Get Closer to the Action with Replica WWE Championship Title Belts

Get Closer to the Action with Replica WWE Championship Title Belts

While rings and trophies are more common, few symbols of a championship victory can match the allure and extravagance of a WWE title belt. Unfortunately, these elaborate belts are heavy and can be quite expensive. Collectors are in luck, however, as multiple options exist to fill the need for the lavish belts.

Among the choices, replica championship belts are the most realistic and include metal plates and faux leather backing. Commemorative belts normally substitute plastic in place of the metal plates. You can also find toy WWE championship belts that are geared toward kids that normally cost less than $30.

Although the belts are generally synonymous with combat sports, such as boxing, wrestling and mixed martial arts, they can also be found in other sports. Winners of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Race The Las Vegas Motor Speedway receive a championship belt instead of a trophy. Also, rodeo and golf events have awarded belts to winners.

Star athletes have even gotten into the game. Aaron Rodgers' signature celebration is the "title belt" where he showcases an invisible belt on the field and has appeared with WWE belts in several events. LeBron James surprised his Miam Heat teammates with WWE World Heavyweight Champion belts in honor of their second consecutive NBA title.

Not just limited to professional athletes, fantasy league champions can also get in on the title belt fun. View more info about the various symbols of fantasy glory here.

Starting with the first WWE Title belt from Bruno Sammartino's win over Buddy Rogers at Madison Square Garden in 1963, the belt has been a mainstay in the WWE lineage. Many men have held the title since then and plenty of belts exist to honor those victories. The full list of winners can be see here.

As the premier current wrestling body, WWE maintains a vast group of wrestlers and fans. There are currently five separate titles, each with their own WWE Championship Belt, plus a main WWE Championship Title Belt. The current list of champions can be seen below with images of the belt.

Current WWE Championship Title Belts

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WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt

WWE Intercontinental Championship Belt

WWE United States Championship Belt

WWE Tag Team Championship Belt

WWE Divas Championship Belt

Other Popular WWE Title Belts

Over the years, WWE titles have evolved. Many belts have been retired. Others have been given facelifts. Here are some of the more popular WWE replica belts that aren't currently being used.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Title Belt

WWE Attitude Championship Title Belt

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Title Belt

WWE Million Dollar Championship Title Belt

WWE Spinner Championship Title Belt

WWE Undisputed Championship Title Belt

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