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Ronda Rousey MMA Cards and Autographed Memorabilia Guide

Ronda Rousey

Date of Birth: 2/1/1987
Rookie Card Year: 2012
Investment Rating: 6.5


Ronda Rousey cards and autographed memorabilia are gaining credibility in the eyes of many collectors. Even those who typically don't collect MMA cards and memorabilia are taking a liking to the hard-hitting fighter. Rousey's domination in the Octagon has earned her the respect of numerous fans and collectors.

Ronda Rousey has had numerous trading cards in Topps UFC products. While the specifics of which of these cards qualifies as her official rookie card can be debated, what isn't open for debate is the increasing price trends her cards have been experiencing on eBay and other secondary markets.

Rousey's undefeated career in the Strikeforce circuit played a large part in UFC President, Dana White's decision to sanction a women's division within the big league ranks of the UFC. His decision paid immediate dividends as Rousey's original match and subsequent rematch with Strikeforce rival, Meisha Tate, saw a tremendous response on pay-per-view and coverage from mainstream news outlets around the world.

With regards to Ronda Rousey's autographed memorabilia, demand is high for everything from pictures, fight gloves and more. However, one of the most solid values for Ronda Rousey autographs can be found on her trading cards. Topps has done an impressive job in the product development and design of the UFC brands and many of her autographed cards also incorporate memorabilia including fighter-worn material and Octagon mat relics.

Key Early Ronda Rousey Cards

2012 Topps Finest UFC Autographs Ronda Rousey #A-RR

2012 Topps Finest Ronda Rousey Auto

This is Ronda Rousey's first licensed autographed trading card. It features an on-card signature and shows Rousey being declared the winner of one of her matches. Refractor parallels of the card exist with serial numbering to 25, 8 and 1. Four Autographed Printing Plates were also included, each being a one-of-one.

2012 Topps UFC Bloodlines Ronda Rousey #150

2012 Topps Bloodlines Ronda Rousey

As her first base card, many refer to this as the Ronda Rousey rookie card. The card depicts Rousey administering one of her many arm-bar submissions in her Strikeforce days. A Flag parallel, displaying an American flag in the background, is numbered to 188 and a Black parallel version of the card is numbered to 88. Rare parallels of the card are Red, numbered to just 8 copies and the Platinum one-of-one. There are also four Printing Plates.

2012 Topps UFC Bloodlines Ronda Rousey #A-RR Autograph #/75

2012 Topps Bloodlines Ronda Rousey Auto

Essentially an autographed version of her base card, this card is serial numbered to 75. The card also has several parallels numbered to 15 or less.

2012 Topps UFC Bloodlines Fighter Relics Ronda Rousey #FR-RR #/188

2012 Topps Bloodlines Ronda Rousey Relic

Using the same picture from her base card, the orientation is laid out horizontally to include a small swatch of fighter-worn material. It is serial numbered to 188. Parallel versions numbered to 8 and 1 command top dollar.

 2012 Topps UFC Bloodlines Fighter Relic Autograph Ronda Rousey #FR-RR #/50

2012 Topps Bloodlines Ronda Rousey Relic Auto

Using a different photograph for the autographed version of the Fighter Relic card, it is limited to just 50 copies and uses a sticker autograph. Autographed Printing Plates and parallels numbered to 8 and 1 also exist.

2012 Topps UFC Bloodlines Jumbo Fighter Relics Ronda Rousey #FJR-RR #/88


Serial numbered to just 88 total copies, this card uses the same base card image and incorporates a very large swatch of fighter-worn material into the card. Parallel versions numbered to 8 and 1 are also available as well as Printing Plates.

2012 Topps UFC Bloodlines Jumbo Fight Mat Relics  Ronda Rousey #JFMR-RR #/88

2012 Topps Bloodlines Ronda Rousey Jumbo Mat Relic

Showcasing a huge piece of the mat used in a Strikeforce event, the card pictures Rousey wearing the Championship belt. Parallel versions numbered to 8 have multiple colors taken from the mat logos. The one-of-one Platinum platinum is the true treasure. Collectors can also hunt for the four Printing Plates.

2012 Topps UFC Bloodlines Jumbo Fight Mat Relics Autograph Ronda Rousey #AFM-RR #/25

2012 Topps Bloodlines Ronda Rousey Jumbo Mat Relic Auto

Adding one final element to Rousey's UFC Bloodlines portfolio is the over-sized fight mat jumbo relic autograph. Serial numbered to just 25 copies, no parallels exist.

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Autograph Guide

Ronda Rousey Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find examples of what an authentic Ronda Rousey signature autograph looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Some of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market include the following companies: PSA, JSA, and UFC. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Ronda Rousey Cut Signature Exemplar

Ronda Rousey Signature Example

Ronda Rousey Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Ronda Rousey signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. She likes to take up a lot of space when she signs. As a result her trading card signature looks different than here signature on larger flat items. However, regardless of  the type of item or when it was signed, look for, at least some, of the following signature features:

  1. Often written on an upward angle with just a very slight lean to the right.
  2. She generally takes pride in her penmanship but it can vary from venue to venue.
  3. The key distinguishing characteristics to look for are the heart/shamrock shaped pictures made out of the letter "R"'s which include that ling curling tail/stem.
  4. The remaining letters are small sometimes legible sometimes not although she usually makes the effort.
  5. The signature ends with a dramatic letter "y" and its large bottom loop and flaired upstroke.

Signed Ronda Rousey Memorabilia Pricing:

Active Listings for Ronda Rousey Signed Memorabilia

Ronda Rousey Signed Glove

Ronda Rousey Signed Photo

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