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Brendan Shanahan Cards, Rookie Cards and Autographed Memorabilia Guide

Brendan Shanahan

Date of Birth: 1/23/1969
Rookie Card Year: 1988-89
Investment Rating: 5.5


Brendan Shanahan hockey cards and autographed memorabilia flew under the radar for much of his career. Despite being the second overall pick in the 1987 NHL Entry Draft by the New Jersey Devils and performing admirably his rookie year, Shanahan suffered from the high expectations placed upon him. Prior to being drafted, Shanahan enjoyed a stellar career with the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League. He has two pre-rookie cards from team issued sets, 1985-86 London Knights #9 and 1986-86 London Knights #6.

Brendan Shanahan continued to develop into a great two-way player and finally became deserving of household-name status after joining the Detroit Red Wings where he was part of three, Stanley Cup winning teams. As a result of being an integral part of the team's success, he is beloved by the Hockeytown fan base. His autographed memorabilia remains in high demand and secondary market values reflect this.

Brendan Shanahan has two rookie cards, both released for the 1988-89 season. One was released by Topps and the other is a Canadian version produced by O-Pee-Chee.

Brendan Shanahan Rookie Card Checklist

1988-89 O-Pee-Chee Brendan Shanahan RC #122

1988-89 OPC Brendan Shanahan RC

The 1988-89 OPC set is notorious for its rough cut borders. As a result, high-grade versions are difficult to locate and when they do become available, they can sell for several hundred dollars. The OPC card features a bilingual back in both French and English.

1988-89 Topps Brendan Shanahan RC #122

1988-89 Topps Brendan Shanahan RC

The card is identical to the OPC version except for the company logo and the lack of a bilingual back. Like most Topps hockey sets, it's not worth as much as the O-Pee-Chee card. So if you're not picky, this represents a solid bargain.

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Autograph Guide

Brendan Shanahan Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find an example of what Brendan Shanahan's authentic signature looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Some of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market include the following companies: PSA, JSA, and Mounted Memories.

Brendan Shanahan Cut Signature Exemplar:

Brendan Shanahan Signature Example

Brendan Shanahan Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Brendan Shanahan signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. Regardless of  the type of item or when it was signed, look for the following signature features:

  1. The signature consists of three primary characters; the initials "B", "S" and the numeral 14.
  2. The letter "B" forms what looks like the combination of a question mark and oval.
  3. The "S" continues off the "B" with a small closed loop at the top, a swoop down and to the right and coming back around to create a large closed and circular loop.
  4. A character that resembles a "w" or written "u-l" combination separates the numeral which is often included with an underline.

Brendan Shanahan Signed Puck Pricing:

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Brendan Shanahan Signed puck

Brendan Shanahan Signed Jersey Pricing:

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Brendan Shanahan Signed Jersey

Brendan Shanahan Signed Stick Pricing:

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brendan Shanahan Signed Stick

Brendan Shanahan Signed Photograph Pricing:

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brendan Shanahan Signed Photo

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