Press Release: Just Collect Offers Graded 1961 Topps Near Set-Break at Auction

Press Release: Just Collect Offers Graded 1961 Topps Near Set-Break at Auction

Earlier this month, a collector in California contacted Just Collect as they needed some fast cash to pay off some big bills. Just Collect was happy to assist and promptly responded with a fair and honest offer. The process involved the collector sending an itemized list of each graded card, along with individual photos of the key cards and group photos of the others. What made this collection special was the owner had started building his 1961 Topps baseball set when he was a kid. It was the remaining cards he had from his early years that formed the basis for his professionally graded set.


Each card is graded NM-MT or better, primarily consisting of PSA 8s and 9s with some BGS and SGC graded. The main "big" card keeping the set from being complete is the Mickey Mantle. After going over the details with the collector, Leighton Sheldon, owner of Just Collect, prepared a very strong offer. As is usual, Leighton was ready to negotiate heading into the follow-up call:

"I got myself mentally prepared and all ready for the call," said Leighton. "Coffee poured, spreadsheet open, and every possible question already answered in my head. Then wouldn't ya know, the call lasted all of three minutes. As soon as I made him an offer, the collector gasped and said, 'Wow, that's more than I thought I'd get. Done deal. I'll get the cards ready to ship out.' "

1961 Topps Baseball Near Set-Break

One of the specifics that makes this set stand out from others is the meticulous effort the collector put into selecting each card. Buyers will find the cards to be well centered which is notoriously difficult for 1961 Topps baseball. Some of the top options featured in the auction ending Sunday, November 20, 2016, include:

61t-mays-psa-8  61t-koufax-psa-8-5  61t-maris-psa-8

See the full '61 set lineup as well as other current listings through the Just Collect eBay page.

For collectors who have spent countless hours, and even years, assembling their beloved sets, it can be difficult to part ways when the time comes. It is important for some collectors to have a knowledgeable and caring resource that looks at the person as a whole, not just as someone to make money from. This is the niche Just Collect aims to fill in the industry, as their slogan aptly implies: "Just Collect doesn’t just buy and sell cards, we share memories. We share the memories of your collection, memories of your relationships, memories of your stories about when the game was played for the love of the game."

For a free appraisal or offer for your collection, fill out The Cardboard Connection sell form, or you can contact Just Collect directly.

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