The 20 Hottest 2012 Topps Football Cards

The 20 Hottest 2012 Topps Football Cards

2012 Topps Football uses the theme of "Quarterback Immortals" throughout the release. Given the popularity of the position with collectors, not to mention a pair of highly touted QB draft picks, the theme makes perfect sense. Early online sales of 2012 Topps Football show just how important the position is to the release. Through August 19, all of the top 20 2012 Topps Football eBay sales have featured quarterbacks.

Leading the way is a one-of-one Aaron Rodgers Field Generals Autograph. The card, which also features a military-style medal sold for $1,250. Two other cards from the set also saw high prices. Cam Newton went for $500, while Matthew Stafford closed at $425.

Of the top 20 eBay sales, the remaining 17 cards all feature Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. A Luck 1965 Tallboys Autograph was the only other card to reach four figures, reaching $1,000. A Griffin finished for just a dollar less.

From there, Andrew Luck takes over with several different cards, a testament to the variety 2012 Topps Football offers. Among the Luck cards closing high were his Rookie Premiere Patch Autographs 1/10 ($850), Rookie Premiere Autographs 02/90 ($800), a Rookie Premiere Red Ink Autograph 3/10 ($625), and Rookie Variation Autograph ($599). In total, Luck accounted for 13 of the top 20 eBay sales.

Although he's not as present as the first overall pick, RG3 is still selling very well. His Red Ink Rookie Premiere Autograph 03/10 changed hands at $550. A pair of his 1984 Topps Autographs approached the $500 mark, closing at $460.

A dual autograph with on-card signatures from both Luck and Griffin sold for $479.99. The card is numbered to 25.

Here's a list of the top 20 eBay sales for 2012 Topps Football through August 19.

Top-Selling 2012 Topps Football Cards

(Figures based on completed eBay sales through August 19, 2012.)

1. Field Generals Autograph Aaron Rodgers 1/1 - $1,250

2012 Topps Football Field Generals Autograph Aaron Rodgers

2. 1965 Tallboy Autographs Andrew Luck - $1,000

3. 1965 Tallboy Autographs Robert Griffin III - $999

4. Rookie Premiere Patch Autographs Andrew Luck 1/10 - $850

5. Rookie Premiere Autographs Andrew Luck 02/90 - $800

6. Rookie Premiere Red Ink Autographs Andrew Luck 3/10 - $631

7. Autograph Rookie Variation Andrew Luck - $599

2012 Topps Football Andrew Luck Autograph Variation

8. Rookie Premiere Patch Autographs Andrew Luck 02/10 - $598

9. Rookie Premiere Red Ink Autographs Robert Griffin III 03/10 - $550

10. 1984 Rookie Autographs Andrew Luck 030/100 - $505

11 (tie). 1984 Rookie Autographs Andrew Luck 035/100 - $500

11 (tie). 1984 Rookie Autographs Andrew Luck 038/100 - $500

11 (tie). Field General Autographs Cam Newton 1/1 - $500

14. Dual Autograph Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III 21/25 - $479.99

15 (tie). Jumbo Patch Autograph Andrew Luck 2/5 - $460

15 (tie). 1984 Rookie Autographs Robert Griffin III 010/100 - $460

15 (tie). 1984 Rookie Autographs Robert Griffin III 038/100 - $460

18 (tie). Field Generals Autograph Matthew Stafford 1/1 - $425

18 (tie). 1984 Rookie Autographs Andrew Luck 078/100 - $425

20. Rookie Premiere Patch Autographs Andrew Luck 4/10 - $398.50

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  1. I just cracked open a standard 2012 Topps pack, and surprised by a Rookie premier dual autograph (Luck/Griffen) Red ink number 5/5. What would the value of this card be?

  2. i would say it’s probably close to 700 or 750, with the regular version being about 500.

  3. I have a “2012 topps majic” card where that is posted in the top right corner and all others are posted in top left.

    Secondly, the border of these smaller cards are either blue or white. This Darren Mcfadden card has a border that is BLACK.


  4. i pulled a 2012 topps platinum auto patch andrew luck gold and silver card. 2/5. any idie what that might be worth with out grading or with grading?

  5. Just opened a pack of regular topps 2012 and got a dez bryant #69 1/1 platinum and was wondering what the value was?

  6. Ross Best bet is to check completed eBay auctions for other Platinum cards from the set. Because it’s a 1/1, the prices can vary greatly from player to player.

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