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Jimmie Foxx Baseball Cards and Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Jimmie Foxx

Date of Birth: 10/22/1907

Rookie Card Year: 1933

Investment Rating: 9.5


Jimmie Foxx was one of the most prolific hitters the game has ever seen. With the ability to hit for power and average, his prowess at the plate wreaked fear in opposing pitchers. As a result, Jimmie Foxx baseball cards and autographed memorabilia are highly coveted, even to this day.

Foxx spent the majority of career split between two rabid fan bases, the Philadelphia Athletics and the Boston Red Sox. Competing for his collectibles are not only collectors of those two teams, but 500 Home Run Club collectors, Hall of Fame Collectors, just to name a few. What results is frantic bidding on any high-grade card, game-used memorabilia, or authentic autographs that hit the market.

Another player whose official rookie cards are part of the 1933 Goudey Baseball set, Foxx also has an impressive pre-rookie checklist that includes the following:

  • 1926-29 Exhibit Postcard
  • 1927 W560 Strip Card #15
  • 1928 R315 #9
  • 1929 Exhibits Four-on-One #15
  • 1929 R316 Kashin Publications #26
  • 1929 Leader Novelty Candy #4
  • 1929 Lindy Theatre
  • 1929 Orient Theatre
  • 1929 W553 Strip Card #3
  • 1930 Baguer Chocolate #24
  • 1930 W554 Strip Card #3
  • 1931 Exhibits Four-on-One #13
  • 1931 W-UNC Strip Cards #16
  • 1931 W502 Strip Card #16
  • 1931 W517 Strip Card #21
  • 1931 W517 Strip Card #21
  • 1932 PR2 Orbit Gum Pins #18
  • 1932 Orbit Gum Pins
  • 1932 R328 U. S. Caramel #23
  • 1932 W574 Strip Card #14

In addition to his 1933 Goudey cards, Ott also has other cards that were printed that year including one in the very popular 1933 Delong Gum set, as well as these others products:

  • 1933 R306 Butter Cream #8
  • 1933 R337 Eclipse Import
  • 1933 Exhibits Four-on-one #7
  • 1933 R300 George C. Miller #12 (an error and corrected version with his last name)
  • 1933 V353 Goudey World Wide Gum #29
  • 1933 V353 Goudey World Wide Gum #85
  • 1933 PX3 Double Header Pins
  • 1933 E285 Rittenhouse Candy
  • 1933 R305 Tattoo Orbit #20
  • 1933 R308 Tattoo Orbit #153
  • 1933 R317 Uncle Jacks Candy #10

With regards to Foxx's modern cards, his first certified autograph cards were one-of-one cut signature cards in 1999 SP Signature and 1999 Upper Deck Century Legends. That year also saw the first Jimmie Foxx memorabilia card, with Upper Deck producing a bat card for the Piece of History 500 Home Run Club set.

Jimmie Foxx Rookie Cards

1933 Goudey Jimmie Foxx RC #29

Jimmie Foxx Baseball Cards and Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide 1

The bright yellow background and accompanying red banner along the bottom provides a striking contrast to the image of Foxx, clad in white as he swings threw a pitch in a posed shot.

1933 Goudey Jimmie Foxx RC #154

Jimmie Foxx Baseball Cards and Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide 2

This is identical to card #29 but with different numbering. Neither card commands a premium over the other but this one seems easier to find.

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Autograph Guide

Jimmie Foxxx Autograph Guide

When looking to purchase authentic autographed memorabilia from legendary and long deceased players like Jimmie Foxx, great caution is urged. We recommend buying authenticated Jimmie Foxx signature autographs from one of the reputable authenticators in the industry, PSA or JSA. The most common items found to be authentically signed by Jimmie Foxx include index cards, letters and photographs. Any cut signature trading cards from manufactures like Topps, Leaf, Tristar and Upper Deck should also be considered legitimate.

Jimmie Foxx Signature Example:

Jimmie Foxx Baseball Cards and Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide 3

Jimmie Foxx Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Jimmie Foxx signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. Regardless of  the type of item or when it was signed, look for the following signature features:

  1. A classic cursive script makes each letter identifiable.
  2. The "J" resembles a backwards "B."
  3. The "i"'s are dotted but haphazardly.
  4. The "m"'s are nearly identical as are the "x"s.
  5. The "F" looks like a "7" overlapped with a triangle with one line considerably longer than the other.
  6. An underline of some sort is often present.

Jimmie Foxx Signature Autograph Pricing

Active Listings for Jimmie Foxx Autographs

Jimmie Foxx Baseball Cards and Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide 4

Jimmie Foxx Baseball Cards and Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide 5

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More Info

For additional information on Jimmie Foxx, including playing statistics and life off the field, be sure to visit:

Rob is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff and co-host of Cardboard Connection Radio.He is an avid collector with over 20 years of active experience in the hobby.

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My sister in law came across a Jimmie Foxx baseball card from her late husbands things. wonder if it has any value. National Baseball Hall of Fame 50 years model.Also Mike Schmidt 2001 Collection. Advise. ??

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