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Reggie Bush Rookie Cards and Autograph Memorabilia Guide

Reggie Bush

Date of Birth: 3/2/1985
Rookie Card Year: 2006
Investment Rating: 4.0


Reggie Bush cards were among the hottest in the hobby when he burst onto the NFL scene in 2006. Fans and collectors expected him to show the same dominance with the New Orleans Saints that he displayed winning a Heisman Trophy at USC. Even though his rookie stats were nothing special, his values skyrocketed when the Saints won the Super Bowl in 2010. Unfortunately for Bush and his collectors, he never lived up to the lofty expectations placed upon him.  As a result, values have since dropped on Bush cards and memorabilia.

Although injuries and a lack of production have kept him from consistent on-field success, Bush continues to carry strong name recognition based on his off-field life. A high-profile relationship with Kim Kardashian and regular endorsement deals allowed him to stay culturally relevant despite his on-field struggles.

A fresh start with the Miami Dolphins gave Bush a little extra time to finally become the featured back many expected him to be. But it was his arrival in Detroit in March of 2013 that signaled a true new start. Playing for a team committed to the running game, Bush has shown flashes of the brilliance that fans and collectors had long hoped he would achieve.

Top 3 Reggie Bush Football Rookie Cards

2006 Exquisite Collection Reggie Bush RC #105 Autographed Jersey #/99

This card has it all: rookie from a high-end product, on-card autograph, generous patch and serial numbering to 99. All other Reggie Bush cards are fighting for second place.

2006 Playoff National Treasures Reggie Bush RC#143 Autographed Jersey #/99

It is not as well put together as the Exquisite card but Bush's National Treasures rookie is still a top card. It features two swatches and a boxed autograph. The autograph concept may have a more complete look than the straight sticker auto but it's still not as desirable as on-card. Plus, the box area is rarely large enough to display the entire autograph and it can ruin the card if part of the signature is obstructed.

2006 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Reggie Bush RC#251 Autograph #/25

Although it is a sticker autograph card, which keeps it from the top, the 2006 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Reggie Bush is limited to just 25 copies. This card has the lowest print run of all his rookies.

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Rookie Cards

Reggie Bush Rookie Card Checklist

Budget Rookie Cards

Mid-Range Rookie Cards

  • 2006 Absolute Memorabilia #260 Jersey #/849
  • 2006 Bowman Chrome #111
  • 2006 Bowman Sterling #RB1 Jersey
  • 2006 Donruss Classics #123 #/599
  • 2006 Donruss Elite #204 #/599
  • 2006 Donruss Gridiron Gear #222 Jersey #/50
  • 2006 Flair Showcase #232 #/199
  • 2006 Leaf Certified Materials #210 Jersey #/550
  • 2006 Select #360 #/599
  • 2006 Topps Chrome #221
  • 2006 Ultra #203 #/500
  • 2006 Upper Deck Legends #184 #/750

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Autograph Guide

Reggie Bush Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find an example of what Reggie Bush's authentic signature looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Some of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market include the following companies: PSA, JSA, Steiner, Tristar and Mounted Memories. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Reggie Bush Cut Signature Exemplar

Reggie Bush Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Reggie Bush signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. Regardless of  the type of item or when it was signed, look for the following signature features:

  1. The signature is relatively consistent in character make-up with a slight left leaning signature.
  2. The letter "R" is clearly legible resembling the combination of a vertical line and the number "2."
  3. The pen stays on the surface and begins the consecutive letters "g-g" with the "e" being implied.
  4. The loops of the "g" are consistent and overlapping as they resemble backward "D"s.
  5. A dot implies the letter combination "i-e."
  6. The letter "B" has no vertical line closing the back, as such it resembles a number "3."
  7. The final character crosses over the "B" slightly and resembles an oval shaped "o."

Reggie Bush Signed Football Pricing:

Active Listings for Reggie Bush Signed Footballs

Reggie bush Signed Football

Reggie Bush Signed Jersey Pricing:

Active Listings for Reggie Bush Signed Jerseys

Reggie bush Signed Jersey

Reggie Bush Signed Helmet Pricing:

Active Listings for Reggie Bush Signed Helmets

Reggie bush Signed Helmet

Reggie Bush Signed Photograph Pricing:

Active Listings for Reggie Bush Signed Photographs

Reggie bush Signed Photo

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More Info

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Trey Treutel is an Ole Miss grad and a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options. Find Trey on Twitter at @datreute or Google+.

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