LeBron, Saints, Vuvuzela, Highlight eBay's 2010 Top Shopped Report

LeBron, Saints, Vuvuzela, Highlight eBay’s 2010 Top Shopped Report

Today, eBay, the world's largest secondary market announced it's annual "Top Shopped" report for the 2010 calendar year, revealing a mixture of pop culture moments and numerous other trends that captured the imaginations of shoppers in 2010. eBay analyzed sales and search data across categories in the Marketplace to identify the year's major moments and movements.

From the hottest technologies to the hottest toys and sports memorabilia, eBay tracked trends that turned everyday items into must have prized possessions. The three biggest secondary market stories from the world of sports cards and memorabilia turned out to be the New Orleans Saints, LeBron James and the World Cup, which was represented by an instrument capable of reproducing the sound a bee's nest next hooked up to an amplifier (with a volume dial that goes to 11).

“Year after year, we see the hot trends, topics and pop culture obsessions translate into online sales."

“With more than 200 million daily live listings and a community of more than 93 million active users, eBay is uniquely positioned to take the pop culture pulse based on the millions of Marketplace purchases made each day," said Karen Bard Sayah, eBay's Trend Expert. “Year after year, we see the hot trends, topics and pop culture obsessions translate into online sales."

eBay's Picks for America's “Top Shopped" and Pop Culture Obsessions of 2010:

  1. iPhone 4
  2. Barbie
  3. Military jackets
  4. Hot Wheels
  5. iPad
  6. World Cup
  7. The Beatles
  8. Silly Bandz
  9. Alice in Wonderland
  10. New Orleans Saints
  11. Marc Jacobs
  12. LeBron James

eBay's 2010 Top Pop Culture Obsessions:

Gotta-have Gadgets: One company produced two of the year's most coveted new devices: Apple's iPhone 4 (1,634,674 related items sold) and iPad (621,399 related items sold). Apple's flagship products conquered the tech scene as well as pop culture and were wanted by everyone from avid readers to families, gear geeks, and anyone interested in the latest must-have.

Fans Span the Globe: In 2010, the world was united by a buzzing plastic instrument. Together, the FIFA World Cup and the now iconic vuvuzela horn, sold a total of 265,268 related items on eBay. Another global competition, the Vancouver Olympics, revealed the sporting and spending spirit with 11,716 related items sold.

Rivals at It Again: Perhaps the most famous and fierce rivals in sports, the New York Yankees (569,411 related items sold) and theBoston Red Sox (272,828 related items sold) topped the charts this year, even beating out the 2010 World Series competitors – the San Francisco Giants (71,620 related items sold) and the Texas Rangers (52,581 related items sold).

NOLA's Comeback: Champions, and underdogs, of the 2010 Super Bowl, the New Orleans Saints, were a pop culture obsession on eBay with 151,083 related items sold. The Saints defeated their opponents on eBay as well as on the field. The Indianapolis Colts, defeated in the Super Bowl, sold 87,722 related items. However, while Drew Brees led his team to victory, Peyton Manningwas still the favorite according to eBay with 91,972 related items sold compared to 61,473 related items sold for Brees.

Back to Basics: It's no surprise that two of the hottest toys for holiday were classics. The number of Barbie items sold totaled 1,178,909 and Hot Wheels wasn't too far down the road with 748,140 related items sold.

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