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Jerome Bettis Cards, Rookie Cards and Autographed Memorabilia Guide

Jerome Bettis

Date of Birth: 2/16/1972
Rookie Card Year: 1993
Investment Rating: 6.5


Jerome Bettis cards and autographed memorabilia are popular with two very strong fan bases. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame's Fighting Irish, Bettis once held the school record for most touchdowns in a season. His major contributions to the team's Cotton Bowl victory in 1992 endeared him to fans and alumni forever.

Although he won Rookie of the Year honors with the Los Angeles Rams, his legacy truly began when he joined the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1996. He was part of the Super Bowl XL winning team. As such, he has earned a place of honor among the fans of the Steelers Nation.

Jerome Bettis has 22 total rookie cards, all hailing from 1993 products. Unfortunately, he has no autograph or memorabilia rookie cards as that industry revolution was still a few years away.

With regards to Jerome Bettis autographed memorabilia, balls and jerseys are the most popular. Anything tied to his Super Bowl win carries a slight premium. The future Hall of Famer remains in the spotlight with his various broadcasting roles and occasionally participates in public autograph signing events.

Top Jerome Bettis Rookie Cards

1993 Playoff Contenders Jerome Bettis RC #124

1993 Playoff Contenders Jerome Bettis RC

The advent of the Playoff Contenders brand was just getting started back in 1993. Due to the esteemed recognition the brand receives today, when collectors go back looking for a Jerome Bettis rookie card, this is one of the most popular.

1993 SP Jerome Bettis RC #6

1993 SP Jerome Bettis RC

Upper Deck's super premium product, commonly known as SP was also a relatively new innovation back in 1993. The dynamic design and coloring was an instant hit with collectors.

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Rookie Cards

Jerome Bettis Rookie Card Checklist

Budget Rookie Cards

1993 Action Packed jerome Bettis RC

  • 1993 Action Packed #172
  • 1993 Bowman #264
  • 1993 GameDay #339
  • 1993 Pacific #434
  • 1993 Pacific Prisms #48
  • 1993 Playoff #294
  • 1993 Power Update Prospects #9
  • 1993 Pro Line Live #143
  • 1993 Pro Line Portraits #473
  • 1993 Pro Set #226
  • 1993 Score #306
  • 1993 Select #172
  • 1993 SkyBox Impact #370
  • 1993 Ultra #232
  • 1993 Wild Card #159

Mid-Range Rookie Cards

1993 Upper Deck Jerome Bettis RC

  • 1993 Playoff Contenders #124
  • 1993 SkyBox Premium #62
  • 1993 SP #6
  • 1993 Stadium Club #108
  • 1993 Topps #166
  • 1993 Upper Deck #20
  • 1993 Wild Card Superchrome #159

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Autograph Guide

Jerome Bettis Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find an example of what Jerome Bettis's authentic signature looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Some of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market include the following companies: PSA, JSA, Tristar, and Mounted Memories. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Jerome Bettis Cut Signature Exemplar


Jerome Bettis Key Signature Attributes: The example above is Jerome Bettis' signature. An authentic Jerome Bettis signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. However, depending on the type of item signed or in what setting, his signature characteristics can change.

Jerome Bettis Signature Characteristics

  1. The entire signature is  flowing series of indecipherable characters.
  2. Look for features like the backwards looking "?" on the left side that loops back.
  3. Look for the bloated kidney shap on the right with a small line in it.
  4. Only buy Jerome Bettis autograph items that are accompanied with a reputable certificate of authenticity.

Jerome Bettis Signed Football Pricing:

Active Listings for Jerome Bettis Signed Footballs

Jerome Bettis Signed Football

Jerome Bettis Signed Jerseys Pricing:

Active Listings for Jerome Bettis Signed Jerseys

Jerome Bettis Signed Jersey

Jerome Bettis Signed Helmet Pricing:

Active Listings for Jerome Bettis Signed Helmets

Jerome Bettis Signed Helmet

Jerome Bettis Signed Photograph Pricing:

Active Listings for Jerome Bettis Signed Photographs

Jerome Bettis Signed Photo

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Other  Resources

For general information on Jerome Bettis as well as his player statistics visit:

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