McFarlane NFL Legends Variants Guide

McFarlane NFL Legends Variants Guide

NFL Series 1-6

In 2005, McFarlane Sports Picks launched a popular line of figures in focused on popular retired players, all-time legends and Hall of Fame greats. The line is appropriately named Football Legends. It provides collectors and fans an opportunity to collect and display their favorite players from bygone eras. Like other lines from the company, there are several McFarlane Football Legends variants that add a chase element to collecting. Variants usually have players in alternate uniforms or with different accessories.

With several of the game's all time great players changing teams later in their careers, this line also gives fans and team collectors the chance to collect figures of these players in their new uniforms. In later years a Collector Level was added to the series. While not technically variants, their limited production numbers do provide an added level of collectibility. However, Collector Level and exclusive chase figures are not included in this variant exclusive guide, unless the exclusive is a variant figure of one produced in the same series.

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Detailed here is a comprehensive list of McFarlane NFL Legends Variants. There have bee six series produced to date and this guide will be updated accordingly.  Additionally, when available, we have provided production numbers for the more recent series of Collector Level figures for which variants were produced.

If you're looking for specific figures, click on the series name to shop for singles on eBay.

2005 McFarlane NFL Legends 1 Variants

Released: September, 2005

  • Troy Aikman - Dallas Cowboys, Blue Jersey
  • John Elway - Denver Broncos, White Jersey
  • Barry Sanders - Detroit Lions, Blue Jersey - Retro
  • Lawrence Taylor - New York Giants, White Jersey
  • Johnny Unitas - Baltimore Colts, White Jersey - No Helmet

2006 McFarlane NFL Legends 2 Variants

Released: September, 2006

  • Ronnie Lott - Oakland Raiders, Black Jersey
  • Joe Montana - San Fransisco 49ers, White Jersey
  • Walter Payton - Chicago Bears, White Jersey

 2007 McFarlane NFL Legends 3 Variants

Released: August, 2007

  •  Earl Campbell - Houston Oilers, White Jersey
  • John Elway - Denver Broncos, Orange Jersey
  • John Elway - Denver Broncos, White Jersey
  • Roger Staubach - Dallas Cowboys, Red/White/Blue Helmet

2008 McFarlane NFL Legends 4 Variants

Released: August, 2008

  • Jerome Bettis - Pittsburgh Steelers, White Jersey
  • Jack Lambert - Pittsburgh Steelers, Gray Face Mask
  • Joe Montana - San Francisco 49'ers, Clean Uniform
  • Warren Moon - Houston Oilers, Blue Sleeves
  • John Riggins - Washington Redskins, White Jersey - Clean
  • John Riggins - Washington Redskins, Red Jersey PR: 3,000
  • Fran Tarkenton - Minnesota Vikings, White Sleeves

2009 McFarlane NFL Legends 5 Variants

Released: July, 2009

  • Dan Marino - Miami Dolphins, White Jersey
  • Joe Montana - San Fransisco 49ers, White Jersey
  • Bart Starr - Green Bay, White Jersey

20010 McFarlane NFL Legends 6 Variants

Released: August, 2010

  • Marcus Allen - Oakland Raiders, White Jersey PR: 1,000
  • Jerome Bettis - Pittsburgh Steelers, White Jersey
  • Dick Butkus - Chicago Bears, White Jersey PR: 1,000
  • Tony Dorsett - Dallas Cowboys, Royal Blue Jersey PR: 2,000
  • Steve Young - Tampa Bay, Orange Jersey PR: 500
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