How to Economically Ship Cards and Get 5-Star Feedback Selling on eBay

How to Economically Ship Cards and Get 5-Star Feedback Selling on eBay

How to Economically Ship Cards and Get 5-Star Feedback Selling on eBay 1With eBay now charging percentage-based final value fees on shipping, it is becoming harder for sports card sellers to keep up a healthy profit margin.

Many sellers have increased their shipping fees to combat the revised charges. Here's a simple, cost-effective way to trim your shipping costs when selling trading cards on eBay.

I charge $2.50 for the first card and $0.50 for each additional card. I use first-class service. This allows me to advertise expedited shipping. I can also use eBay's postal service.

The benefits:

  • I can advertise expedited shipping.
  • It saves me a trip to the post office.
  • It provides delivery confirmation, which alerts both parties when the item has shipped and provided added protection against non-delivery claims.

Here are my actual shipping and handling costs when sending a card (*as of this article posting date in 2011*). Obviously, the individual costs will differ by the seller and postage itself is always increasing. You can still use the breakdown to accurately calculate your own number.

  • Penny Sleeve: $0.01
  • Top Loader: $0.06
  • Team Bag: $0.03
  • 4 x 6 Bubble Mailer (size 000): $0.20
  • Shipping cost from eBay: $1.75

Total Cost: $2.05

This leaves plenty of room to cover eBay's final value fees and about $0.45 in extra profit for every transaction in addition to the money made on the item sold.

Not only are you making a decent profit on shipping costs but you're also covering your assets in the event a package goes missing. It takes first-class mail two or three days to travel coast to coast. The supplies and bubble mailer offer added protection. You're also conforming to eBay regulations by proving tracking information.

With the fast, safe and up-front costs clearly stated, customers appreciate the extra time and effort taken and usually leave the coveted five-star feedback rating.

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