Case Breaking Company Guide: Top Group Break Options

Case Breaking Company Guide: Top Group Break Options

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the plethora of sports card and entertainment trading card case breaking companies that provide group break options to collectors. We have created a detailed breakdown of some of the top companies in the hobby to ensure you have the best group breaking experience possible. The list below is grouped in alphabetical order.

Top Online Case Breakers

The list below is grouped in alphabetical order. 

Big Texas Breaks

Featuring random team, along with random division types of case and box breaks, Big Texas Breaks appeals to collectors who prefer current, premium products.

Blowout TV

Part of the Blowout Cards Wholesale online store, Blowout TV offers several case breaks of various past and present products, including non-sport.

Cardsaway Breaks

One of the newer group breaking outfits, Cardsaway Breaks is from the same collectors responsible for Cardsaway Sports. They offer single-product breaks as well as multi-product mixers. Check the site for discount promos.

Crackin' Wax

The team at Crackin' Wax hosts sports-only group breaks, and unlike most breakers, their breaks serve as a way to give to charity. "Pick Your Team" breaks are the standard option with Crackin' Wax.

Jaspy’s HobbyLand

Based in Redondo Beach, California, Jaspy’s is a family-owned and operated, brick-and-mortar card shop that also happens to offer live case breaks from Monday through Friday. Aside from sports, they also have entertainment breaks, which are less common. Jaspy’s HobbyLand case breaks include "Random Team" and "Pick Your Team" breaks. Additionally, beginners can check out their "Ten Buck Breaks" to get a feel for the different ways to collect online without breaking the bank.

Keep It Real Breaks

The largest Facebook-exclusive breaker, Keep it Real Breaks boasts over 4,000 members in their family-friendly group.

KTA Breaks

Based in Palm Desert, California, KTA began by specializing in authentic memorabilia before growing into a well-known online breaker. Along with the familiar types of case breaks, KTA Breaks has regular giveaways during group breaks.

Layton Sports Cards

Based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, Layton Sports Cards is a family-owned, full-service hobby shop that closes the store twice a week in order to focus on their case breaks. Although the store is not restricted to breaking on Wednesdays and Saturdays only, Layton has a full calendar handy for collectors to view when their favorite product will is available to break.


Catering to every type of collector, Mojobreak has different styles of case breaks, box breaks and personal box breaks. In addition, Mojo frequently hosts "mixers," where the host breaks different sports card boxes instead of a case of the same product.

Nasty Breaks

Featuring high-end case breaks, Nasty Breaks begins live-streaming once all the spots are sold every day, with the exception of Friday and Saturday, which starts at 6 PM EST, and Sunday breaks that begin at 6:30 PM EST. In addition to full case breaks, they also break half cases, making the more expensive products not quite as pricey.

Rip City Cards

Need to see wax busted during lunch? Rip City Cards breaks every single day of the week beginning at high noon. Offering an eclectic mix of current trading cards, Rip City also organizes group breaks for previous years of cardboard products, along with personal breaks.

Ripping Wax

You could call Ripping Wax Inc. founder David Gelfman "the Godfather" (if you wanted to) of online case breaking. Founded in 2011, Ripping Wax is based in Miami, Florida and is home to four "Breaking Operation" websites. They are also promoters of the biggest show in the sports card industry: The National Sports Collectors Convention. This includes their role as host to the Case Break Pavilion, where case breakers showcase their skills and personalities live during the convention, and even after the National has closed for the day.

Steel City Collectibles

As an online wholesale company, SCC has daily live-stream group breaks. Along with the five major sports, Steel City Collectibles often offers multi-sports case breaks.

The Clubhouse (STL Sports Cards)

Founded in 2010, The Clubhouse (formerly STL Sports Cards) broadcasts live via Twitch/YouTube/Breakers/Facebook every weekday beginning at 4 PM EST. Driven by their company motto, "Honesty. Integrity. Community.," the site is home to an exclusive breaking family, with a major focus on relationships. The Clubhouse even has a closed group on Facebook that gives hobbyists a place to buy, sell, trade and talk shop while also providing advance notice of upcoming breaks.


Beyond running breaks Wednesday through Saturday, and owning a hobby shop, TCB also offers consignment services for collectors who would like to sell any card(s) from a case break.

Have any other online case breakers that you think should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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User Comments

  1. Cards Infinity is great if you’re looking for personal boxes (he also does some group breaks)

    If you’re big into soccer then join Soccer Breakers FC group on Facebook. There is also a buying and trading group he runs for any soccer needs.

  2. Beautiful Breaks is newer but its nice to see a female breaker who isnt a total fake. They mostly do auctions or one, or a few single boxes at a time, but they do case breaks too. If you like football or baseball they are worth checking out.

  3. For hockey collectors in Canada, are a couple great guys to deal with, also break a lot of hockey products.

  4. Red Zone Breaks does football, basketball, and baseball breaks for cards, and also jerseys, helmets, and other memorabilia. They have a facebook page and group, plus post their breaks on Youtube. Jonathon is a great guy that I have known for over 30 years and has a really nice presentation with lots of interaction and good products.

  5. Keep it Real Breaks is the largest Facebook exclusive breakers. Over 20 cases a week, scheduled breaks, family friendly.

  6. Charles from Breakology101 is the best football breaker that I know. I found him from an eBay break, and learned if his group on Facebook!!! Great prices, honest, friendly, and very sports literate!! If you haven’t yet, check him out!!

  7. HypedUpBros are new and exciting and do 1-3 box breaks or quarter or half cases rather than full cases so you can get in a decent product for cheaper. They did a personal and I was impressed with the timely manner in which they shipped.

    I also like stevebreaks he is slower at breaking rather than just rushing through packs and actually enjoys cards not just trying to get through as much as possible for $$.

    Both HypedUpBros and Stevebreaks have websites and are both on breakers.

    When you find breakers that are in it for the cards and not for the $$ stay with them!

  8. I am going to start doing smaller group breaks on youtube and twitch.

  9. C & S Sports Card Breaks Opening Jan 2019

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