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Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect

In an NFL Draft class loaded with top quarterbacks, Mac Jones quickly established himself as the frontrunner. This has resulted in a big push for Mac Jones rookie cards.

Coming out of Alabama, he was considered one of the top names in the 2021 class. However, he was ultimately the fifth QB taken, slipping to the 15th overall pick by the New England Patriots.

This may have been a huge break for the Patriots. Based on his early success, there are already many comparisons being made to Tom Brady. While those are extremely big shoes to fill, he has clearly claimed the top spot in the 2021 NFL rookie card hierarchy.

The official Mac Jones rookie cards are found in 2021 Football Card Sets. Only Panini offers his licensed NFL and NCAA cards. Keep in mind that there are many sets yet to release for the 2021 season. New products containing Mac Jones rookies are expected to continue well into 2022.

The guide covers a pair of early options, some of the top base cards and inserts, and several of the best autographs among the many Mac Jones rookie cards available.

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Top Mac Jones Pre-Rookie Cards / XRC

Bolded sets go directly to detailed product profiles and checklists. Shop for cards or check completed values using the eBay links.

2017 Upper Deck USA Football Mac Jones #39

Going back several years, the earliest Mac Jones cards came in 2017 Upper Deck USA Football. The ePack-exclusive release covers his time on the U19 US National Team. Although the online product only has digital base cards, there are physical parallels earned by collecting five base cards.

Hits also take physical form, including early autographs and relics for the star QB.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 1

2020 Panini Select XRC Redemption Mac Jones #405

Select NFL is always popular for rookies, and that is doubly true thanks to the extended rookie cards (XRC). Jones is one of the 2021 NFL Draft picks originally issued as 2020 Select Football XRC redemptions. However, he is not in the autograph set.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 2

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards Base / Inserts

2021 Donruss Rated Rookie Mac Jones RC #255

Very easy to find and fairly inexpensive, the Mac Jones Rated Rookie card from 2021 Donruss NFL is his most mainstream option. Limited parallels add more options to the budget brand.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 3

There is also the base Rookie Portrait edition, which displays a different photo.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 4

Yet another choice is the Optic Rated Rookie Preview, providing an early look at his 2021 Donruss Optic card.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 5

2021 Donruss Downtown Mac Jones #DT-40

If you really want to go big, 2021 Donruss Football has the Downtown insert for Jones. Showcasing New England-focused artwork, including lobsters and a Revolutionary War soldier, this limited card generally headlines the set in terms of value.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 6

2021 Panini Absolute Mac Jones RC #109 Spectrum #/250

2021 Absolute NFL offers Mac Jones rookies in several forms. Hobby boxes have exclusive Spectrum base cards done on thicker stock and numbered to 250 copies or less. Retail has common base cards, which are much more affordable and come on thinner stock.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 7

2021 Panini Absolute Kaboom Mac Jones #K44

Shiny? Check. Valuable? Check. Kaboom!? If you say so. The mesmerizing card features a comic-style title and explosive effect in the background.

Like Downtown, the Kaboom! is beyond the reach of many collectors given the high price tag. However, it does seem like these are more plentiful compared to recent years.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 8

2021 Panini Certified Mac Jones RC #106 #/399

Relative rarity makes this foil rookie in 2021 Certified Football more appealing. The base Mac Jones card is numbered to 399, but there are also 16 Mirror parallels, each numbered to 299 or less.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 9

2021 Panini Origins Mac Jones RC #105

If you want a nice base rookie with more of an artistic feel, check out 2021 Origins Football. The colorful background helps highlight Jones as he surveys the field.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 10

The card with a blue jersey is the image variation.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 11

2021 Panini Prizm Mac Jones RC #336

Although nothing close to rare, the mainstream Mac Jones rookie card of choice is normally from 2021 Prizm NFL. The many parallels offer a much tougher and more valuable chase.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 12

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards Autographs

Given that there are Mac Jones rookie autographs in nearly every product, collectors have many possibilities in their search. One downside to the early sets is the use of the dreaded "00" jersey.

2021 Donruss Elite Pen Pals Mac Jones Autographs

The Pen Pals in 2021 Donruss Elite Football offer an early autograph for Mac Jones that is also hard-signed. A few different ink colors supply additional rarity. Jones has a dual version with former Alabama teammate Devonta Smith, as well.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 13

2021 Panini Black Mac Jones RC #205 Autograph Patch #/149

While there are multiple sets with the same basic card (relic and sticker autograph), 2021 Panini Black NFL stands out thanks to the larger patch pieces, silver ink signature and dark color scheme.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 14

2021 Panini Elements RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Mac Jones RC #123 Autograph #/99

Mixing things up, 2021 Elements Football includes a hard-signed Mac Jones autograph on a metal card. This is his second card in the main set as he has a base AU Gold metal card (#/99), as well.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 15

2021 Panini Gold Standard Mac Jones RC #205 Autograph Patch #/99

There are actually four different Mac Jones rookie autographs in the 2021 Gold Standard base set. In addition to the Rookie Jersey Autographs card shown below, he has a double (#247 - #/75) and triple (#276 - #/99) auto relics as well as a non-relic autograph version (#104 - #/25).

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 16

2021 Panini Origins Mac Jones Rookie Autographs

2021 Origins NFL boasts several on-card Mac Jones rookie autographs. This includes his Rookie Autograph card and a few booklets.

Another draw for the Rookie Autograph card below is that Jones is turned to the side. This makes it possible to think that he is wearing his standard #10 jersey.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 17

2021 Panini National Treasures Mac Jones RC #161 Autograph Patch

For the best of the best, many turn to 2021 National Treasures. The hard-signed RPA card has just 99 copies to go with the on-card autograph and moderate patch piece.

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 18

Top Mac Jones Rookie Cards to Collect 19Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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David Roadman
David Roadman

I have a Leaf 2021 Mac Jones signature 11/50 pro set! My sp card is lower than any other sp for sale! Those cards go for $995! Does a lower sp card mean a higher value?

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Leaf/Pro Set is not as popular or valuable as his licensed NFL cards. His Pro Set autograph cards (#/50) are selling for around $100-150 on eBay. https://ebay.us/SC9ySM

Kind of goofy that every rookie in a Pats jersey is #00

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