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Punch-Out! Top Mike Tyson Cards

Punch-Out! Top Mike Tyson Cards

Few athletes have had the impact on their sport like Mike Tyson has on boxing. Aside from Muhammad Ali, no other modern boxer has generated more interest, both inside the ring and out of it. It shouldn't be surprising that Mike Tyson cards are more popular than ever, not that he has a lot to begin with.

While there have been a lot of peaks and valleys in Iron Mike's popularity, in recent years, things seem to have settled. Still a polarizing figure due to his controversial past, nostalgia for the past and a turn on stage and screen have helped people see a warmer side of the "Baddest Man on the Planet."

Here are some key Mike Tyson cards that are extremely popular on the secondary market.

Top Mike Tyson Cards

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1986 Panini Supersport Mike Tyson

I know, kicking off a list of Mike Tyson cards with a sticker. But this is the key piece in any Mike Tyson card collection. Predating any mainstream trading card by several years, the 1986 Panini Supersport sticker, which was distributed in Europe, trades at a couple hundred dollars for raw copies. High-grades can push close to $1,000.

Punch-Out! Top Mike Tyson Cards 1

1987 A Question of Sport Mike Tyson

Collectors have no choice but to go oddball for early Mike Tyson cards. 1987 A Question of Sport is a board game released in the UK. Stemming from a long-running British quiz show, the game includes cards from several sports. The 1987 A Question of Sport Mike Tyson card shows the boxer in the ring throwing a punch. The back is green with the game's logo and a small inner border. Tyson is also identified on the back.

Punch-Out! Top Mike Tyson Cards 2

1987 Panini Supersport Mike Tyson #160

Like the traditional second-year card, the 1987 Panini Supersport Mike Tyson sticker doesn't have nearly the prestige as his 1986 sticker, but it's still extremely popular. The white-bordered design of the sticker is simple, but it shows the tough side Tyson is known for.

Punch-Out! Top Mike Tyson Cards 3

1991 Kayo Boxing Promo Mike Tyson #5

Technically, this card didn't come out until 1992. Inserted in random 1992 Kayo Heavyweight Hologram sets, the card is a reported short print. The set had a print run of 35,000 with one of several promos inserted in every set.

Punch-Out! Top Mike Tyson Cards 4

1991 Ringlords Mike Tyson

One of the most attractive Mike Tyson cards available, the 1991 Ringlords card comes with and without a "Sample" stamp on the back. The full-bleed design pictures a celebrating Iron Mike, belt slung on shoulder, with legendary promoter Don King at his side. The version without the stamp is particularly rare as it was only inserted in five-card cello test packs.

Punch-Out! Top Mike Tyson Cards 5

2006 Topps Allen & Ginter Mike Tyson #301

It's amazing to think that the first widely available pack-inserted Mike Tyson card didn't arrive until 2006. And even then, it took a baseball set to do it. The minimalist design shows Tyson ready to fight. Several mini card parallels add to the chase as well as the number of available Mike Tyson cards.

Punch-Out! Top Mike Tyson Cards 6

2006 Topps Allen & Ginter Autographs Mike Tyson #MT

There are several levels to what makes this a great card. First, it comes from the debut Topps Allen & Ginter set, one of the most popular releases of the aughts. It's also the first autographed Mike Tyson card. Although not numbered, it has a stated print run of 200 copies. Most are now firmly entrenched in personal collections so not many show up on the secondary market.

Punch-Out! Top Mike Tyson Cards 7

2009 Sportkings Autographs Mike Tyson #MT1

Classic Mike Tyson, at least the tattooed version. The photo on this autograph is about as intense as you get. It's a memorable shot with one a great on-card autograph. The silver version has a printed run of 40 copies while a gold version is limited to 10.

Punch-Out! Top Mike Tyson Cards 8

2012 Leaf Inscriptions Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson isn't only one of the best fighters who ever lived, he also knows how to deliver some awesome quotes. A handful of those quotes are captured in 2012 Leaf Inscriptions. The set not only includes autographs from some of the most popular athletes in sports, but added notes as well. For Tyson, that means getting gems from his appearance in The Hangover and "I want to eat your children."

Tyson has also signed for several other Leaf sets over the years, but this remains one of his most unique.

Punch-Out! Top Mike Tyson Cards 9

2012/2016 Upper Deck All-Time Greats Mike Tyson Autograph

If you're simply looking for autographed Mike Tyson cards, 2012 Upper Deck All-Time Greats Sports Edition is a great place to start. He has several different cards in the set. More signed cards for Tyson came out in 2016 UD All-Time Greats Master Collection. Although also rare, these can be easier to track down compared to the 2012 cards.

Punch-Out! Top Mike Tyson Cards 10

Punch-Out! Top Mike Tyson Cards 11

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User Comments

Shawn R Flanigan
Shawn R Flanigan

Quick Question, I collect boxing cards, are any of the top brands going to make a decent boxing card set in the upcoming years?

Ringside was the last good production card.

Showtime boxing is garbage

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

I have seen nothing mentioned about a true boxing set coming down the pipeline. Best case at this point looks to be sets like Allen & Ginter or Goodwin Champions adding boxing names to the checklist.

These are great, I was just able to pick up a very rare pop 4 PSA 1990 Topps Spitting Image Mike Tyson. I also have about 20 of the “1987 A Question of Sport” and 10 of the “Allen & Ginter” non-auto profile cards + 1 PSA/DNA auto version. That 1986 sticker in GEM MINT 10 PSA is available for 6500.00 on ebay wow!


You guys should update this Mike Tyson list – you’d be amazed about how often a lot of us tyson collectors used it. It heavy influenced a lot of our collections. I think some could be dropped and think some limited ones (mike Tyson kinder egg chocolate card) could be added but that’s your guys call! You are the experts


I actually have a Ringlords rookie without the stamp. Any idea of the value? Anyone else can email me as wel mgrove77@hotmail.com

The Italian back came out in 1986 and the UK back or English back came out in 1987. The Itlaian version is the one to own and unfortunately a lot of them are mislabeled in holders. If you are in the market for a copy and want the true RC make sure you request a back scan.


RE the 1986 Panini Supersport Mike Tyson

I see 2 different versions of this, Italian and UK, any insight? Are they both RC or One came before the other?


David Peck
David Peck

This was very helpful. I was not aware of the distribution of the the 1991 Kayo and 1991 Ringlords short prints. I own a PSA 9 Mint copy of the 1991 Kayo and I am actively searching for a nice example of the 1991 Ringlords without the stamp. Thanks for the information.

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