Jimmy Butler Rookie Card Guide and Checklist

Jimmy Butler

Date of Birth: 9/14/1989
Rookie Card Year: 2012-13
Investment Rating: 7.0

With multiple All-Star and defensive accolades, Jimmy Butler is among the best players in the NBA. Even though he has moved around the league a few times, Jimmy Butler rookie cards maintain solid interest.

Basketball ability aside, Jimmy Butler's childhood story is quite remarkable. Check out a detailed account of his early years.

While Jimmy Butler's rookie year came in 2011-12, his official rookie cards were not released until 2012-13 products because of the lockout. However, collectors could still find redemptions for his pre-rookie cards in several 2011-12 products. Issued only in Panini sets, Jimmy Butler's 2012-13 rookie options feature a good mix of designs and price points.

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Marquee, which features five different cards, and Prizm are two of the most popular base rookie cards for Butler that can be found for reasonable amounts. Among his many premium options, National Treasures and Immaculate offer the most valuable rookie cards for Jimmy Butler. Preferred is also a great place to look for on-card autographs.

Check out the full checklist for Jimmy Butler rookie cards below.

Jimmy Butler Rookie Card Checklist

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Jimmy Butler Rookie Card Guide and Checklist 1

Mid-Range Rookie Cards

Premium Rookie Cards

Jimmy Butler Rookie Card Guide and Checklist 2

Jimmy Butler Rookie Card Guide and Checklist 3

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