Ron Francis Cards, Rookie Card and Autographed Memorabilia Guide

Ron Francis

Date of Birth: 3/1/1963
Rookie Card Year: 1982-83
Investment Rating: 6.0


Ron Francis is one of the most overlooked modern hockey players in the hobby. He spent 23 years playing in the NHL before taking off the skates and entering the coaching ranks. He is a member of the elite 500 Goal Club with 549 career goals. The multiple-time All-Star may be best remembered for his contributions to the Pittsburgh Penguins' back-to-back Stanley Cup Championships in the early 1990s. Although he was a fan favorite, Ron Francis cards and autographed memorabilia can be found cheaper than one might expect from a player of his caliber.

Francis' rookie card is from the 1982-83 O-Pee-Chee Hockey set. He has two minor league cards from his playing days with Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds. Ron Francis also has two additional first year cards. One was issued by Post Cereal and the other as part of a Hartford Whalers team-issued set. However, neither are considered to be rookie cards because they're oddball issues.

His first certified autograph cards can be found in 1995-96 Be a Player. He has a regular and die-cut parallel version in the set.

Francis' first memorabilia cards were issued in 2000-01 Be A Player Ultimate Memorabilia. He has a total of five different game-used jersey cards in the set. One of the rarest is the autographed version that is serial numbered to just 6 total copies. He is paired on the card with Mario Lemieux.

Ron Francis' autographed memorabilia is collected by a wide range of hockey fans. Some of his more plentiful items are those associated with the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup victories in 1990-91 and 1991-92.

Ron Francis Rookie Card

1982-83 O-Pee-Chee Ron Francis RC #123

Ron Francis Cards, Rookie Card and Autographed Memorabilia Guide 1

The now defunct Hartford Whalers franchise still has some nostalgic fans. Ron Francis is arguably the team's all-time greatest rookie. This card captures a moment in time that most people may have forgotten but immortalizes this Hall of Famer. O-Pee-Chee was the only official mainstream trading card set in 1982-83 and fans and collectors can be thankful they included Francis on the checklist.

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Autograph Guide

Ron Francis Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find an example of what Ron Francis' authentic signature looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication companySome of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market include the following companies: PSA, JSA, Tristar, and Mounted Memories. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Ron Francis Cut Signature Exemplar:

Ron Francis Cards, Rookie Card and Autographed Memorabilia Guide 2

Ron Francis Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Ron Francis signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. Regardless of the type of item, or when it was signed, look for the following signature features:

Ron Francis Signature Characteristics

  1. The signature is very individually stylized with no discernible letters.
  2. It is written in a manner that the entire signature is equal in height from start to finish and written on a 45-degree angle.
  3. The signature consists of three letters: "R-F-S."

Ron Francis Signed Puck Pricing:

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Ron Francis Signed Jersey Pricing:

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Ron Francis Signed Stick Pricing:

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Ron Francis Signed Photograph Pricing:

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