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Rob Gronkowski Rookie Card Guide and Checklist

Rob Gronkowski

Date of Birth: 5/14/1989
Rookie Card Year: 2010
Investment Rating: 7.0

The only person that can stop Rob Gronkowski is Rob Gronkowski. More specifically, his injuries. Rob Gronkowski rookie cards are already the most popular of any tight end in hobby history and his success with the New England Patriots and Tom Brady is quite impressive.

When it comes to Rob Gronkowski's earliest cards, there are plenty of choices available, including over 30 official rookie cards in 2010 products. The 13 autographed rookies from Topps and Panini are the top options and there are also some popular cards from Upper Deck which feature a college theme.

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The best overall first-year cards for Gronk can be seen below and his full rookie card checklist is available on the tab above.

Top Rob Gronkowski Rookie-Year Cards

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2010 National Treasures Rob Gronkowski RC #329 Autographed Patch #/99

The most valuable Rob Gronkowski rookie card is found in National Treasures and includes a large patch, on-card signature and print run of just 99. However, don't confuse him with his brother, Chris, who also has a rookie card in 2010 National Treasures.

2010 National Treasures Rob Gronkowsi RC #329 Autographed Jersey

2010 Contenders Rob Gronkowski RC #229 Autograph

Always a crowd favorite because of the on-card autographs and possible short prints, Contenders is a top Rob Gronkowski rookie card and also one of the most plentiful. There are two versions of the Rookie Ticket and they are easily distinguished based on the jersey color. Although the cards are not numbered, it was revealed that both cards have 499 copies.

2010 Contenders Rob Gronkowski RC #229 Autograph white jersey2010 Contenders Rob Gronkowski RC #229 Autograph blue jersey

2010 Topps Five Star Rob Gronkowski RC #161 Autographed Jersey #/90

While the jersey piece is smaller than National Treasures, Gronk's 2010 Five Star rookie card matches or exceeds its premium card counterpart in nearly every other category. The print run checks in just lower at 90 and the larger signing area is nicely framed with the ornate silver foil design.

2010 Topps Five Star Rob Gronkowski RC #161 Autographed Patch

2010 UD Exquisite Collection Rob Gronkowski #131 Autographed Patch #/120

2010 Exquisite Collection features a college image of Gronk with the University of Arizona, and largely matches Five Star and National Treasures with a jersey patch, print run of 120 and on-card signature. The gold ink works well with the gold foil in the design, giving the popular first-year card a distinct look.

2010 Exquisite Collection Rob Gronkowski #131 Autographed Patch

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RC Checklist

Rob Gronkowski Rookie Card Checklist

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