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Allen Iverson Card and Memorabilia Guide

Allen Iverson

Date of Birth: 6/7/1975
Rookie Card Year: 1996-97
Investment Rating: 7.0


Allen Iverson was one of the most exciting players in the NBA for nearly a decade. The small guard was a scoring machine and his brash and cocky attitude defined a generation of players. Unfortunately, like many athletes, Iverson did not know when to call it quits, and his reputation and legacy suffered near the end of his career. Now that he is officially retired, some of the damage has been repaired and values are returning. Once the Hall of Fame comes calling, Allen Iverson cards will see considerable interest.

Love him or hate him, Allen Iverson proved he belonged in the NBA, and in his prime, Iverson was nearly unstoppable. The 11-time All-Star averaged 26.7 points per game over his career. He was named the NBA MVP in 2001 and was a four-time scoring champion.

Allen Iverson rookie cards are fairly basic, so the prices are fairly cheap. With 16 cards to choose from, there are quite a few options for collectors. The biggest values come from the low-numbered parallels.

Top Allen Iverson Rookie Cards

Population reports current as of 10/13

1996-97 Topps Chrome Allen Iverson RC #171

1996-97 Topps Chrome contains the most popular Allen Iverson rookie card. The simple design and chrome finish quickly found a home with collectors and unopened box values have gone through the roof due to people trying to pull Kobe Bryant rookie cards. Refractor parallels fall 1:12 packs and represent the chase aspect.

1996-97 Topps Chrome Allen Iverson BGS Population Report:
# Submitted: 1,074
Pristine 10: 7
Gem Mint 9.5: 230
Mint 9: 428

1996-97 Topps Chrome Allen Iverson PSA Population Report:
# Submitted: 20
Gem Mint 10: 5
Mint 9: 12

1996-97 E-X2000 Allen Iverson RC #53

Still one of the most unique base card designs available, E-X2000 is the most interesting rookie option for Allen Iverson card collectors. The cards are very condition sensitive and Credential parallels (#/499) are very popular.

1996-97 E-X2000 Allen Iverson BGS Population Report:
# Submitted: 586
Pristine 10: 0
Gem Mint 9.5: 4
Mint 9: 47

1996-97 E-X2000 Allen Iverson PSA Population Report:
# Submitted: 999
Gem Mint 10: 12
Mint 9: 170

1996-97 Finest Allen Iverson RC #69

1996-97 Finest took a different approach with the base set, and each player has a Bronze, Silver and Gold version. The Series 1 Bronze card is considered the official rookie for Allen Iverson. Years later, the design is okay but I could do without the "Apprentices" tagline. Once again, Refractors present a valuable chase option.

1996-97 Topps Finest Allen Iverson BGS Population Report:
# Submitted: 1,000
Pristine 10: 1
Gem Mint 9.5: 698
Mint 9: 225

1996-97 Topps Finest Allen Iverson PSA Population Report:
# Submitted: 941
Gem Mint 10: 214
Mint 9: 580

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Rookie Cards

Allen Iverson Rookie Card Checklist

Premium Rookie Cards

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Autograph Guide

Allen Iverson Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

In this section, you will find examples of what an authentic Allen Iverson autograph looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Reputable authentication companies include JSA, PSA and Mounted Memories to name a few. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Allen Iverson Cut Signature Exemplar

Allen Iverson signed Basketball close

Allen Iverson Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Allen Iverson signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics, depending on when in his career the item was signed. Other characteristics that play into his signature style are the particular item and venue. Look for the following signature features:

  1. The whole signature primarily consists of two letters, the initials "A" and "I"
  2. The letter "A" features a distinctive curl that appears to form the number "9"
  3. The pen lifts to start the letter "I" which includes a closed loop resembling the letter "l"
  4. A long flourish of a line extension finishes the signature

 Signed Basketball Pricing

Active Listings for Allen Iverson Signed Basketballs

Allen Iverson signed Basketball    Allen Iverson signed Basketball COA  Allen Iverson signed Basketball full

Signed Jersey Pricing

Active Listings for Allen Iverson Signed Jerseys

Allen Iverson Signed Jersey  Allen Iverson Signed Jersey close  Allen Iverson Signed Jersey COA

Signed Shoe Pricing

Active Listings for Allen Iverson Signed Shoes

Allen Iverson Signed Shoes  Allen Iverson Signed Shoes Close  Allen Iverson Signed Shoes COA

Signed Photograph Pricing

Active Listings for Allen Iverson Signed Photographs

Allen Iverson signed Photo  Allen Iverson signed Photo close  Allen Iverson signed Photo coa

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