, Red #/25.


1 Season 1 - King Robert Tabs Ned Stark as Hand of the King
2 Season 1 - Daenerys Targaryen Receives Three Dragon Eggs
3 Season 1 - Ned Stark Beheads a Deserter
4 Season 1 - Syrio Teaches Arya Finer Points of Swordplay
5 Season 1 - Jon Snow Adjusts to Life in the Night's Watch
6 Season 1 - Bronn Proves Himself an Expert Sellsword
7 Season 1 - Tyrion Accused of Conspiracy, Jailed by Lysa Arryn
8 Season 1 - Ned Stark Duels the Kingslayer
9 Season 1 - Khal Drogo Battles Mago for Dothraki Supremacy
10 Season 2 - Young King Joffrey Asserts His Authority
11 Season 2 - Jon Snow Proves Worthy of the Night's Watch
12 Season 2 - Arya Meets Jaqen H'ghar
13 Season 2 - The Hound Protects Sansa Stark
14 Season 2 - King Joffrey Reveals His Sadistic Side
15 Season 2 - Maester Luwin Bids Goodbye to Young Starks
16 Season 2 - Wildfire at Battle of the Blackwater
17 Season 2 - Tyrion Takes Arms at Battle of the Blackwater
18 Season 2 - Daenerys Thwarts Her Enemies in Qarth
19 Season 3 - Drogon Helps Daenerys Take Control of Astapor
20 Season 3 - Daenerys Assembles an Army of the Unsullied
21 Season 3 - Bran Stark Sees the World Through a Wolf's Eyes
22 Season 3 - Lord Commander Mormant Slays a Wight
23 Season 3 - Daenerys Solidifies Her Power
24 Season 3 - Ygritte Seduces Jon Snow
25 Season 3 - Jaime and Brienne Become Unlikely Allies
26 Season 3 - Catelyn Stark's Last Stand at the Red Wedding
27 Season 3 - The Mother of Dragons Nurtures Her Children
28 Season 4 - Daenerys' Dragons Assert Their Independence
29 Season 4 - King Joffrey Poisoned at His Wedding Feast
30 Season 4 - Ramsay Asserts Dominance over Theon
31 Season 4 - Cersei and Tommen Mourn Joffrey
32 Season 4 - Tommen Ascends to the Iron Throne
33 Season 4 - Jon Snow Destroys Craster's Keep
34 Season 4 - Tyrion Accused of Murdering Joffrey
35 Season 4 - Oberyn Defeated by the Mountain
36 Season 4 - Brienne Battles The Hound in Near Fatal Duel
37 Season 5 - Mance Rayder Burned at the Stake
38 Season 5 - Daario Saves Daenerys
39 Season 5 - Arya Seeks Out Jaqen H'ghar
40 Season 5 - Tyrion and Jorah Taken to the Fighting Pits
41 Season 5 - Cersei's Walk of Atonement
42 Season 5 - Ellaria Sand Challenges Authority in Dorne
43 Season 5 - Jaqen H'ghar and the House of Black and White
44 Season 5 - King Tommen Marries Margaery Tyrell
45 Season 5 - Septa Unella Asserts Religious Authority
46 Season 6 - Daenerys and Her Dragons Instill Fear
47 Season 6 - Theon Helps Sansa Escape Ramsay's Terror
48 Season 6 - Ramsay Murders His Father Roose Bolton
49 Season 6 - Grey Worm and the Unsullied Protect Their Queen
50 Season 6 - Daenerys Commands Respect of the Dothraki
51 Season 6 - Blind Arya Defends Herself at All Costs
52 Season 6 - Arya Exacts Revenge Against Walder Frey
53 Season 6 - Cersei Gains Revenge on Septa Unella
54 Season 6 - Jon Snow Fights for Control of the North
55 Season 7 - Daenerys Targaryen Returns to Dragonstone
56 Season 7 - Samwell Tarly Cures Joran Mormont's Greyscale
57 Season 7 - Lady Olenna Confesses to Murdering Joffrey
58 Season 7 - Bronn Valiantly Fights Daenerys' Dragons
59 Season 7 - Drogon Warms to Jon Snow
60 Season 7 - The Hound Reveals Proof of the Undead
61 Season 7 - Tyrion Grows Uneasy Over Daenerys' Rule
62 Season 7 - The Night King Fights Back
63 Season 7 - Undead Viserian Attacks the Wall
64 Season 8 - Arya and Gendry Prepare for Battle
65 Season 8 - Daenerys Fails to Win Sansa's Trust
66 Season 8 - Jon Snow Reveals His True Identity
67 Season 8 - Jaime Bestows Knighthood Upon Brienne
68 Season 8 - Jon Snow Confronts the Night King
69 Season 8 - Daenerys and Jorah Fight the Army of the Dead
70 Season 8 - Arya Survives Destruction at King's Landing
71 Season 8 - Jon Snow Murders Daenerys Targaryen
72 Season 8 - Bran Stark Ascends to the Throne


2022 Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Autograph Checklist



Autographs Set Checklist

71 cards. 2 per box.
SP Odds Rarity Key: Scarce = 100 or less; Extremely Limited = 100-200; Very Limited = 200-300; Limited = 300-500.

Andy Kellegher (Gold) (Very Limited)
Art Parkinson (Red Sigil) (Limited)
Art Parkinson (Full Bleed) (Limited)
Brian Fortune (Full Bleed)
Clive Russell (Full Bleed) (Limited)
Daniel Portman (Red Sigil) (Limited)
Daniel Portman (Blue) (Limited)
Dar Salim (Bordered) (Very Limited)
Dean S. Jagger (Full Bleed) (Limited)
Dean S. Jagger (Bordered) (Limited)
Dean S. Jagger (Gold) (Very Limited)
Eddie Jackson (Full Bleed)
Edward Dogliani (Full Bleed) (Limited)
Eline Powell (Gold) (Very Limited)
Ellie Kendrick (Red Sigil) (Limited)
Ellie Kendrick (Bordered ) (Limited)
Emilia Clarke (Full Bleed) (Scarce)
Eros Vlahos (Gold) (Very Limited)
Finn Jones (Red Sigil) (Limited)
Finn Jones (Full Bleed) (Limited)
Gemma Whelan (Red Sigil) (Limited)
Gemma Whelan (Full Bleed) (Limited)
Gerard Jordan (Full Bleed) (Limited)
Gethin Anthony (Red Sigil) (Limited)
Gethin Anthony (Blue) (Limited)
Gwendoline Christie (Full Bleed) (Scarce)
Harry Grasby (Bordered) (Very Limited)
Harry Lloyd (Red Sigil) (Limited)
Iain Glen (Red Sigil) (Very Limited)
Iain Glen (Blue) (Very Limited)
Jack Gleeson (Red Sigil) (Limited)
Jack Gleeson (Full Bleed) (Limited)
Jacob Anderson (Full Bleed) (Very Limited)
Jazzy de Lisser (Full Bleed)
Jessica Henwick (Red Sigil) (Limited)
Jessica Henwick (Blue) (Limited)
Joseph Naufahu (Full Bleed) (Very Limited)
Joseph Naufahu (Bordered) (Very Limited)
Kae Alexander (Blue) (Limited)
Kae Alexander (Gold) (Very Limited)
Kae Alexander (Red Sigil) (Very Limited)
Keisha Castle-Hughes (Red Sigil) (Limited)
Keisha Castle-Hughes (Blue) (Limited)
Kerr Logan (VS) (Limited)
Kerry Ingram (Blue) (Limited)
Kerry Ingram (Gold) (Very Limited)
Kerry Ingram (Red Sigil) (Very Limited)
Kerry Ingram (Blue) (Very Limited)
Kevin Eldon (Full Bleed)
Lucian Msamati (VS) (Limited)
Mark Lewis Jones (Full Bleed)
Mark Stanley (Blue) (Limited)
Mark Stanley (Red Sigil) (Very Limited)
Mark Stanley (Gold ) (Very Limited)
Natalia Tena (Red Sigil) (Limited)
Natalia Tena (Blue) (Limited)
Robert Pugh (Bordered) (Very Limited)
Ron Donachie (Red Sigil) (Very Limited)
Ron Donachie (Blue) (Very Limited)
Ross Mullan (Full Bleed) (Limited)
Ross Mullan (Bordered) (Limited)
Sophie Turner (Red Sigil) (Very Limited)
Sophie Turner (Full Bleed) (Very Limited)
Steven Cole (Gold) (Very Limited)
Steven Cole (Red Sigil) (Limited)
Steven Cole (Bordered) (Very Limited)
Trevor Allan Davies (Full Bleed) (Limited)
Trevor Allan Davies (Bordered) (Limited)
Wilf Scolding (VS)
Wilko Johnson (Full Bleed) (Limited)
Yuri Kolokolnikov (Blue) (Limited)


Inscription Autographs Set Checklist

28 subjects. 1 per box. See the inscription tab for a full breakdown.
SP Odds Rarity Key: Scarce = 100 or less; Extremely Limited = 100-200; Very Limited = 200-300; Limited = 300-500.

Brian Fortune (Limited)
Carice van Houten
Dean S. Jagger (Very Limited)
Deobia Oparei
Eddie Jackson (Limited)
Edward Dogliani (Limited)
Essie Davis (Limited)
Fintan McKeown
Gerard Jordan (Limited)
Jacob Anderson (Very Limited)
Jazzy de Lisser (Very Limited)
Joseph Naufahu (Limited)
Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn
Kit Harington (Scarce)
Laura Pradelska (Limited)
Mark Lewis Jones (Very Limited)
Owen Teale
Paul Rattray
Peter Dinklage (Scarce)
Philip McGinley
Sean Blowers
Souad Faress
Struan Rodger
Tara Fitzgerald
Tony Way
Wilko Johnson (Limited)
Yuri Kolokolnikov (Inscription)


Dual Autograph Set Checklist

3 cards.
SP Odds Rarity Key: Scarce = 100 or less; Very Limited = 200-300.


Emilia Clarke/Kit Harington (Scarce)
Jacob Anderson/Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Very Limited)
Jacob Anderson/Ian McElhinney (Very Limited)


Autograph Costume Relic Set Checklist

1 card.


Kit Harington


Cut Signature Set Checklist

1 card. Serial numbered #/30. Issued in toploader in the box.


Diana Rigg


2022 Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Sketch Checklist


Sketch Cards Set Checklist

9 artists.

Adam and Bekah Cleveland
Charles Hall
Chris Meeks
Jeff Mallinson
Lee Lightfoot
Norman Jim Faustino
Rich Kunz
Roy Cover
Westley Smith


2022 Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Expansion Checklist


Iron Anniversary Base Set Expansion Set Checklist

99 cards. 1 per pack.
PARALLEL CARDS: Copper #/99, Gold #/50, Red #/25, Holo 1/1.
INCENTIVE: Metal (10-Case).

199 Ramsay Bolton
200 Ramsay Bolton
201 Ramsay Bolton
202 Ramsay Bolton
203 Ramsay Bolton
204 Ramsay Bolton
205 Ramsay Bolton
206 Ramsay Bolton
207 Ramsay Bolton
208 Ygritte
209 Ygritte
210 Ygritte
211 Ygritte
212 Ygritte
213 Ygritte
214 Ygritte
215 Ygritte
216 Ygritte
217 Tywin Lannister
218 Tywin Lannister
219 Tywin Lannister
220 Tywin Lannister
221 Tywin Lannister
222 Tywin Lannister
223 Tywin Lannister
224 Tywin Lannister
225 Tywin Lannister
226 Margaery Tyrell
227 Margaery Tyrell
228 Margaery Tyrell
229 Margaery Tyrell
230 Margaery Tyrell
231 Margaery Tyrell
232 Margaery Tyrell
233 Margaery Tyrell
234 Margaery Tyrell
235 Ser Davos Seaworth
236 Ser Davos Seaworth
237 Ser Davos Seaworth
238 Ser Davos Seaworth
239 Ser Davos Seaworth
240 Ser Davos Seaworth
241 Ser Davos Seaworth
242 Ser Davos Seaworth
243 Ser Davos Seaworth
244 Yara Greyjoy
245 Yara Greyjoy
246 Yara Greyjoy
247 Yara Greyjoy
248 Yara Greyjoy
249 Yara Greyjoy
250 Yara Greyjoy
251 Yara Greyjoy
252 Yara Greyjoy
253 Grey Worm
254 Grey Worm
255 Grey Worm
256 Grey Worm
257 Grey Worm
258 Grey Worm
259 Grey Worm
260 Grey Worm
261 Grey Worm
262 Khal Drogo
263 Khal Drogo
264 Khal Drogo
265 Khal Drogo
266 Khal Drogo
267 Khal Drogo
268 Khal Drogo
269 Khal Drogo
270 Khal Drogo
271 Bronn
272 Bronn
273 Bronn
274 Bronn
275 Bronn
276 Bronn
277 Bronn
278 Bronn
279 Bronn
280 Shae
281 Shae
282 Shae
283 Shae
284 Shae
285 Shae
286 Shae
287 Shae
288 Shae
289 Stannis Baratheon
290 Stannis Baratheon
291 Stannis Baratheon
292 Stannis Baratheon
293 Stannis Baratheon
294 Stannis Baratheon
295 Stannis Baratheon
296 Stannis Baratheon
297 Stannis Baratheon


Metal Expressions Expansion Set Checklist

18 cards. 1:3 packs.

H37 Missandei
H38 Melisandre
H39 Ellaria Sand
H40 Jaqen H'ghar
H41 Podrick Payne
H42 Yara Greyjoy
H43 Daario Naharis
H44 Walder Frey
H45 Oberyn Martell
H46 Spice King
H47 High Sparrow
H48 Meera Reed
H49 Syrio Forel
H50 Doran Martell
H51 Mance Rayder
H52 Thoros of Myr
H53 Septa Unella
H54 Grand Maester Pycelle


Inflexions Base Expansion Parallels Checklist

49 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: White #/50, Red #/25, Printing Plates 1/1.


Base Printing Plates Update Set Checklist

All 1/1 cards. 4 plates per card.


The Complete Series 2 Base Printing Plate (72 cards)
The Complete Series 2 Dragonstone Printing Plate (9 cards)
Iron Anniversary Expansion Base Set Expansion Printing Plate (99 cards)


2022 Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Insert Checklist


Artifex Metal Set Checklist

12 cards.

AF28 Daenerys Targaryen by Chris Meeks
AF29 Khal Drogo by Jason Davies
AF30 Jaime Lannister by Chris Meeks
AF31 Jon Snow
AF32 Robb Stark by Carlos Cabaleiro
AF33 Brienne of Tarth by Carlos Cabaleiro
AF34 Tormund Giantsbane
AF35 Littlefinger
AF36 Missandei by Carlos Cabaleiro
AF37 The Hound by Gabe Farber
AF38 The Mountain by Carlos Cabaleiro
AF39 Ramsay Bolton by Louise Draper


Dragonstone Set Checklist

9 cards. 1:3 packs.

D1 Dragonstone
D2 Dragonstone
D3 Dragonstone
D4 Dragonstone
D5 Dragonstone
D6 Dragonstone
D7 Dragonstone
D8 Dragonstone
D9 Dragonstone


Head of the House Set Checklist

11 cards. 1:3 packs.

HH01 Tywin Lanniser - House Lannister
HH02 Ned Stark - House Stark
HH03 Daenerys Targaryen - House Targaryen
HH04 Lady Olenna Tyrell - House Tyrell
HH05 King Robert - House Baratheon
HH06 Ser Brynden Tully - House Tully
HH07 Balon Greyjoy - House Greyjoy
HH08 Roose Bolton - House Bolton
HH09 Walder Frey - House Frey
HH10 Lysa Arryn - House Arryn
HH11 Randyll Tarly - House Tarly


In Memoriam Set Checklist

36 cards. 1:3 packs.

M01 Daenerys Targaryen
M02 Ser Jaime Lannister
M03 Lord Eddard Stark
M04 Cersei Lannister
M05 Lord Varys
M06 Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish
M07 King Robert Baratheon
M08 Stannis Baratheon
M09 Ygritte
M10 Tywin Lannister
M11 Ser Jorah Mormont
M12 Theon Greyjoy
M13 Sandor Clegane
M14 Lady Olenna Tyrell
M15 King Joffrey Baratheon
M16 Robb Stark
M17 Ramsay Bolton
M18 Catelyn Stark
M19 Missandei
M20 Beric Dondarrion
M21 Mance Rayder
M22 Ellaria Sand
M23 Melisandre
M24 Oberyn Martell
M25 Khal Drogo
M26 Margaery Tyrell
M27 Lady Talisa
M28 Walder Frey
M29 Euron Greyjoy
M30 Ser Barristan Selmy
M31 Roose Bolton
M32 Shae
M33 Night King
M34 Hodor
M35 King Tommen Baratheon
M36 Lady Lyanna Mormont


Quotable Game of Thrones Set Checklist

13 cards. 1:3 packs.
*Q93 is exclusive to Rittenhouse Rewards.*

Q81 Quotable Game of Thrones
Q82 Quotable Game of Thrones
Q83 Quotable Game of Thrones
Q84 Quotable Game of Thrones
Q85 Quotable Game of Thrones
Q86 Quotable Game of Thrones
Q87 Quotable Game of Thrones
Q88 Quotable Game of Thrones
Q89 Quotable Game of Thrones
Q90 Quotable Game of Thrones
Q91 Quotable Game of Thrones
Q92 Quotable Game of Thrones
Q93 Quotable Game of Thrones - Rewards


Vistas Set Checklist

21 cards. 1:3 packs.


V01 Daenerys's Army Marches Towards Meereen
V02 The Temple of Dosh Khaleen in Vaes Dothrak
V03 Tyrion Governs Meereen in Daenerys' Absence
V04 The Great Sept of King's Landing
V05 Horn Hill, the Seat of House Tarly
V06 King Tommen Overlooks King's Landing
V07 The Lannister Army Arrives at Riverrun
V08 Bear Island, the Seat of House Mormont
V09 Daenerys Meets the Masters in Meereen
V10 Dothraki Seige at the Gates of Meereen
V11 Roose Bolton Marches on Winterfell
V12 The Water Gardens of Dorne
V13 The Gates of Vaes Dothrak
V14 Beyond the Wall: The Heart Tree
V15 The Shores of Dragonstone
V16 Euron Greyjoy: Drowned and Reborn
V17 The Wight Hunt Beyond the Wall
V18 Myrcella's Corpse Arrives from Dorne
V19 Daenery's Fleet Sails the Narrow Sea
V20 War Plans Made at the Dragonpit
V21 Daenerys Leads Her Army to Meereen


Promo Set Checklist


P1 Album Exclusive Promo Card



2022 Rittenhouse Game of Thrones Complete Series Volume 2 Checklist


Subject to change.



Inscriptions Autographs Set Checklist

289 cards. Quantity Range (QR) noted when revealed.


Brian Fortune - "GAME OF THRONES" - QR=51-75
Brian Fortune - "OTHELL YARWYCK" - QR=51-75
Brian Fortune - "FIRST BUILDER" - QR=51-75
Brian Fortune - "TEACH EM A LESSON" - QR=26-50
Brian Fortune - "RISE AS MEN OF THE NIGHT'S WATCH" - QR=26-50
Brian Fortune - "FOR THE WATCH" - QR=26-50
Brian Fortune - "YOU WIN OR YOU DIE" - QR=51-75
Brian Fortune - "HOUSE YARWYCK" - QR=51-75
Brian Fortune - "HANGED BY JON SNOW" - QR=51-75
Brian Fortune - "NIGHT'S WATCH" - QR=51-75
Carice van Houten - Black Pen 'Red Woman' and black signature - QR=251-275
Carice van Houten - Black Pen 'Melisandre' and black signature - QR=1
Carice van Houten - Red ballpoint Pen 'Red Woman' & BK signature  - QR=26-50
Carice van Houten - Blue Pen 'Red Woman' and blue signature - QR=201-250
Carice van Houten - Blue Pen 'we will meet again' blue signature - QR=26-50
Carice van Houten - Blue Pen 'life against death' blue signature - QR=100-149
Carice van Houten - Blue Pen 'I love Stannis' blue signature - QR=26-50
Carice van Houten - Blue Pen 'I "HEART ICON" Stannis' blue signature - QR=11-25
Carice van Houten - Blue Pen 'look to your signs' blue signature - QR=26-50
Carice van Houten - Blue Pen 'Game of Thrones' blue signature - QR=1
Carice van Houten - Blue Pen 'red woman' blue sign with Van Houten - QR=1-5
Dean S. Jagger - "Betrayed the Starks" - QR=11-25
Dean S. Jagger - "Killed by Tormund" - QR=26-50
Dean S. Jagger - "I Like fighting Wildlings" - QR=11-25
Dean S. Jagger - "Who Owns the North?" - QR=11-25
Dean S. Jagger - "Ramsey - Wrong Choice" - QR=26-50
Dean S. Jagger - "Smalljon Umber" - QR=11-25
Dean S. Jagger - "Lord Jon Umber" - QR=11-25
Dean S. Jagger - "A Wild One" - QR=11-25
Dean S. Jagger - "Son of Greatjon" - QR=11-25
Dean S. Jagger - "Lord of the Last Hearth" - QR=11-25
DeObia Oparei - Drop your weapons! - QR=11-25
DeObia Oparei - Game of Thrones - QR=34
DeObia Oparei - I hate (Sand Snakes) - QR=11-25
DeObia Oparei - I failed the Prince - QR=26-50
DeObia Oparei - Doran's Bodyguard - QR=51-75
DeObia Oparei - Serve - QR=51-75
DeObia Oparei - House Martell - QR=26-50
DeObia Oparei - Captain of the Guard - QR=51-75
DeObia Oparei - Obey - QR=51-75
DeObia Oparei - Bronn not so tough - QR=51-75
DeObia Oparei - Areo Hotah - QR=51-75
DeObia Oparei - Protect - QR=51-75
DeObia Oparei - Murdered by Tyene Sand - QR=26-50
DeObia Oparei - Norvoshi - QR=51-75
Eddie Jackson - "Damned Mother of Dragons" - QR=11-25
Eddie Jackson - "Game of Thrones" - QR=26-50
Eddie Jackson - "House Paenymion" - QR=11-25
Eddie Jackson - "Triarchs of Volantis" - QR=11-25
Eddie Jackson - "UEPA AWOGAR" - QR=26-50
Eddie Jackson - "Throat Slit By Grey Worm" - QR=26-50
Eddie Jackson - "Yezzaw is a traitor" - QR=11-25
Eddie Jackson - "Belico Paenymion" - QR=51-75
Eddie Jackson - "Noble Volantis" - QR=26-50
Eddie Jackson - "Never liked Yezzaw" - QR=11-25
Eddie Jackson - "Never really liked Yezzaw" - QR=11-25
Eddie Jackson - "OLD BLOOD" - QR=51-75
Eddie Jackson - "Damned Dragons" - QR=51-75
Eddie Jackson - "Vote Tigers" - QR=26-50
Eddie Jackson - "Leave Slavers Bay" - QR=26-50
Eddie Jackson - "I underestimated the mother of dragons" - QR=26-50
Edward Dogliani - Bone Daddy! - QR=26-50
Edward Dogliani - gut him! - QR=51-75
Edward Dogliani - Don't need two crows - QR=26-50
Edward Dogliani - He's not yours to kill! - QR=51-75
Edward Dogliani - Got a bone to pick? - QR=26-50
Edward Dogliani - I've got a bone to pick! - QR=6-10
Edward Dogliani - where I made my bones - QR=51-75
Edward Dogliani - if he runs - QR=51-75
Edward Dogliani - aka 'Rattleshirt' - QR=26-50
Edward Dogliani - Call me 'Rattleshirt' - QR=1
Edward Dogliani - "Crows!" - QR=26-50
Edward Dogliani - Ross O'Hennessy who? - QR=6-10
Edward Dogliani - Who's Ross O'Hennessy? - QR=26-50
Edward Dogliani - Ross O' who-is-he? - QR=6-10
Essie Davis - Avenged by Arya - QR=100-149
Essie Davis - Lady Crane - QR=100-149
Essie Davis - Run - QR=11-25
Essie Davis - The Bloody Hand - QR=26-50
Essie Davis - Game of Thrones - QR=26-50
Essie Davis - I play Cersei - QR=11-25
Essie Davis - The Waif did me in - QR=11-25
Essie Davis - Izembaro's Theatre - QR=100-149
Fintan McKeown - "Black Manticore" - QR=76-100
Fintan McKeown - "Poisoned by Jaquen H'ghar" - QR=100-149
Fintan McKeown - "Gendry is ours" - QR=100-149
Fintan McKeown - "I killed Yoren" - QR=100-149
Fintan McKeown - "Manticore Sigil" - QR=100-149
Fintan McKeown - "Wolfsbane did me in" - QR=100-149
Fintan McKeown - "House Lannister" - QR=76-100
Fintan McKeown - "Ser Armory Lorsch" - QR=100-149
Fintan McKeown - "House Lorch" - QR=76-100
Fintan McKeown - "Game of Thrones" - QR=100-149
Gerard Jordan - "I bit the Hound" " - QR=26-50
Gerard Jordan - "I want to be a Dentist" - QR=26-50
Gerard Jordan - "Just misunderstood" - QR=26-50
Gerard Jordan - "Biter" - QR=26-50
Gerard Jordan - "I like to Bite" - QR=26-50
Gerard Jordan - "Killed by the Hound" - QR=26-50
Gerard Jordan - "Game of Thrones" - QR=26-50
Gerard Jordan - "The Hound tasted good" - QR=26-50
Gerard Jordan - "Mute, but not dangerous" - QR=26-50
Gerard Jordan - "Neck Broken by the Hound" - QR=26-50
Jacob Anderson - "NO MORE TALKING" - QR=26-50
Jacob Anderson - "SUMMER ISLANDER" - QR=26-50
Jacob Anderson - "TO NAATH" - QR=26-50
Jacob Anderson - "SER WORM" - QR=26-50
Jacob Anderson - "GREY WORM" - QR=26-50
Jacob Anderson - "GAME OF THRONES'" - QR=26-50
Jacob Anderson - "THE UNSULLIED" - QR=26-50
Jacob Anderson - "MASTER OF WAR" - QR=26-50
Jacob Anderson - "VALAR MORGHULIS" - QR=26-50
Jacob Anderson - "DOVOGHEDH!" - QR=26-50
Jazzy de Lisser - "Tansy" - QR=26-50
Jazzy de Lisser - "Screaming was my specialty" - QR=11-25
Jazzy de Lisser - "I didn't win" - QR=11-25
Jazzy de Lisser - "Myranda was jealous" " - QR=11-25
Jazzy de Lisser - "Betrayed by Ransay" - QR=26-50
Jazzy de Lisser - "Eaten by Ramsey's hounds" - QR=11-25
Jazzy de Lisser - "Game of Thrones" - QR=11-25
Jazzy de Lisser - "Why? I did whatever you asked" - QR=11-25
Jazzy de Lisser - "I dreamed better" - QR=26-50
Jazzy de Lisser - "One of Ramsay's Bed Warmers" " - QR=11-25
Jazzy de Lisser - "The Lion and the Rose" - QR=11-25
Jazzy de Lisser - "Ep. - The Lion and the Rose" - QR=1
Joseph Naufahu - "Pray to the Great Stallion" - QR=26-50
Joseph Naufahu - "Welcome home, Khaleesi" - QR=26-50
Joseph Naufahu - "I serve no man or woman" - QR=26-50
Joseph Naufahu - "It is forbidden to carry weapons in this sacred city" - QR=26-50
Joseph Naufahu - "We don't care what you want" - QR=26-50
Joseph Naufahu - "Season 6 was the best!" - QR=26-50
Joseph Naufahu - "You are slave Khal Moro" - QR=26-50
Joseph Naufahu - "No one will touch you" - QR=26-50
Joseph Naufahu - "Khal Moro" - QR=26-50
Joseph Naufahu - "Bring in Drogo's widow" " - QR=26-50
Joseph Naufahu - "Burned alive by Daenerys Targaryen" " - QR=26-50
Joseph Quinn - "KONER"
Joseph Quinn - Smarter than Henk' - QR=51-75
Joseph Quinn - 'I survived' - QR=51-75
Joseph Quinn - Northmen' - QR=51-75
Joseph Quinn - House Stark' - QR=51-75
Joseph Quinn - Arya Who' - QR=51-75
Joseph Quinn - The spoils of war' - QR=51-75
Joseph Quinn - Winter is coming' - QR=51-75
Joseph Quinn - Spinoff anyone?' - QR=51-75
Kit Harington - Winter is coming - QR=1-5
Kit Harington - my watch has ended - QR=6-10
Kit Harington - I do know some things - QR=6-10
Kit Harington - Jon Snow - QR=6-10
Kit Harington - Game of Thrones - QR=6-10
Kit Harington - Bastard of Winterfell - QR=6-10
Laura Pradelska - "Game of Thrones" - QR=100-149
Laura Pradelska - "Quaithe" - QR=76-100
Laura Pradelska - "Fire is Power" - QR=76-100
Laura Pradelska - "Dragons are fire made flesh" - QR=26-50
Laura Pradelska - "Quaithe of the Shadow" - QR=26-50
Laura Pradelska - "I hail from the Shadowlands" - QR=26-50
Laura Pradelska - "I warned them" - QR=51-75
Laura Pradelska - "I live in Qarth" - QR=26-50
Mark Lewis Jones - "Shagga" - QR=26-50
Mark Lewis Jones - "Son of Dolf" - QR=26-50
Mark Lewis Jones - "Game of Thrones" " - QR=26-50
Mark Lewis Jones - "Chieftan of the Stone Crows" " - QR=26-50
Mark Lewis Jones - "I serve no man" - QR=26-50
Mark Lewis Jones - "I survived!" - QR=26-50
Mark Lewis Jones - "How would you like to die?" - QR=26-50
Mark Lewis Jones - "I'm really a nice guy" - QR=11-25
Owen Teale - "For The Watch"
Paul Rattray - "Harold Karstark" - QR=51-75
Paul Rattray - "House Karstark" - QR=100-149
Paul Rattray - "Show some respect" - QR=51-75
Paul Rattray - "Castellan of Karstark" - QR=51-75
Paul Rattray - "Son of Richard Karstark" - QR=51-75
Paul Rattray - "Calvary" - QR=51-75
Paul Rattray - "Calvary (with the L shaped like a sword/arrow)" - QR=11-25
Paul Rattray - "Game of Thrones" - QR=51-75
Paul Rattray - "I'll avenge my father" - QR=150-200
Paul Rattray - "Lord of Karhold" - QR=51-75
Paul Rattray - "Time for new blood" - QR=76-100
Paul Rattray - "Battle of the Bastards" - QR=51-75
Paul Rattray - "Charge!" - QR=51-75
Paul Rattray - "total victory is now" - QR=6-10
Paul Rattray - "miraculous courage" - QR=6-10
Paul Rattray - "immediate action" - QR=6-10
Paul Rattray - "Destroy!" - QR=11-25
Paul Rattray - "Strike first" - QR=11-25
Paul Rattray - "swift and aggressive" - QR=6-10
Peter Dinklage - hand of the queen - QR=6-10
Peter Dinklage - a lannister always pays his debts - QR=6-10
Peter Dinklage - game of thrones - QR=6-10
Peter Dinklage - I don't like threats - QR=6-10
Peter Dinklage - I drink and I know things - QR=1-5
Peter Dinklage - tyrion lannister - QR=6-10
Philip McGinley - Anguy xx
Philip McGinley - no inscription - QR=1
Philip McGinley - Anguy :) - QR=1
Philip McGinley - Mr. Anguy - QR=1
Sean Blowers - "No Surrender" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "Jon Snow is King" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "The Wards of Winter" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "Wyman Manderly" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "I survived" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "War of the five Kings" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "Battle of the Trident" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "House Manderlay" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "Faith of the Seven" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "Robert's Rebellion" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "Lord of White Harbor" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "Winter is Coming" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "Bannersman of House Stark" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "Game of Thrones" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "Long live the King" - QR=26-50
Sean Blowers - "For the King of the North" - QR=1-5
Souad Faress - "Khal Savo's widow" - QR=51-75
Souad Faress - "Game of Thrones" - QR=51-75
Souad Faress - "Dosh Khaleen" - QR=51-75
Souad Faress - "Khaleesi" - QR=51-75
Souad Faress - "Vaes Dothrak" - QR=51-75
Souad Faress - "I survived" - QR=51-75
Souad Faress - "High Priestess" - QR=51-75
Souad Faress - "House Targaryen" - QR=51-75
Souad Faress - "Winter is Coming" - QR=51-75
Souad Faress - "Dothraki Priestess" - QR=51-75
Struan Rodger - GOT
Struan Rodger - "Power of Greensight" - QR=26-50
Struan Rodger - "Game of Thrones" - QR=26-50
Struan Rodger - "Winter is Coming" - QR=26-50
Struan Rodger - "Dream!" - QR=26-50
Struan Rodger - "I am Bran and Bran is me" - QR=26-50
Struan Rodger - "Three-Eyed Raven" - QR=26-50
Struan Rodger - "Succeeded by Bran" - QR=26-50
Struan Rodger - "The time has come" - QR=26-50
Struan Rodger - "Leave me!" - QR=26-50
Struan Rodger - "Slain by the Night King" - QR=26-50
Struan Rodger - "Over 1000 years old" - QR=26-50
Struan Rodger - "Old Gods of the Forest" - QR=26-50
Struan Rodger - "You will fly!" - QR=26-50
Struan Rodger - "I've been watching you" - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - "Nothing but weakness" - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - "Game of Thrones" - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - "Queen Consort" - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - "Selyse Baratheon" - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - "Humor isn't my strength" - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - "Stannis cheated" - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - "Pray to the Lord of Light" - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - "House Baratheon" - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - "Stannis's wife" - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - Shireen's Mother' - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - "We needed a son" - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - "Not a pretty ending" - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - "Nee Selyse Florent" - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - "I believe in Stannis" - QR=26-50
Tara Fitzgerald - "House Florent" - QR=26-50
Tony Way - "Just a little Drunk" - QR=76-100
Tony Way - "Ser Donthos Hollard" - QR=76-100
Tony Way - "House Hollard" - QR=76-100
Tony Way - "Just two cups" - QR=76-100
Tony Way - "Winter is coming" - QR=26-50
Tony Way - "the Court Jester" - QR=26-50
Tony Way - "Murdered by Littlefinger" - QR=26-50
Tony Way - "A living Fool" - QR=76-100
Tony Way - "I despise Joffrey" - QR=26-50
Tony Way - "I rescued Sansa" - QR=26-50
Tony Way - "A Good Juggler" - QR=26-50
Tony Way - "Game of Thrones" - QR=26-50
Tony Way - "A fool" - QR=26-50
Tony Way - "Ser Dontos the Red" - QR=26-50
Tony Way - "Dontos Hollard" - QR=26-50
Wilko Johnson - "No tongue can tell" - QR=51-75
Wilko Johnson - "I speak with my sword" - QR=51-75
Wilko Johnson - "Don't talk - Kill" - QR=26-50
Wilko Johnson - "King's Justice" - QR=51-75
Wilko Johnson - "Royal executioner" - QR=51-75
Wilko Johnson - "Ser Ilyn Payne" - QR=51-75
Wilko Johnson - "Mute Knight" - QR=51-75
Yuri Kolokolnikov - Styr - QR=51-75
Yuri Kolokolnikov - Magnar of Thenn - QR=51-75
Yuri Kolokolnikov - Humans - Yum! - QR=51-75
Yuri Kolokolnikov - Free Folk - QR=51-75
Yuri Kolokolnikov - Thenns Rule - QR=51-75
Yuri Kolokolnikov - Game of Thrones - QR=51-75
Yuri Kolokolnikov - Игры Престолов (Game of Thrones) - QR=51-75
Yuri Kolokolnikov - Take a Risk - QR=51-75
Yuri Kolokolnikov - Season Four was best - QR=51-75
Yuri Kolokolnikov - Slow Down - QR=11-25
Yuri Kolokolnikov - Attack Castle Black - QR=6-10
Yuri Kolokolnikov - Killed By Jon Snow - QR=11-25
Yuri Kolokolnikov - Loyal to Mance Rayder - QR=1-5
Yuri Kolokolnikov - Killed by a hammer - QR=1


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