Hottest 2014 Topps Inception Football Cards

Hottest 2014 Topps Inception Football Cards

2014 Topps Inception Football is one of those products that isn't bogged down by an endless checklist. It gets to the point, which, for the most part, means rookie autographs done with a distinct design and on-card ink.

Basic Rookie Autographs cover the top players from the draft and then some. However, many of the best are short prints limited to parallels. This falls in line with previous Inception sets.

While these will have some of the most widespread appeal for collectors, 2014 Topps Inception Football has several other layers of autographs that add some rarer, high-end appeal. Among the most popular straight-up autographs are the Silver Signings Nickname cards. Numbered to 10, these come with inscribed with the player's alias.

The biggest hits in the product are autographed book cards that contain everything from jumbo patches to laundry tags to letters to NFL Shields. As one might expect, these are extremely tough to pull, especially when you factor in the checklists are so small.

Below is a real-time list of the 40 most-watched 2014 Topps Inception Football auctions currently listed on eBay, giving you an idea of what's drawing the most interest right now. The list updates on its own so feel free to check back to see big new cards as they're listed or to get an idea for values.

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