How to Economically Ship Cards and Get 5-Star Feedback Selling on eBay

How to Economically Ship Cards and Get 5-Star Feedback Selling on eBay

How to Economically Ship Cards and Get 5-Star Feedback Selling on eBay 1With eBay now charging percentage-based final value fees on shipping, it is becoming harder for sports card sellers to keep up a healthy profit margin.

Many sellers have increased their shipping fees to combat the revised charges. Here's a simple, cost-effective way to trim your shipping costs when selling trading cards on eBay.

I charge $2.50 for the first card and $0.50 for each additional card. I use first-class service. This allows me to advertise expedited shipping. I can also use eBay's postal service.

The benefits:

  • I can advertise expedited shipping.
  • It saves me a trip to the post office.
  • It provides delivery confirmation, which alerts both parties when the item has shipped and provided added protection against non-delivery claims.

Here are my actual shipping and handling costs when sending a card (as of this article posting date in 2011). Obviously, the individual costs will differ by the seller and postage itself is always increasing.

  • Penny Sleeve: $0.01
  • Top Loader: $0.06
  • Team Bag: $0.03
  • 4 x 6 Bubble Mailer (size 000): $0.20
  • Shipping cost from eBay: $1.75

Total Cost: $2.05

This leaves plenty of room to cover eBay's final value fees and about $0.45 in extra profit for every transaction in addition to the money made on the item sold.

Not only are you making a decent profit on shipping costs but you're also covering your assets in the event a package goes missing. It takes first-class mail two or three days to travel coast to coast. The supplies and bubble mailer offer added protection. You're also conforming to eBay regulations by proving tracking information.

With the fast, safe and up-front costs clearly stated, customers appreciate the extra time and effort taken and usually leave the coveted five-star feedback rating.

Find the best deals on card shipping supplies below:

Bubble Mailers

How to Economically Ship Cards and Get 5-Star Feedback Selling on eBay 2

Top Loaders

How to Economically Ship Cards and Get 5-Star Feedback Selling on eBay 2

Penny Sleeves

How to Economically Ship Cards and Get 5-Star Feedback Selling on eBay 2


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User Comments

  1. Honest eBay sellers don’t “make a decent profit on” their “shipping costs.”

  2. Good advice. Thank you.

    If Rusty thinks making 45 cents handling for doing 4-5 minutes work (less than $6 an hour) is fleecing a customer, he is sorely naive. It’s not community service, its a business. Losing labor costs to feel “honest” is financial folly.

  3. Nice advice. Thanks. :)

    @Rusty: When you’re selling an item for the actual price like for example, I’m selling a coloring book for $1 and the shipping will cost $1.71 to send. eBay will take 39 cents from me. That makes my profit go down and doesn’t give me the amount for shipping either. Either the cost of shipping or the price of the item has to go up for me to make my profit. Just how it goes.

  4. What are the penny bags and team bags for? How are you packaging a single card? Penny bag in a top loader in a team bag?

  5. Great Article. Thank You.

    When you ship PSA Graded Cards do you add any additional protection or just put the slab directly into the bubble envelope?

  6. Great article! VERY HELPFUL! Time and labor are expenses. $0.45 is actually a very honest and commendable admission. Please keep writing these types of articles.

  7. Shipping cost has went up since this post.You can tack on 25 to 45 cents now.This article really does tell it like it should be,but there are a lot of sellers on ebay that sell with free shipping and shipping cards with a stamp.Shipping that way does not allow you to be a Top Rated Seler.It also does not give you the opportunity to add tracking and leaves you open to 100% chance of getting your money stolen by a buyer that can open a case against you and you’ll have no proof of shipping.It also gives your card a good chance at being damaged.
    My best advice is to always use a bubble envelope and print your labels from ebay.make sure you charge enough to cover the fees and supplies and most important don’t worry about trying to out price the sellers that are doing the free shipping or stamp shipping,you cant risk your transactions going bad trying to beat a low baller.You might have some buyers complain that you charge to much on shipping but buyers are gonna complain anyway.You’ll also get good customers that don’t mind spending an extra couple bucks to make sure there cards arrive safely with tracking and you’ll be able to weed out the buyers that try to low ball you for every penny they can.
    Remember,if its costing you to sell then its not worth it.Theres no use in getting 100% positive feedbacks if its costing you money.Be smart and set rules and stick to them.If you dont you will have some buyers trying to talk you down on your shipping constantly.Another good thing is BLOCK any buyers that you dont feel good about or ones that you feel are trying to hussel you.It will save you a lot of trouble.Ever since they stopped sellers from leaving negative feedbacks on buyers it has been abused A LOT.
    Lastly,good luck,have fun,and take pride in your selling.

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