What Are the Most Valuable 2012 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards?

What Are the Most Valuable 2012 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards?

The opening week of 2012 Topps Tribute Baseball sales revealed a couple of things: 1) Collectors have high expectations of Yu Darvish and 2) This product has a lot of high-end redemptions. So, based on initial eBay sales, what are the most valuable 2012 Topps Tribute baseball cards?

After being on the market for seven days, two of the 25 Darvish autograph redemptions have sold on eBay. One was a penny short of $2,000 while the other finished at $1,200. Closing at $1,500 was a one-of-one Matt Moore autograph. Signed in gold, the card is also inscribed, "Moorethew." A redemption for an autographed Ken Griffey Jr. printing plate was the fourth and final card to pass the $1,000 barrier, closing at $1,200.

After that, prices for top 2012 Topps Tribute cards took a drop. A one-of-one Ernie Banks autograph parallel saw the fifth highest sale, finishing at $449.99. Going down the list, there aren't a lot of surprises with autographs from Sandy Koufax, Hank Aaron and Eric Hosmer reaching solid numbers.

It may surprise some to see a Dwight Gooden sticker autograph finish higher than an on-card Koufax. But that's exactly what happened. A one-of-one Tribute to the Stars Gooden reached $399 while the highest Koufax autograph (numbered to 49) closed at $355.

The highest price realized for a non-autograph was a Superstar Swatches Purple Jacob Ellsbury. The one-of-one memorabilia card sold for $352.02.

1. 2012 Topps Tribute Yu Darvish Autograph Redemption - $1,999.99

2012 Topps Tribute Yu Darvish Autograph Redemption

2. 2012 Topps Tribute Matt Moore Gold Autograph 1/1 - Inscribed "Moorethew" - $1,500

2012 Topps Tribute Matt Moore Gold Autograph 1/1 Moorethew

3. (tie) 2012 Topps Tribute Yu Darvish Autograph Redemption - $1,200

2012 Topps Tribute Yu Darvish Autograph Redemption

3. (tie) 2012 Topps Tribute Ken Griffey Jr. Autographed Framed Printing Plate - $1,200

5. 2012 Topps Tribute Ernie Banks Purple Autograph 1/1 - $449.99

6 (tie). 2012 Topps Tribute Hank Aaron Rookie Reprints Autograph 047/100 - $400

6. (tie) 2012 Topps Tribute Eric Hosmer Red Autograph #/5 - $400

2012 Topps Tribute Red Autograph Eric Hosmer Redemption

6. (tie) 2012 Topps Tribute Matt Kemp Onyx Autograph 1/1 - $400

9. 2012 Topps Tribute Doc Gooden Tribute to the Stars Purple Autograph 1/1 - $399

10. 2012 Topps Tribute Sandy Koufax Autograph 33/49 - $355

And because Darvish cards took up two slots (and there are lots of redemptions that aren't the best to look at), here's the first runner-up to the top 10 opening week sales.

11. 2012 Topps Tribute Jacob Ellsbury Superstar Swatches Purple 1/1 - $352.02

Top eBay Listings

2012 Topps Tribute AROLDIS CHAPMAN Autograph On-Card Auto #1 5 RED SSP = #1 1

2012 Topps Tribute Autograph Issue Los Angeles Dodgers Matt Kemp Signed Card

Michael Pineda 2012 Topps Tribute Autograph #87 99

Nelson Cruz 2012 Topps Tribute Autograph #61 99


Mike Morse 2012 Topps Tribute Encased On-Card AUTOGRAPH Nationals #'d 18 99


2012 Topps Tribute Carl Crawford Autograph Gold Inkable Accolades 3 15 NM Cond
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  1. enough with these redemptions! Griffey is the front man of Topps in 2012 and they couldn’t get his autos in time for the release of this product?

  2. Although some of those prices are not a suprise, I would have assumed the Koufax would have gone higher. I hear the complaint about Topps and redemptions, however their releases are always full of them. Maybe sometime down the road they will figure it out. Hopefully soon!!

    Great product though. Tribute is always a gem to see and watch.

    Tom A.

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