McFarlane Cooperstown Collection Figures Guide

McFarlane Cooperstown Collection Figures Guide


McFarlane Cooperstown Collection 6 Nolan RyanMcFarlane Cooperstown Collection is one of the most popular Sports Picks lines for the company. The series checklist includes many all-time greats whose accomplishments are celebrated in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Like all McFarlane figures, they're highly detailed and lifelike. Each stands about six inches.

One of the more interesting aspects of McFarlane Cooperstown Collection figures is that several capture iconic moments in baseball history. Series 6 shows Lou Gehrig delivering his "Luckiest Man" speech. The same assortment has a Nolan Ryan figure with a bloody lip after getting struck by a Bo Jackson shot up the middle.

Like a lot of McFarlane lines, most Cooperstown Collection figures have variants and chase figures. For this line, many players are pictured on different teams than their main figures. There are also different jerseys and accessories. Later series even added a couple of signed figures.

Below is a detailed checklist of all eight McFarlane Cooperstown Collection waves released since 2004. Navigate the tabs above for variant info and a gallery of some of the most popular figures.

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2004 McFarlane Cooperstown Collection Series 1

McFarlane Cooperstown Collection 1 Yogi BerraRelease Date: June, 2004

2005 McFarlane Cooperstown Collection Series 2

Release Date: February, 2005

2006 McFarlane Cooperstown Collection Series 3

McFarlane Cooperstown Collection 3 Roberto ClementeRelease Date: February, 2006

2007 McFarlane Cooperstown Collection Series 4

Release Date: February, 2007

2008 McFarlane Cooperstown Collection Series 5

Release Date: February, 2008

2009 McFarlane Cooperstown Collection Series 6

McFarlane Cooperstown Collection 6 Lou GehrigRelease Date: February, 2009

2010 McFarlane Cooperstown Collection Series 7

Release Date: March, 2010

2011 McFarlane Cooperstown Collection Series 8

Release Date: February, 2011

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McFarlane Cooperstown Collection Variants Checklist

Series 1 Variants

  • Yogi Berra, New York Yankees - Cap
  • Bob Gibson, St. Louis Cardinals - Grey Jersey
  • Reggie Jackson, Oakland Athletics
  • Brooks Robinson, Baltimore Orioles - Grey Jersey
  • Nolan Ryan, Houston Astros
  • Tom Seaver, Boston Red Sox

Series 2 Variants

  • Catfish Hunter, New York Yankees
  • Willie Mays, New York Mets
  • Cal Ripken, Baltimore Orioles - Orange Jersey
  • Babe Ruth, New York Yankees - Sepia
  • Willie Stargell, Pittsburgh Pirates - White Jersey

Series 3 Variants

  • Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers - Sepia
  • Nolan Ryan 2, Houston Astros

Series 4 Variants

  • Steve Carlton, Philadephia Phillies - Pinstripe Jersey, with Mustache
  • Joe DiMaggio, New York Yankees - Grey Jersey
  • Roger Maris, St. Louis Cardinals
  • Ozzie Smith, St. Louis Cardinals - Gold Glove
  • Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox - Grey Jersey

Series 5 Variants

  • Ty Cobb, Detroit Tigers - White Jersey
  • Dennis Eckersley, Boston Red Sox
  • Ryne Sandberg, Chicago Cubs - Blue Jersey

Series 6 Variants

  • Babe Ruth, New York Yankees - Navy Hat

Series 7 Variants

  • Babe Ruth 3, New York Yankees - World Series Ticket #/1000
  • Thurman Munson, New York Yankees - Grey Jersey #/600
  • Carl Yastrzemski, Boston Red Sox - Grey Jersey
  • Lou Gehrig, New York Yankees - Sepia #/1500 (Original released in Series 6)
  • Tony Gwynn, San Diego Padres - Autograph #/100
  • Tony Gwynn, San Diego Padres - White Jersey
  • Joe Morgan, Houston Astros - Rainbow Jersey #/750

Series 8 Variants

  • Lou Gehrig 2, New York Yankees - Grey Jersey #/2000
  • Rickey Henderson, Oakland Athletics - Green Jersey #/2000
  • Catfish Hunter, New York Yankees - Pinstripe Jersey #/2000 (Original released in Series 2)
  • Willie McCovey, San Diego Padres #/750
  • Curt Schilling 3, Boston Red Sox - Autograph #/250
  • Ozzie Smith, St. Louis Cardinals - Blue Jersey #/2000 (Original released in Series 4)
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  1. i was wondering how much is the babe ruth bobber (westland giftware)cooperstown collection2002 #44022 going for these’s days as i have many of ruth and others and i cant find them anywhere on the internet pics or price thanks for your time .joseph

  2. When are u going to put out the Sandy Koufax figure in your HOF collection?

  3. What should I ask for my MY BABE RUTH 3 SERIES still in unopened box 2006 series COOPERTOWN collection

  4. Hello, could you tell me what the 2010-series 7 Thurman Munson cooperstown mcfarlane figure in pinstripes is worth? Thanks David

  5. I just found my old Mcfarlane’s from when I was buying them starting in 2003. I found 2 Nolan Ryan’s (Cooperstown Edition Series 3). One is the Angels uniform & the other is the Astros. Bought them both at the the same time from KB Toys. I can’t find the Astros version anywhere on ebay, just the Angels version. Is the Astros a rare variant or no? Thanks.

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