Panini Confirms 2010 Playoff Contenders Tim Tebow Inscription Variations

Panini Confirms 2010 Playoff Contenders Tim Tebow Inscription Variations

Earlier today, Panini America revealed the answer to a few remaining questions collectors had regarding 2010 Playoff Contenders Football. Both of which involve the random Tim Tebow inscriptions on various Rookie Ticket Autographs as well as Rookie Ink Insert Autographs.

Panini also announced that each Rookie Ink Autograph carries a print run of 50 (every player in set). Below is a look at every possible Tebow inscription as well as a print run breakdown.

Tim Tebow Rookie Ticket Auto - (400 total)

  • 318 Regular Autographs
  • 75 "GB2″
  • 7 “Go Broncos"
  • 1 “07 Heisman"
  • 1 “25th Pick"

Tim Tebow Rookie Ticket Auto Variation - (400 total)

  • 314 Regular Autographs
  • 85 “GB2″
  • 1 “06/08 Champs"

Tim Tebow Rookie Ink Variations - (50 total)

  • 27 Regular Autographs
  • 9 “GB2″
  • 5 "God Bless"
  • 4 "John 3:16″
  • 3 “Go Broncos"
  • 1 “Go Gators"
  • 1 "Phil 4:13″

In addition to the latest announcement, over the course of last week Panini announced the short print Rookie Ticket, Super Bowl Ticket and Legendary Contenders autographs. Several weeks prior, they also released pictures of the base set variations.

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User Comments

  1. Last week pulled a Contenders Rookie Roll Call Tim Tebow auto 10/10, but have been unable to locate a book price. Recently 6/10 had sold on ebay for $255.00 & 7/10 listed for $350.00.
    Can you help me out?

  2. @Keith: It’s too rare to have a book price this early. I would say it’s worth somewhere between $250 and $350, as card value is based on what a card sells for (ideally).

  3. Where can I find a checklist of how many cards each player signed for the 2010 Contenders Set?

  4. Here’s a link:

  5. Do you have a picture/photo of the actual Tim Tebow Panini Playoff Contenders Card wityh the 07 Heisman inscription? I want to verify the Tebow Contenders Card (07 Heisman inscription) I just purchased. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!

    Dan Pace
    Arvada, CO.
    Email –

  6. Dan Pace (ID 37825) Hi Dan, I tried to find an image of it but I could not come across one. You could try sending Panini a note on Twitter using @PaniniAmerica to see if they have a picture of that particular inscription in their archives.

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