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Trish Stratus Wrestling Cards, Autograph and Memorabilia Guide

Trish Stratus

Date of Birth: 12/18/1975
Rookie Card Year: 2001
Investment Rating: 7.0


Trish Stratus is, without a doubt, the most accomplished female in modern professional wrestling history. The seven-time WWE Women's Champion was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. Even in retirement, Trish Stratus cards and memorabilia continue to be strong sellers amongst wrestling collectors.

Proving that she was more than just a sex symbol for the company, Straus worked hard to develop the wrestling prowess necessary to compete. The sultry and voluptuous Stratus was equally adept at playing the role of heel (wrestling villain) or the girl next door.

Stratus is also an award-winning fitness model and has parlayed her career into acting roles as well. Health and fitness remain her core ideals. She owns a successful yoga studio in Canada.

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When it comes to collectibles, there is no shortage Trish Stratus cards, autographs, figures, posters, magazines and other memorabilia. Her first pack-inserted cards appeared in 2001 from both Artbox and Fleer. Prior to that, Comic Images produced a promo card for a proposed Divas set. However, the set never came to be as Fleer took over the license. While the promo card was never formally released, a very small number are believed to have survived. Stratus' popularity came the height of the event-used memorabilia period in the hobby. She has several desirable wardrobe cards in addition to the numerous autographs and insert cards on the market.

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Top Trish Stratus Cards

2001 Artbox WWF Motion Cards Trish Stratus #5

Among the first Trish Stratus cards,  this isn't your average trading card. It features lenticular motion. Part of the WWF's Attitude Era, the card doesn't show Trish Stratus' face. Rather, it's of her backside.

2001 Fleer WWF Wrestlemania Trish Stratus #68

Part of the Divas subset in Fleer's first WWF license, this joins the lenticular Artbox card as the earliest pack-inserted Trish Stratus card. The posed shot has a colorful background. It also has a Championship Gold parallel. 2001 Fleer WWF Wrestlemania also has a pair of Trish Stratus memorabilia cards.

2001 Fleer WWF Wrestlemania 68 Trish Stratus

2001 Fleer WWF Wrestlemania National Sports Collectors Convention Promo Trish Stratus #5

This card was a promo at the 2001 National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland. The card was part of a promotion for 2001 Fleer WWF Wrestlemania. The card maker brought Stratus to the show for a signing session.

2001 Fleer Wrestlmania National Promo

2001 Fleer WWF Championship Clash Divas Private Signing Trish Stratus #6

This is the first licensed Trish Stratus autographed trading card. It features Trish in one of her signature Stetson's, sequined half-shirt and white bikini bottom. The signature is on-card and contains an inscription of a heart and XOX (hugs and kisses).

2001 Fleer Private Signings Trish Stratus

2001 Fleer WWF The Ultimate Diva Collection Signed with a Kiss Trish Stratus #8

Since their inception, Kiss Cards have been among the most popular cards featuring female wrestlers (and models). These have literally been kissed, leaving being a lip print. This is Trish's first such card. Featuring an appropriately  pink color scheme and a picture of Trish with a seductive, come-hither look, the card is also accompanied by a on-card autograph. It is hand-numbered to 50 copies.

2001 Fleer Signed With A Kiss Trish Stratus

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Autograph Guide

Trish Stratus Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find examples of what an authentic Trish Stratus autograph looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Some of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market include the following companies: PSA, JSA, Tristar, WWE and Mounted Memories. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Cut Signature Exemplar

Trish Stratus Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Trish Stratus signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. Regardless of  the type of item or when it was signed, look for the following signature features:

  1. The entire signature is written at an up-sloping angle of 45 degrees.
  2. An over-sized letter "T" start the signature, before the pen lifts
  3. The only other truly discernible letter in her first name is the "h"
  4. A flamboyant letter "S" start the last name, the pen lifts and what you can read is two crossed letter "t" 's and a sloppy letter "s"
  5. She always includes some sort of character inscription consisting of a heart above her signature and x's and o's (hugs and kisses) below

Signed Trish Stratus Memorabilia Pricing:

Active Listings for Trish Stratus Signed Memorabilia

Trish Stratus Autographed Photo 1 Trish Stratus Autographed Photo 2

Additionally, Trish Stratus will sign your items, with a personalized autograph, through the mail for a $10 charge. Details are available on her website.

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Figure Guide

Trish Stratus Wrestling Figure Guide

Wrestling figures have been a popular toy line for years. Various companies have held either WWE or WWF licenses over the last several years including Jakks Pacific and Mattel. Trish Stratus has had her share of figures released during, and even after, her inn-ring career. Here is a look at Trish Stratus' line of figures.

WWE Trish Stratus Adrenaline Series 10

This figure features Trish Stratus in a two-pack with WWE SuperStar Christian. Made by Jakks Pacific, it features Trish in a white half shirt and black pants.

WWE 10 Adrenaline Trish Stratus

WWE Treacherous Trios Trish Stratus

A limited three-pack that features Trish along side Christian and Tyson Tomko. Trish is clothed in a skin-tight purple body suit.

Treacherous Trios Trish Stratus

WWE Adrenaline Series 20 Trish Stratus

Another two-pack also made by Jakks Pacific, this time Trish is paired with WWE legend and Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels. Both figures are dressed in guest referee attire.

WWE Series 20 Adrenaline Trish Stratus

WWE Ruthless Agrression Off the Ropes Trish Stratus

This is another relatively limited and rare figure from Jakks. It features Trish in a more modest outfit consisting of a tank top and pants.

WWE Jakks Pacific Ruthless Aggression


WWE Ruthless Aggression Series 14 Trish Stratus

This series marked a significant increase in realism and details by Jakks Pacific. Trish is outfitted in a pink and black athletic two-piece.

WWE 14 Ruthless Aggression Trish Stratus

WWE Classic SuperStars 24 Trish Stratus

Finally a figure of Trish in her Stetson. This figure showcases Stratus in a full length sleeveless duster and gives you the impression that she is not somebody to be toyed with.

WWE Classic Superstars 24 Trish Stratus

WWE Classic SuperStars Chase Trish Stratus

This chase figure features Trish as a more sexy and vivacious WWE Superstar. It's done in the style of the classic LJN WWF figures from the 1980s.

WWE Classic Superstars Chase Trish Stratus

WWE 24 Elite by Mattel Trish Stratus

This is the first Trish Stratus figure released by Mattel, who took over the WWF line from Jakks Pacific. Trish is decked out in one of her pink and black ring outfits and is accessorized with the WWE Divas Championship belt.

WWE 24 Elite Trish Stratus

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Other Resources

For more information about Trish Stratus, in and out of the ring, please visit:

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