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Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide

Paul George

Date of Birth: 5/2/1990

Rookie Card Year: 2010-11

Investment Rating: 7.5


While not yet a household name, Paul George and his rookie cards are starting to gain the attention of the masses. After a few seasons with the Indiana Pacers, Paul George has firmly planted himself in the starting lineup and his strong play has helped his team become a perennial playoff team.

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The man with two first names, Paul George played for Fresno State for two years before he was selected 10th overall by the Pacers in the 2010 NBA Draft. George was named to the All-Rookie 2nd Team while primarily coming off the bench. He got his shot as a starter during his Sophomore season and averaged over 12 points, two assists and five rebounds per game during the lockout-shortened season.

Paul George's breakout year came during the 2012-13 season. Posting career highs, George averaged over 17 points, four assists and seven rebounds per game. He was also named to his first All-Star team and helped the Pacers lock up the third playoff seed in the Eastern Conference. While the Pacers are not quite ready to compete with the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference, a few good individual performances in the playoffs will greatly enhance Paul George's value. Indiana is not an ideal market for a young star but the Pacers have surrounded George with several talented players and they appear to be stocked for many years of playoff runs. As with most things in the hobby, individual accolades, consistent winning and NBA Championships will dictate long-term value, but at current prices, Paul George rookie cards are a worthwhile risk.

The following list shows all 17 Paul George rookie cards, including 13 autographed cards. All of the official NBA licensed Paul George rookie cards are found in Panini products.

Collectors hoping to expand their Paul George collections to autographed memorabilia are not left with many options. There are still plenty of choices among his cards, and as his reputation builds, more collecting avenues will emerge for Paul George.

Paul George Rookie Card Guide

2010-11 Absolute Memorabilia Paul George RC #160 Autographed Jersey #/499

The Absolute Memorabilia Paul George rookie card is dominated by a three-piece relic that features two small jersey swatches and one basketball piece, and a sticker autograph. With a print run of 499, it is one of the most plentiful autographed Paul George rookie cards.

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 1

2010-11 Adrenalyn XL Paul George RC #237

Part of the low-end offerings geared toward kids and new collectors, Adrenalyn XL is actually a game, as well as a collectible.

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 2

2010-11 Classics Paul George RC #164 Autograph #/449

Although a print run of 449 hinders the value some, the Paul George rookie card from Classics is a great value option for collectors. Featuring an on-card autograph with ample singing space, the card utilizes an appealing design that incorporates the Pacers color scheme. While the card is not plain, the design allows the image of George to be the featured element.

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 3

2010-11 Donruss Paul George RC #237

A great throwback to the past, the Rated Rookie card of Paul George is another low-end option for collectors to pursue. Featuring the simplest design and some great photography, Panini should make this a regular in their yearly products.

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 4

2010-11 Elite Black Box The Rookies Signatures Paul George RC #7 Autograph #/149

Elite Black Box received mixed reviews from collectors. Like the Paul George rookie card, many incorporated sticker autographs and the all black color scheme was prone to chipping and smudges. Still, with only 149 cards in existence, the card will remain popular based on its rarity and unique look.

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 5

2010-11 Limited Paul George RC #183 Autographed Jersey #/249

With a tiny jersey piece and another sticker autograph, Limited follows a disappointing trend. Parallels include Silver (#/25) and Gold Spotlight (#/10).

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 6

2010-11 Panini Gold Standard Paul George RC #222 Autograph #/299

As the name indicates, the Paul George rookie card from Gold Standard features a lot of gold in the design. While the on-card autograph is a plus, Panini managed to still make it look like a sticker autograph. There is also a Platinum Gold parallel serial numbered #/25.

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 7

2010-11 Panini Stickers Paul George RC #358

Paul George's Panini Stickers rookie card is exactly what you would expect it to be. A low-priced sticker with a simple design, these cards are great for young collectors.

2010-11 Panini Threads Paul George RC #33 Autograph #/399

Panini Threads applies a unique spin to rookie cards featured in the product. Printed on a wood-like paper, the card showcases a half-court background. Unfortunately, the autographs are very susceptible to bleeding. This Paul George rookie card is limited to 399.

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 8

2010-11 Playoff Contenders Patches Paul George RC #110 Autograph

The first of several manufactured patch cards, Playoff Contenders had a base rookie card and short print variation card for each player. The variation card features a secondary logo patch for the team. Both versions are autographed and are not numbered.

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 9Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 10

2010-11 Playoff National Treasures Paul George RC #210 Autographed Jersey #/99

The top Paul George rookie card, National Treasures has emerged as the best replacement for Exquisite Basketball. Featuring a large jersey patch, on-card autograph and print run of only 99, these cards are already nearing the one thousand dollar mark. Gold parallels are limited to 25.

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 11

2010-11 Prestige Paul George RC #160/220

I am still not sure why Prestige includes mutiple rookie cards for each player. Between the two, the best choice is card #220, which shows Paul George in his full uniform. Both can be found for a few dollars. Parallels include Orange Bonus Shots (Retail, #/499), Gold Bonus Shots (#/249), Purple Bonus Shots (#/49), and Green Bonus Shots (#/25).

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 12Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 13

2010-11 Rookies and Stars Paul George RC #140 Autograph #/455

Why? These are questions I ponder when I see cards like this. A tiny image of Paul George is squeezed into the corner to make way for a massive manufactured logo piece. Also, the signatures never seem to look crisp on these cards. A high print run further diminishes the value.

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 14

2010-11 Timeless Treasures Paul George RC #110 Autograph #/299

The Paul George rookie from Timeless Treasures is neither timeless, nor a treasure. Again, Panini squeezes a tiny image of George onto a card to make room for an oversized signature area. This could have  been a good thing if the autograph was not signed on a feaux leather cut piece. What you are left with is a disappointing rookie card featuring a dis-colored autograph that is is prone to fading.

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 15

2010-11 Totally Certified Paul George RC #173 Autographed Jersey #/599

In complete contrast to Timeless Treasures, you have Totally Certified. This is a nice looking Paul George rookie card. The modern design features a large jersey piece under a die-cut "Rookie" text and on-card autograph. The print run is still a little on the high side but there are several parallels which are more rare. These include Red (#/99), Blue (#49),  Gold (#/25), Green (#/5), and Black (1/1).

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 16

Other Notable Early Paul George Cards

2010-11 SP Authentic Paul George #237 Autographed Jersey #/149

Because Panini has the exclusive card license with the NBA, Upper Deck is forced to use college images on SP Authentic. This is actually a nice change of pace. Like the Rookie and Stars card above, signatures rarely look good on the jersey letters. The print run is also somewhat misleading. Although the letter "G" in Paul George's name is limited to 149, the entire run totals 894. That is way too many cards.

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 17

2010-11 Ultimate Collection Paul George #61 Autograph #/99

Ultimate is another product that has seen its relevance drop since Upper Deck lost its NBA licensing. The design teeters close to some kind of geometric shape art but it does not distract from the card. A low print run of 99 immediately boosts the appeal and value, but the sticker autograph is a huge letdown.

Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 18

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Autograph Guide

Paul George Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find an example of what Paul George's authentic signature looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well respected professional autograph authentication company.
Paul George Rookie Cards and Memorabilia Guide 19

Top eBay Listings Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

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